128 The Wicker Man


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An uptight scotsman, travels to a remote island where the locals are obsessed with fruit. He stays at an inn with the best room service in the world (you get more than breakfast in bed at this place). They invite him to trade with them; The landlord’s daughter offers him melons and a juicy peach in exchange for some plums but all he’s got is a cherry and he doesn’t want to lose that. So they show him round the island instead. He thinks their idea of healthy living is just bananas, but he joins in their may-day festival where the punch makes him act like a fool and run off into the caves with a young girl. He joins in their barbecue where they all gather round the camp fire for a sing-song and present him with a leaving present of a huge fruit basket. All in all, quite a pleasant holiday. Until he finds out there’s no fruit, then he gets bit hot tempered.

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