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Guys In Shorts FC
The soccer podcast brought to you by GIS! We'll be covering the L.A. Galaxy, LAFC, and Men's U.S. National team. Along with anything else soccer related that catches our eye. Or ear. Funny, insightful, and always on point. Eric "The Portuguese Hammer" and Victor "The Ecuadorian Historian" have you covered!
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Gabarimad 🍃
I am an Ecuadorian girl that loves to travel, have a healthy lifestyle and to give a little light of love to others 😊🙏🏻🙌🏻❤️
Democracy Now! is a daily independent award-winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez.
Learn the Spanish language, ignite your wanderlust, and explore Latin America and Spain with the Dímelo Caminando Spanish Podcast: Travel, Culture and Spanish Language Learning
A news show hosted by Aaron Maté. Presented by The Grayzone.
Perth Indymedia
Radical activist citizen journalism. A weekly radio programme on RTRFM (92.1FM), a community radio station based in Perth, the capital city of Western Australia. We bring an independent perspective to the analysis of news and issues and provide a forum for activists, campaigners, academics, advocates and workers denied a voice by the mainstream media. Covering indigenous issues, post-capitalist/anti-capitalist analysis, refugee rights, antifa and all the important environmental, economic and ...
Gabriel Gregorio Fernando José María García y Moreno y Morán de Buitrón (1821–1875) was an Ecuadorian politician who twice served as President of Ecuador (1859-1865 and 1869-1875) and was assassinated during his second term, after being elected to a third term. He is noted for his conservatism, Catholic religious perspective and rivalry with liberal strongman Eloy Alfaro. Under his administration, Ecuador became a leader in science and higher education within Latin America. In addition to th ...
Clearing the FOG: Speaking truth to expose the forces of greed on WeAct Radio, 1480 am, out of Anacostia, Washington, DC. The ruling FOG (Forces of Greed) spin news stories in their favor and keep the masses distracted with celebrity gossip and reality shows. Each week we feature guests who are working to expose the truth and offer real solutions to the current crises faced by our nation and the world. Knowledge is power, and with this knowledge you will be empowered to act to shift power to ...
the culture(s) of cities... space, time and urban everyday life
Conversations over a couple of drinks. Issues that sometimes require a bit of liquid courage. Topics that matter and resonate on a personal level. Culture, politics, religion, travel, and more. present the cigar cafe podcast starting Harris Saunders and Sean Kavanaugh
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President Lenin Moreno's government withdrew the neoliberal program which had sparked the massive protests. Indigenous groups remain wary, though, in case the government implements new austerity measures.By The Real News Network.
President Lenin Moreno restored neo-liberalism to Ecuador, accepting a $4.2 billion dollar loan from the US-dominated International Monetary Fund that required measures call 'structural adjustments'. These included putting austerity in place in order to repay the loan. When Moreno announced Decree 883, or "The [Austerity] Package," on October 4 ...…
The previous Ecuadorian government under Rafael Carreo was broadly seen as a progressive one, part of the so-called pink tide of left wing governments in Latin America. Among many other things Carreo famously offered political asylum to Julian Assange, and rejected the economic diktats of the International Monetary Fund. Lenin Moreno then took ...…
The CIA has been caught spying on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Undercover Global SL, a Spanish security firm, recorded Assange during his stay in Ecuador's London embassy, where he lived under asylum, and then handed over its footage to the CIA. "That firm was contracted by Ecuador to protect the embassy, to protect [Assange], to protect u ...…
Tens of thousands of people, led by indigenous leaders, are expected to again bring Ecuador to a standstill today in massive ongoing anti-government protests. Demonstrators flooded the streets of Quito Tuesday to decry government-imposed austerity measures and a steep hike in fuel prices, despite a severe police crackdown. Civil unrest has been ...…
Democracy Now! is a daily independent award-winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez.By Democracy Now.
Episode 152: The Dark Side of Whole Foods; Bowman Looking To Unseat Corporate Democrat The running joke about Whole Foods is its nickname: Whole Paycheck. But there’s a far darker side to the touchy-feely, organic feel of Whole Foods than the higher prices—the exploitation of workers everywhere along its supply chains where workers labor in sla ...…
Democracy Now! is a daily independent award-winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez.By Democracy Now.
Activist Amani Sawari talks about what the impact on people in private prisons and immigration detention centers will be if Governor Gavin Newsom signs AB32, which would phase out private prisons by 2028.By The Real News Network.
Students at the historically Black Prairie View A&M University are still fighting for their right to unrestricted access to vote in 2019. We talk to student Jayla Allen about the ongoing legal battle.By The Real News Network.
Joshua Brown was killed after testifying as a witness in Amber Guyger's trial. People asking questions about his death aren't conspiracy theorists--there's a long history shaping their suspicions.By The Real News Network.
Trump's attacks on the impeachment process and Minnesota's Somali-refugee community are an appeal to America's far-right militia movement, say professors Joe Lowndes and Gerald Horne.By The Real News Network.
We speak with investigative reporter Aaron Glantz about his new book “Homewreckers,” which looks at the devastating legacy of the foreclosure crisis and how much of the so-called recovery is a result of large private equity firms buying up hundreds of thousands of foreclosed homes. “Homewreckers: How a Gang of Wall Street Kingpins, Hedge Fund M ...…
West Papuan student activist Porobibi Bibiporo spoke to Alex Whisson from Melbourne.By Perth Indymedia Collective.
