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Movie Geeks United! is one of the most popular movie-themed podcasts with a worldwide listening audience of close to 6 million. Includes film reviews, news, topic discussion, in-depth original series, and more than 1000 original interviews with some of the brightest talents in the industry, including Jennifer Lawrence, Robert Duvall, Francis Ford Coppola, James Cameron, David Cronenberg, Brian De Palma, and more. Home of the internationally acclaimed The Kubrick Series.
Alec Baldwin brings listeners into the lives of artists, policy makers and performers.
(Order of stories changed to match how they originally aired each day, with stories from previous 6 programs included afterwards. See for details.)Hosted by Terry Gross, Fresh Air from WHYY is the Peabody Award-winning weekday magazine of contemporary arts and issues. One of public radio's most popular programs, Fresh Air features intimate conversations with today's biggest luminaries.
The A24 Podcast
A24 in your eardrums. No host, no ads, no rules. From the people behind Eighth Grade, Hereditary, Lady Bird, Moonlight, The Witch, The Lobster, Ex Machina, and more.
Latest in Paleo
Latest in Paleo is a health news program, with commentary and analysis that aims for the intersection of the scientific evidence and evolutionary clues. Media headlines and reporting on health topics can be superficial and plain wrong...let's take a closer look. Amazon USA • Amazon CAN • Amazon UK
Weddings for Real
Real wedding vendors share their tips and tricks for surviving and thriving in this one of a kind industry. Hosted by Megan Gillikin of A Southern Soiree Wedding Planning, you'll hear guests share their secrets on marketing, the client experience, networking, community, sales, and more - and you might even hear some crazy wedding stories along the way!
The Start
​The Start is a podcast about artistic beginnings, as told by great artists of our time. Focussing on one piece; they share how these early moments of creativity shaped them, the influence it had on their subsequent work, and what the piece now means to them in retrospect.
TheYoungFolks introduce their newest podcast, Finding Her Voice, a podcast dedicated to highlighting films directed by women. From films that are highlighted as significant to the overall film history canon to those that the hosts simply personally adore, the mission it to explore and identify themes in these films that speak to the audience and evoke a response be it positve or negative. Podcast creator Allyson is joined by Editor in Chief Gabrielle Bondi and fellow film and television writ ...
We pick apart why and how the Beatles became the most influential musical group of all-time with interviews, performances and roundtable discussions.
First-time director Gia Coppola and actors Emma Roberts and Nat Wolff discuss their film Palo Alto. This vibrant and cinematic immersion in the high school experience follows overlapping stories of teens and the adults around them in the titular town.
Nick Coppola.Corey Jefferson.In a world where lawlessness rules, where darkness reigns supreme, where terror lives and hope dies, man's only salvation may lay in a podcast. From the ashes of the fallen, two men emerge as valiant guardians of the light, noble protectors of decency, brave knights sworn to bring the world back into balance from the brink of oblivion. These two men are- Dangersplosion!
With parkour (and freerunning) becoming more popular, more people are starting to recognize and understand the discipline, but who exactly are the people that do it? Join us as we try to find out by talking with different practitioners from across the country (and maybe the world?). Sometimes we'll talk about parkour, and sometimes anything but.
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Primatologist Frans de Waal says the emotions of other primates mirror our own. Justin Chang reviews Jordan Peele's horror film, Us. Schreck talks about her play, What the Constitution Means to Me.
The former U.S. poet laureate, who died March 15, was a prolific writer as well as a conservationist and a conscientious objector during World War II. He spoke to Fresh Air in 2008.
Dale told Fresh Air in 1993 that his distinctive guitar style came, in part, from the ocean waves he surfed: "The waves did create my feelings of that sound." Dale died March 16.
Showtime's drama about wealthy New York power players features writing, acting and directing that have gotten better with each season. Critic David Bianculli calls the show "astoundingly relevant."
Peele mixes horror and hilarity in a new film about a family who runs into terrifying doppelgängers of themselves while on vacation. Critic Justin Chang says star Lupita Nyong'o carries the movie.
New Yorker journalist Ed Caesar discusses Arron Banks, the British businessman who funded the most extreme end of the pro-Brexit "Leave" campaign — possibly with help from Russia.
Blanton makes folk-based music that prizes wordplay and has an antic sense of humor. Rock critic Ken Tucker says the personal is always political on her new album.
As a teen, Heidi Schreck debated the Constitution in competitions. As an adult, she saw how it shortchanged the women in her family. Her play, What the Constitution Means to Me, will run on Broadway.
Both Lennie Tristano and Herbie Nichols were active on the New York scene in the 1950s. Though worlds apart stylistically, their music demonstrates how the piano accommodates myriad personalities.
Nightmare Clients. If you've been in the wedding industry long enough, no matter what vendor category you're in, you've had them! So what do you do? Erin McLean, owner of McLean Events in Raleigh North Carolina, comes on the show today to give her tips on avoiding the nightmare clients before booking, what she has done differently to avoid crea ...…
Primatologist Frans de Waal believes that the way humans experience emotion is not unique: "That's a spectrum of behavior that we have, and the same thing is true for many other species."
