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The Evidence Based Chiropractor is a podcast created for Chiropractors. Weekly research and marketing updates for Chiropractors. Learn ideas and actionable information which will inspire action, improve your communication, and lead to explosive Chiropractic growth.
Podcast by Dr Mike Reid, CEO & Head Coach
No matter how they decide to practice, chiropractors are in the people business. That's why the business and marketing strategies used by chiropractors need to treat people as individuals instead of sales. The Black Sheep Chiropractic Podcast (formally Weekly BS for Chiropractors) is the chiropractic podcast for relationship-centered chiropractors. The goal of the Black Sheep Chiropractic Podcast is to help chiropractors grow a successful practice and do it in a people-centered way. If that ...
Weekly conversations on the Audio, Video and Written works of Dr. James M. Sigafoose and how his ideology and passion for THE philosophy of chiropractic is explained in his works.
To be a chiropractor means to be on a journey. It means to challenge the status quo, be different and help the world to be a better place. This podcast will help you to find yourself with chiropractic and inspire you to live a life that matters. We introduce new leaders of our profession and ask the questions that no one asks.
Informative health interviews designed to empower you with the tools to live the happiest and healthiest life imaginable!
A health and wellness podcast dedicated to helping people live a happier and healthier life.
Join us each week to learn about the risks, benefits and awesomeness of trending health and fitness protocols
Dr. Rubin not only focuses on chiropractic, but also helping others strive to live a healthy and positive lifestyle.
Learn tips from doctors specializing in sports recovery.
Dr. Kyle takes a personal approach to holistic wellness care for the whole family. He provides resiliency & restoration through superior Chiropractic care and Nutritional therapies. Resiliency is the ability to adapt to the stressors in our lives, while Restoration is helping the patient when they've tried everything else. Spinal Chiropractic Adjustments and targeted Nutritional medicine are the tools Dr. K uses to ELEVATE Family Wellness and provide Resiliency and Restoration to the community.
New cutting edge information on how Chiropractic improves your overall general health.
Chiropractor focuses on diagnosis and treatment of muscular or spinal pain. If you want permanent relief from the spine pain or joint pain then chiropractic treatment from best chiropractor in West Ryde can be great decision. And for best care and treatment, choose Spine Chiropractic. For more detail, visit at:
A monthly health and wellness podcast from leading chiropractic doctors in the country.
Chiropractic physician, Dr. David Friedman, is doing his part to change the dynamics of health talk radio by incorporating entertainment, shock value and solutions to everyday health and wellness issues. Dr. Friedman and co-host Melanie Cole, MS, expose health industry leaders for their part in some of the health epidemics plaguing our nation. He interviews world-renowned doctors, celebrities, sports figures, and New York Times bestselling authors who share the common goal of finding a healt ...
Women's Health Expert, Author, Speaker, Doctor of Chiropractic. My mission is to help women better understand how their bodies work, enabling them to take control and reach their goals.
To live life to its fullest, there's a goldmine of alternative health methods and amazing doctors who have helped many to LIVE OPTIMIZED! I want to share everything I've learned and experienced about regenerative medicine by interviewing the experts! Here we will gain a wealth of knowledge to derive the greater understanign that we may take action to attain these benefits to ensure that longevity that we so desire. It's right here, right now so lets tske it into our own minds, hearts and bod ...
DrLeAnne Deardeuff
Hi, I am a Natural Healing Consultant/Chiropractic Physician. My interests are anything to do with health, nutrition, and anything natural! My intent is to lift and inspire others to come to optimal health in all aspects of their lives.
The Flagship Sports Talk Radio Show for 91.3 WVUD Newark
Archive of On the Other Hand podcast. Created in 2010 by Dr. Brett Kinsler as the responsible voice in chiropractic. So many listeners have asked for access to the episodes, we have created this archive to make them available.
Dr. Emil Tompkins, Tucson Chiropractor explains how to move beyond pain relief and into true health and wellness. Learn nutritional strategies, exercise protocols, and mindset hacks to change your health forever.
BACKchat is hosted by chiropractors Dr. Paul Bergamo with Dr. Anthony Coxon. BACKchat is a thought provoking health podcast, empowering you to live to your true, health potential.
