127 Doctor Who (The Nightmare of Eden)


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or Curly Chops and The Crack Muppets A cruise ship captain who’s clearly not getting paid enough and a grumpy git with spaceship envy find themselves literally stuck together after one of them drives the wrong way down the space lanes. But that’s the least of their worries… There’s a drug problem running wild on the ship. It’s high time somebody smoked out the culprits but the passengers are too busy forming lines to be of any help. Glitter and Sparkles (the dopey on-board entertainers) take charge by giving all the staff handguns and talking smack about the heroine. Then they hide in the toilet while Mr and Mrs Mandrel get the munchies and gorge themselves on baked potatoes. The hero meanwhile has brought a sniffer dog but all it finds is a giant hairy monster in the skirting board and, if that wasn’t bad enough, someones weed in the corridors. What a nightmare

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