Squeeze into the rumble seat — Yuval Taylor brings readers along on a 1927 summer road trip taken by Zora Neale Hurston and Langston Hughes. Their friendship turned out to be a very bumpy ride.
America’s most famous healthcare expert was actually born in Canada! The Vox reporter and all-around policy guru explains how, in a country with entrenched interests similar to ours, progressives managed to win coverage for every Canadian. Plus she gives her take on the remarkable unity in the Democratic Party over "Medicare for All," the polit ...…
Candice Coppola - wedding planner at Jubilee Events, business mentor, podcaster at Power in Purpose, author of The White Dress in Color: Inspirations for the Modern Bride, Barbados resident (I'm not jealous, YOU'RE jealous!), and more - comes on the show today to talk all about the importance of making a business plan! Whether you're just think ...…
The Movie Geeks discuss their thoughts on the 91st annual Academy Awards ceremony, and home entertainment correspondent Adam Long reveals the roster of niche blu-ray titles released during the month of February 2019.
Madeleine Kojakian, better known as Maddy K, is a wedding planner and serial entrepreneur. She has had many successes (and many failures) in diversifying her business, and she comes on today to talk about if YOU should diversify your business, when the right time is, when is NOT the right time, hiring tips, and how she works less now than when ...…
The legendary violinist talks about his difficult childhood, stricken by polio in the war-torn early days of Israeli statehood -- and laughs about his early success, whisked away to the United States at 13 to perform on the Ed Sullivan Show. Plus, what makes a truly great instrumentalist? What makes a great teacher? Later, his wife Toby Perlman ...…
Sam Dockery is the former owner of Bliss by Sam, wedding planning company in both Raleigh and Chicago, until she abruptly left the industry altogether in October 2018. Why did she do it? Sam has her reasons, both personal and professional, and she talks all about it on this week's episode! Support this show by supporting our sponsors: If you're ...…
The Movie Geeks discuss their last-minute predictions in the final moments before the 91st Annual Academy Awards ceremony.
The Movie Geeks celebrate the contributions of recently deceased actors Albert Finney, Bruno Ganz and Dick Miller, share their thoughts on the recent chaos surrounding revoked Academy Award decisions, and the current woes of the financially crunched Paramount Studios.
Support our Sponsor: Visit for a free 30-day Trial of the world's largest collection of Audiobooks! Veronica Armstrong, head of marketing at Mayflower Venues, is all about that startup life. She was the 4th employee and General Manager of the Wedding Market at Lovepop and helped grow that company to what it is today. ...…
Russia has glittering towers and a jet-set elite, but grinding rural poverty. It has one of the world’s great literary traditions, but throws dissenters in jail for a blog post. Who is Vladimir Putin, the man who created this new world power through force of will? New York Times’ correspondent Steven Lee Myers unravels some of this question for ...…
At the Carolina Inn (Chapel Hill NC) Event Showcase on January 27th, Megan and Jason Gillikin walked around and interviewed 15 couples to get their take on what it's been like to find their vendors, where they're looking, what role social media played (Instagram!), and what they would tell wedding vendors to do differently. Wedding vendors, thi ...…
The Movie Geeks welcome Best Cinematography nominee Lukasz Zal. Mr. Zal is nominated for his stunning work on Pawel Pawlikowski's Cold War.
Support our Sponsors: If you're a wedding vendor, you should be using Honeybook! And you can use promo code "WeddingsForReal" for 50% off your first year! Visit for Vendor Gifts and Hotel Welcome Boxes! Are you in the side hustle mode of your business? Are you trying to figure out when to take it to the next level? That's whe ...…
How can Earth Scientists and programmers really make predictions about the climate? What are the ethics of having kids in a warming world? How to combat the disastrous politicization of the issue? Dr. Peter deMenocal is the Dean of Science at Columbia, and a Geologist. As a research scientist, he studies how Earth's climate has changed in the p ...…
The Movie Geeks offer their predictions for the winners at this year's Academy Awards with esteemed film critic and our dear friend Tony Macklin. You can read Tony's reviews and hear his interviews with cinema's most legendary players at
Support our Sponsors: Visit GreenChef.US/WeddingsForReal for $50 off your first box of Green Chef! Visit for Vendor Gifts and Hotel Welcome Boxes! Wilmington NC wedding planners Sally Lindroos and Courtney Stone from Kickstand Events come on the show today to talk all about what happened when Hurricane Florence cancelled FIVE ...…
Movie Geeks United home entertainment correspondent Adam Long runs down the catalogue titles that occupy the January 2019 blu-ray release schedule, and Dean Treadway reveals the latest offerings on Amazon Prime.
The Movie Geeks speak with newly nominated production designer Fiona Crombie about her stellar work on The Favourite.