Are You ready to join the Wellness Rebellion? Achieve optimal health and wellness by utilizing the dynamic design of the human body! You are built to be healthy! Don't believe what the "medical model" tells you. Focus on the cause of your symptoms, don't just numb them with a lotion or potion. Dr Bergman reveals natural solutions for chronic conditions in America today. Educate yourself!
We believe that every human being is designed to be extraordinary. That means you reading this right now… yes you! Have you ever been scared about the health of a loved one, or about the health of your children? Have you ever felt hopeless about your health and wondered… why am I not healthier”? If you are at all interested in health, life, success, and happiness, this podcast is for you! Dr. Jamie Richards and Dr. Kresimir Jug never shy away from an interesting and fun conversation that wil ...
Join Dr. George Lamoureux and John Bonds from to explore the history, healing, and empowerment of Classic Chinese Medicine, herbs, and thought. Dr. George Lamoureux, the founder of Jong Herbs, holds a Doctorate in classical Chinese medicine, is a licensed acupuncturist and a certified Medical Qigong practitioner. Dr. George also completed programs of study at both the Shanghai and Chengdu hospitals of Traditional Chinese Medicine, People’s Republic of China. Jing Herbs was foun ...
Mind - Body - Nutrition
Mom & Mind
With host, Dr. Kat, we talk with moms, dads, experts and advocates about the emotional challenges that mothers and families deal with while going through infertility, pregnancy, loss and postpartum. LIke, Postpartum Depression, Postpartum Anxiety, feeling overwhelmed... Lots of moms and partners just don't feel like themselves. We get real. We get honest. We put on our stigma crushing boots and address the realities of the transition to motherhood, while offering hope, healing and resources ...
Life, the Universe, & Everything Else is a monthly show that delves into issues of science, critical thinking, and secular humanism. We try not to take ourselves too seriously.
Podcast discussing fitness lifestyle, the keto diet, science, nutrition, contest prep, the fitness industry, business, and the pursuit of happiness! There will be several different podcast guests that will consist of athletes, experts in the health and nutrition industry, and other people of interest!
Jessie is a writer, speaker, and Certified Fitness Coach! She helps busy ambitious women lose up to 30 pounds in 90 days without extreme dieting or spending hours in the gym! In this show you will learn exactly how you can lose weight, be healthier, and feel confident - without sacrificing your sanity! As a working mom of 3, Jessie knows how crazy life is. But after losing 50 pounds and gaining massive energy and confidence, she wants to show YOU how to step into the woman you were always me ...
Listen to expert health and wellness interviews from Dr. Whitmire and the team at Whitmire Chiropractic so you can empower yourself with the tools and knowledge to live the healthiest and happiest life possible!
CX Architect
Your Clients Deserve the Best...Don't they?I am setting out to dive deep into the challenges, successes, and experiences small businesses are having with the client experience side of their business. It is my goal to give you insight into how other businesses are enhancing their client experience and spark new ideas in your mind of ways to enhance yours as well.JOIN ME ON THIS JOURNEY AS WE DIVE IN!
Divine Shakti Arts
Your Creative Platform.
Welcome to Chiro Business Builders Podcast, where amazing things happen.
The Most Integrated, Easy to Use, Intuitive EMR Available Today
Join two sassy moms who are recovering corporate world professionals and now rocking the mom profession. Listen as they share their joys and challenges as stay at home moms. They share resources and lessons learned to help make your mom job less stressful.
FUNCTIONAL F1RST explores important topics with leading experts in the field of functional health. Functional health encompasses all streams of healthcare that help you function optimally in any task or activity you pursue.
NH Business Show
Our vision is to create a place where people can come and see what businesses do behind the scenes. What's the real motivations behind what they do. Before you take the time to give your money away to just another poorly run business we want you to be able to see who's running those businesses and how they actually are. At the NH Business Show you're able to get the real behind the scenes of companies and get to know the dreams that drive them. Let's make some* ...
Podcast by Conduit Media
Storied Women
Women sharing the stories of their work, their loves, and their lives.
All In with Pauline Hawkins features guests who have put their chips in the center of the table—risking it all—to pursue their goals and dreams. They have figured out what it takes to make it in their chosen field and have shared it on this podcast.
Blind Justice Podcast with Injury Lawyer Scott DeSalvo, where all of your law questions are answered!
