123 Blake's 7 (Assassin - Games)


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Something’s got them all in a crabby mood. Could it be the fact that someone’s programmed their answer machine message to spout a load of gibberish? or that Dayna appears to have sand in her character trait? Maybe it’s the fact that some random old bloke’s joined the crew without anyone realising or that Tarrant’s beginning to smell faintly of wet blanket. Whatever the reason, playing some games in the Crystals Maze might cheer them up. Soolin plays a first person shoot-em-up against a state-of-the-art ambidextrous gun, Tarrant has a go on a flight simulator where the object appears to be crashing into things, Vila has to work out what to do with a dead man and someone else’s finger whilst Dayna fails miserably at hide and seek. I bet this wasn’t in their horoscope. Will you start the bombs please!

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