124 Doctor Who (The Creature from the Pit)


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Mystic Meg’s cosmic cousin needs help from the Doctor because he’s fallen down a hole and his only companion is Mr Blobby’s intergalactic pen pal, a huge green blob who can only communicate in single entendres. Things have been made worse because the hole is in the back garden of an upperclass murdering psychopath who’s not at all happy that she had to leave her face-painting appointment half an hour early. Her top warrior’s no help because he’s too busy wandering the grounds, dressing in leather and whipping his sprouts for anyone who wants to watch, so she comes up with a-drastic solution…she’ll turn the hole into a fighting pit! first contest, a dog with a gun vs a giant green nacker. Who wouldn’t pay to see that? Now, I know nobody wants to see THAT! Put it away, it’s not big (well it is actually) and its certainly not clever!

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