Oberman Law Firm
Legal Updates and Trends for the Healthcare Industry
The Back Doctors podcast is weekly conversations with doctors from around the world sharing patient stories as they inform, educate, and offer hope for the millions of people who have back pain.
"Tony loves to talk!"#truth !!! I love being on the microphone and sharing my ideas. Come with me as I explore ways to reinvent, embrace, and empower disability!Tony is the author of "Disable Your Disability", a Personal Trainer, and the creator of The Fit For Life Academy. He does speaking gigs all around the world and loves to share his story and message to help as many people as possible! Health, fitness, mindset... and always FUN! Become a supporter of this podcast: ...
Podcast by ChiroSushi
Weekly conversations with entrepreneurs, influencers, and high performers that are redefining what it means to be successful. We destroy the idea that you have to be constantly working or grinding to get ahead and celebrate growth in all areas of life including health, relationships, spirituality, and finances. We recognize that both achievement and fulfillment are essential components towards a happy and successful life. Find out more at
The FITz and Healthy podcast is a talk show that shares weekly information to help you live a FITz and healthy life. Join Dr. Lauren Fitz and Jessica Young as they discuss topics ranging from fitness, health, and everything in between to help promote a better healthy lifestyle by design. The FITz and Healthy podcast offer a series of episodes on a wide range of online platforms like YouTube, Google Play and other podcast related apps on your mobile devices.
Health Media Now
In Health Media Now, award-winning author,publicity/marketing strategist and radio host Denise Messenger empowers and encourages guests to reach their full potential in teaching listeners about important health innovations and issues of the day!
Welcome to the OneHealth Podcast! Our mission is to change the lives of those in our community by bringing you inspiring experts in all areas of health. Each week they will share their knowledge for the greater good. We want to help you improve your Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Professional Health! It is our goal to help 1,000,000 people. Assist us by sharing! Become a supporter of this podcast:
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show series
Today on the NH Business Show I speak to you about the state of the show, the direction we're heading, and Guest Appreciation Night. Sponsors for the NH Business Show Everlasting Capital: R3 Contingencies, LLC : Guest Appreciation Night: ...…
Sometimes the world needs someone who is able to name the elephant in the room. Someone who has the courage to fight for what is right. Jaime is exactly that person. Learn what makes Chiropractic great, what it takes to make it better and how to prepare for the future.
The most common type of arthritis is called "Degenerative Disc Disease" however it is Not a Disease or degeneration! This episode we will cover some of the causes of the most common type of arthritis and the type of joint destruction from immune system challenges! You will learn what types of immune system challenges that we are facing today an ...…
Interviews with Josh Waters and Robert Steinbuch: 2/19/19, Hr. 2 by Conduit Media
There is a saying in the Autism community: "If you've seen 1 person with Autism, you've seen 1 person with Autism." There are so many manifestations that really don't fit in the categories defined by the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) used by psychologists and psychiatrists. Amanda Baggs, an adult with Autism, posted a video on Youtube ...…
Mr. Cash goes to Washington: 2/19/19, Hr. 1 by Conduit Media
In this episode, I speak with a great friend and repeat guest, Shawn Wells! Shawn is a supplement and nutritional expert, widely known as the "Master Formulator". However, we didn't dive into supplementation in this episode. We dove into mindset, politics, relationships, and how the future of Keto may play out. We talked about the importance of ...…
Nervousness, anxiety, and uncertainty are often the product of inexperience. When chiropractors are new at something…anything…it can come across in a way that repels potential patients instead of attracting them. In this episode of the Black Sheep Chiro Podcast, I talk about the importance of practicing skills before money is on the line. I dis ...…
Looking for a different type of transformation? Then this episode is for you! Kathryn Korman (Deep Transformation Coach), explained how using energy and your mind can truly change your life..... Kathryn is a Certified Deep Transformation Coach with 20 plus years of spiritual study in many different modalities. Her own experience in living the j ...…