Support our Sponsors: Visit and enter promo code WEDDINGSFORREAL50 for 50% your first month of Care/Of Vitamins! Visit for Vendor Gifts and Hotel Welcome Boxes! Ivy Robinson is the wedding planner for celebrities like Dale Earnhardt Jr and Emily Maynard, has been on wedding reality TV shows like Whose Wedding I ...…
The Movie Geeks celebrate the 24th annual Slamdance Film Festival by featuring interviews with three filmmakers whose works will premiere at the acclaimed Park City, Utah festival: director/screenwriter Mark Jackson (This Teacher), writer/director Alec Tibaldi (Spiral Farm) and director Heidi Yewman (Behind the Bullet). The Slamdance Film Festi ...…
The Movie Geeks speak with the sound team from the breakout horror film A Quiet Place, including newly Oscar nominated sound editors Ethan Van der Ryn and Erik Aadahl, and re-recording mixer Brandon Proctor.
This episode talks about a movie whose premise might be disturbing to some. The Human Centipede wasn't in every multiplex when it came out in 2010, but the film is now firmly a part of American culture, the basis of parodies from South Park to Conan O'Brien. When it was released, the premise was so revolting that many reviewers wouldn't even su ...…
We count down our five favorite films of 2018 and look ahead to what we hope to accomplish in 2019By Allyson Johnson.
The Movie Geeks welcome director Jen McGowan (Kelly & Cal) to the show to discuss her new film Rust Creek, which is currently playing in select theaters and across most VOD platforms.
Support our Sponsors: Visit for a free 30-day Trial of the world's largest collection of Audiobooks! Visit for Vendor Gifts and Hotel Welcome Boxes! Matt Davis from Life Stage Films in Wilmington NC is a world-renowned filmmaker, storyteller, speaker, business coach, and podcaster. But today he com ...…
The Movie Geeks reveal their favorite films from 2018.
Movie Geeks United! home entertainment correspondent Adam Long runs down the roster of niche blu-ray titles that were released throughout the month of December 2018. Titles include John Carpenter's Starman, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, and a 3 disc remastering of William Lustig's Maniac.…
On January 27th, 2017, Donald Trump issued the travel ban barring visitors and migrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Becca Heller, founder of the International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP), had seen it coming. She foresaw that it would catch people in planes, turning passengers into undocumented immigrants midair. She prepare ...…
Topics covered include: the surreal experience of overnight fame, Spanish movie marketing, establishing boundaries, theater people, drinking beers with Elaine May, Jonah's fear of winged animals, on-demand pushups, degenerate gambling, and why everyone should own a digital copy of Mid90s.
Finding the right employee in any business is challenging, but it's a unique challenge in the wedding industry because it's "so glamorous". And they can be, but working a wedding involves long hours and sometimes difficult clients. So how do you find the right hires? Gina Johnston, Senior Wedding Coordinator at A Southern Soiree and Megan's luc ...…
The Movie Geeks discuss the list of high profile films that are being released throughout the year. Titles discussed include Captain Marvel, The Lion King, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Downton Abbey, The Irishman, and many others.
The Barn of Chapel Hill on Wild Flora Farm is one of the hottest new venues in the Triangle area of North Carolina, opening up in 2017. Kara Brewer, the owner, and Jennifer Wood, the creative director opened up to Megan about how it hasn't been the easiest process to start weddings up at the Barn. In fact, there was (and still is) a very active ...…
Megan and Jason Gillikin are back for a Weekend Wine Down, where we reflect on the chaos that was 2018 and put some goals out there for 2019! We hope you enjoy, and have a great weekend, and Happy New Year! The host of Weddings for Real is Megan Gillikin, owner and lead consultant at A Southern Soiree Wedding and Event Planning. She's also avai ...…
It’s hard, if not impossible, to imagine the 1970s without Carly Simon. After opening for Cat Stevens at LA's Troubadour in 1971, she gained near instant fame, winning a Grammy for Best New Artist that same year. The daughter of Richard L. Simon, co-founder of publishing house Simon & Schuster, she grew up surrounded by greatness. But if her ch ...…
The Movie Geeks celebrate the 35th anniversary of Terms of Endearment by featuring a wide-ranging interview with actor Jeff Daniels. This interview was conducted in 2009 by host Aaron Aradillas from our sibling podcast Back by Midnight.
The Movie Geeks celebrate the 50th anniversary of the beloved musical document Monterey Pop with the film's director D.A. Pennebaker. This interview was conducted in 2009 by host Aaron Aradillas from our sibling podcast Back by Midnight.
The Movie Geeks celebrate the 40th anniversary of the musical sensation Grease with the film's director Randal Kleiser. This interview was conducted in 2009 by host Aaron Aradillas from our sibling podcast Back by Midnight.
In this archived episode from host Aaron Aradillas and our sibling podcast Back by Midnight, the late actor Donald Moffat, actress Veronica Cartwright, the late Oscar-winning editor Tom Rolf and composer Bill Conti discuss the influential American epic The Right Stuff.
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