TP106 - Your Website Isn’t Enough


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Hospital and health system digital marketers focus much of their attention on ensuring their website is the authoritative source of information about their organization. However in the new digital environment, the information on third-party websites often has a bigger impact on the online customer journey. In this episode, hosts Chris Boyer and Reed Smith discuss how organizations can begin considering “non-owned” digital channels - from directory sites to Wikipedia - in the digital strategies. They joined by Andrei Zimiles, CEO of, in which he discusses a recent study that shows how patients use third-party channels to help support their care decisions. Mentions from the Show: Editing the Wikipedia Article about You or Your Company Hospital Compare ( Study: Customer Experience Trends in Healthcare 2018 Andrei Zimiles on LinkedIn Andrei Zimiles on Twitter Find Us Online: Touchpoint podcast Twitter Reed Smith Twitter Chris Boyer Twitter Chris Boyer website Social Health Institute This episode is made possible by our sponsors, Loyal, Influence Health, & Binary Fountain

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