Thursday, February 21st marks the start of the 2019 CrossFit Open. Every year CrossFit crowns the fittest man and woman on the earth. The way you earn this prestigious title is by winning the CrossFit games, and the way you get to the CrossFit games is by entering the CrossFit Open, placing well enough to go to regionals and then winning region ...…
Interview with State Rep. Jon Eubanks on Scope week: 2/18/19, Hr. 2 by Conduit Media
Interview with Maria Espinoza the National Director of the Remembrance Project: 2/18/19, Hr. 1 by Conduit Media
Join me this week as we discuss the difference between features and benefits. Understanding the difference can make a dramatic shift in how you approach marketing your practice…and the results you get. Episode Highlights- Get your SUPER Early Bird Ticket to The Evidence Based Chiropractor LIVE Event HERE. This episode brought to you in conjunct ...…
Do you know how much food you should really be eating? I have found that most women are severely under eating. When this happens it beings to deplete the body of key nutrients. This added stress on the female body results in cortisol release that turns on fat storage. In this episode I dive into how much food you really should be eating and why ...…
You’re probably familiar with the term HSP, a designation for a highly sensitive person. You may have heard this trait discussed on some of our previous shows. We know many mothers are HSP’s, but can an infant be a highly sensitive person? Is it even possible? If you’re a highly sensitive person, then this topic may resonate deeply with you, as ...…
James Patrick is an award-winning and internationally published photographer specializing in sports/fitness. He has also worked as a business coach, marketer, website strategist, journalist and a public speaker covering a variety of topics including photography, marketing and business development. James is the founder of FITposium, an annual co ...…
February 17, 2019 All In with Pauline Hawkins Aaron Shaver is an author, actor, storyteller, husband, and father. He also creates introspective video essays based on popular movies or TV shows and connects them to the way the themes show up in real life. He joins me ...…
On this episode, I sit down with Jesse Cole also known as the Yellow Tux guy, owner of the Savannah Georgia Baseball Team known as the Savannah Bananas, author of the book Find Your Yellow Tux and Host of the Business Done Differently Podcast. Jesse has explosive positivity and excitement and also is so very humble and grateful. This was an inc ...…
If having a successful practice is all about location, location, location; then a success adjustment is all about Intention, Intention, Intention. Dr. Carey
I can't wait for you to hear this episode!! I know you struggle with the feelings of frustration and feeling like you keep trying to diet over and over again with no results. This is going to explain WHY this happens! Also, make sure to follow me on Instagram, and check out my stories to see how I live in REAL LIFE - what I eat, what I do at th ...…
On This Master Talk Web Session, We'll Be Sharing:- Chatbots are here to help you stay ahead of the curve and dominate- Why they are a must-have staple in your online & offline marketing toolbox- Why chatbots are a tool you need to run TO not FROM!- Chatbots allow you to generate, qualify and nurture leads across any existing marketing platform ...…
Please join us February 15, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. PST and 1:00 p.m. EST for a live show with host Denise Messenger. Joel Evans, PhD served as a Professor at Hofstra University’s Zarb School of Business for forty-four years, and a survivor of pancreatic cancer. Joel has decided to share his journey with those who were struggling with any terrible d ...…
In this episode, I speak with avid bowhunter Zac Griffith! Zac and I immediately hit it off on our shared appreciation for hunting and the outdoors. He dove into his views on conservation and how to appreciate the circle of life. He talked about how he is working to be a positive role model for the next generation of hunters. We talked about hi ...…
Interview with Congressman Bruce Westerman: 2/15/19, Hr. 2 by Conduit Media
Governor's Clean Tax Cut Bill passes the house: 2/15/19, Hr. 1 by Conduit Media
Iggy Falcone, Owner of FalTac Unlimited LLC, returns to the NH Business Show to give us an update on his business in the last year. Sponsor for thie episode: R3 Contingencies, LLC : Get more from Faltac Unlimited at: ...…
Solo Episode #44: Friday Fuel: Our Addiction to Work Success is a drug. We feel the "high" from achievement and continue the search for our next boost. The problem is, that just like with any drug, it takes a higher dose each time to be effective. We continually chase a finish line that we are destined to never cross. How can we set ourselves u ...…
Brandon Holveck, Jake Lampert and Nick Dellaglio discuss the Joe Flacco trade (0:55), the root causes of baseball’s slow offseason (12:16) and the arms race in the Eastern Conference and how the Oklahoma City Thunder stack up in the Western Conference (23:11), before previewing the American League (33:34).…
Love is a very overused word. People say they love ice cream or love a good book, but for Dr. Rubin, love is a special word reserved for a special person or being passionate about a purpose. Dr. Rubin talks about how he loves his wife of 28 years, how he loves adjusting kids and talking about adjusting kids, and how these are all interrelated.…
Interviews with State Senators Kim Hammer and Jason Rapert: 2/14/19, Hr. 2 by Conduit Media
Paul talks on the Convention of States: 2/14/19, Hr. 1 by Conduit Media
Valentines day is here and I brought on Elaine Saunders, owner of Dynamic Introductions to discusss dating and the benefits of speaking to someone face to face instead of uising technology. Sponsor for this episode: Everlasting Capital: Get more from Dynamic Introductions at: http://www.dynamici ...…
Nutrition expert P.K. Newby debunks popular myths and food folklore.Whether sensational headlines from the latest study or anecdotes from celebrities and food bloggers, we're bombarded with "superfoods" and "best ever" diets promising to help us lose weight, fight disease, and live longer. At the same time, we live in an over-crowded food envir ...…
On this presentation, viewers will quickly learn:How to Define your Unique Expert Position...that sets you apart from the competitionHow to Position Yourself as the Go-To Expert...through social mediaHow Communicating Posture can Position you in the Top 15% of Healthcare Providers...that's HUGE!The Step-by-Step Solution to Increase Your Profits ...…
Paul talks on the Boy Scouts all girl troops: 2/13/19, Hr. 2 by Conduit Media
Interview with Tim Loggains of Patriots of Act 746: 2/13/19, Hr. 1 by Conduit Media
Today on the NH Business Show we speak with Joanne Randall, owner of Leap Year Marketing about being in the social media busines since the begining, her new book, and things new businesses should be doing. Sponsor for this episode: Everlasting Capital: Get more from Leap Year Marketing at: Faceb ...…
Osteoporosis and / or osteopenia are all too common conditions people are suffering from. Why is our population suffering from weak bones? This episode we will go over the causes and solutions to osteoporosis! Healthy bones for LIFE!!
Today’s topic is the relationship of new technology with non – invasive brain stimulation and headache? Associate Professor Siobhan Schabrun is a Senior Research Scientist at Neuroscience Research Australia. She has an undergraduate degree in physiotherapy and a PhD in neuroscience. She leads a research team that investigates the role of brain ...…
In BJ Palmer's "A Slip on the Snowy Sidewalk", he presents a method for looking at scale, a way to take an occurrence that is common and then expanding it to represent all of humanity. He called this the Big Idea, and it means taking what each of us does and magnify that over thousands of chiropractors and millions of adjustments. Imagine how f ...…
Week 4 Legislative Scorecard update with Josh Waters: 2/12/19, Hr. 2 by Conduit Media
Interview with Former State Sen. Frank Glidewell on the Marshal Museum: 2/12/19, Hr. 1 by Conduit Media
I’ve said this over and over again. Chiropractic is an incredibly relational business by nature. We touch people. We look them in the eyes. We see them on an ongoing basis. Because of that, I believe that chiropractic business and marketing practices should also be relational. In this episode of the Black Sheep Chiro Podcast, I talk about the d ...…
Let’s talk about being disabled and healthy as well as Chiropractic care for someone with O.I. aka Brittle Bones! Become a supporter of this podcast: This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
In this episode, I speak with Matthew Clemente on his incredible keto transformation! Matt has lost over 200 pounds and has continued to improve his life on a day to day basis. He dives into how he was able to break the mental and emotional cycle that could have easily led to him giving up on his health. He talks about the difference between co ...…
Growing up we were always taught that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast was supposed to serve as a way to get proper nutrients into our bodies and give us the energy to meet the many challenges and needs of the day. It was also thought that eating a healthy (the jury is still out on what 'healthy' means) breakfast helpe ...…
There is no one who has contributed more to the research supporting our profession than Dr. Christine Goertz. In this episode we chat about the past, present, and future of chiropractic research. Episode Highlights- Get your SUPER Early Bird Ticket to The Evidence Based Chiropractor LIVE Event HERE. Learn more about Dr. Goertz at SpineIQ This e ...…
Interview with Laurie Lee on School Choice: 2/11/19, Hr. 2 by Conduit Media
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