Indonesian student activist Nailendra spoke to Alex Whisson from Yogyakarta about the ongoing anti-government protests.By Perth Indymedia Collective.
Liz Humphrys is a political economist at the University of Technology Sydney and the author of How Labour Built Neoliberalism: Australia’s Accord, the Labour Movement and the Neoliberal Project. She spoke to Alex Whisson.By Perth Indymedia Collective.
Tommy-John Herbert is a wharfie and rank-and-file unionist who recently spoke at the School Strike for Climate in Sydney. He spoke to Alex Whisson.By Perth Indymedia Collective.
Christopher Columbus arrived in the Bahamas 527 years ago this week, unleashing a brutal genocide that killed tens of millions of Native people across the hemisphere. Cities and states across the country are acknowledging this devastating history by rejecting the federal holiday of Columbus Day and celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day instead to ...…
A UAW union member and truck worker from Flint discuss the challenges of dismantling the two-tiered GM employment system and how workers are holding firm with community support.By The Real News Network.
Eddie Conway talks to patrons at Conscious Heads barbershop about impeachment, the rift between the Democratic and Republican Parties, whether it all just boils down to corporate interests, and if it will change things for anyone who is not a member of the 1 percent.By The Real News Network.
Republicans gutted the IRS with New Democrat support. It ensured that the wealthy can cheat our nation with impunity, says Bill Black.By The Real News Network.
The standoff between Peru's president and its legislature has found a temporary resolution, but the corruption crisis continues and the left might be able to take advantage of the situation.By The Real News Network.
The U.S. is deeply involved in the region surrounding Syria. Its actions helped lay the groundwork for the current struggle faced by the Kurds.By The Real News Network.
On this episode of the Police Accountability Report we analyze an investigative report on controversial police shootings in Greenville, South Carolina that points to a troubling trend of police using deadly force against people suffering mental distress.By The Real News Network.
On the second week of massive protests in Ecuador, thousands of indigenous protesters paralyzed the country and thousands more arrived in the capital of Quito, where they marched and eventually faced martial law.By The Real News Network.
The Justices heard cases that would broaden sex discrimination under Civil Rights Act to include Gays, Lesbians and Transgender citizens.By The Real News Network.
For over a week now protests have been shaking Iraq, with massive police repression, leading to over 100 dead. The protests are an outgrowth of discontent over corruption, poverty, and an ethnic quota system, says Sabah Alnasseri.By The Real News Network.
The Trump administration is undermining our nation from immigration to the environment, while his tweets and impeachment distract us. Add it all up, says our guest, we can see how he threatens what remains of U.S. democracy.By The Real News Network.
Thousands are taking part in two weeks of civil disobedience aimed at forcing governments to address climate changeBy The Real News Network.
We spend the hour with author Chanel Miller speaking about her recently published remarkable memoir, “Know My Name.” The book chronicles how Miller reclaimed her name, her story and her life after being sexually assaulted by Brock Turner, a member of the Stanford University swim team, in 2015. At the time, she was known as “Emily Doe.” The case ...…
Turkey has launched an aerial and ground assault on northern Syria targeting Kurdish-controlled areas. The offensive began Wednesday, just days after President Trump ordered U.S. troops to fall back from their positions on the Turkish-Syrian border. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports at least 16 Kurds have been killed so far. Turke ...…
A new Senate Intelligence Committee report accuses the Internet Research Agency (IRA), a Russian troll farm, of using "social media to conduct an information warfare campaign" against the United States. This comes one week after the U.S. imposed new sanctions on the IRA and its funder, Yevgeny Prigozhin. What is the IRA, and are the claims of a ...…
Working Life Podcast - Episode 151: I would never have said it before today but it turns out health insurance companies aren’t the most evil players in the healthcare industry. Don’t freak out—health insurance companies are bad, and they are bankrupting millions of people, and the country. But it turns out even worse than the health insurers ar ...…
MMT is gaining traction among progressives as an option for paying for massive government spending projects such as the Green New Deal. Even if it is useful for countries such as the U.S., can it be applied in developing countries? PERI's Matias Vernengo says only to a limited extent.By The Real News Network.
Algerian youth are fed up with Algeria's post-independence old guard and after succeeding with Bouteflicka's resignation, they continue to push for a purging of the government's old guard before new elections are held.By The Real News Network.
President Trump's intention to withdraw from Syria was met with outrage on many sides, with people calling it a betrayal of a key ally in the Syrian conflict. Kurdish expert Edmund Ghareeb says there is probably a deal between Trump and Erdogan.By The Real News Network.
A tweet from Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey provoked Chinese TV into banning an upcoming NBA game. So instead of talking about Uighur concentration camps, the murder of Chinese protestors, or the upcoming trade war, US media is asking about the future of NBA-China relations.By The Real News Network.
There is growing evidence that President Donald Trump briefly froze U.S. military assistance to Ukraine for political goals. Max Blumenthal explores how the Ukrainegate scandal overlooks the dangers of those weapons sales to Ukraine and the corrupt interests behind it.Under Trump, U.S. military assistance has prolonged a bloody proxy war with R ...…
Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill that lets municipalities sponsor public banks, and Los Angeles' City Council is creating a proposal for one. David Jette of Public Bank LA says this will help cities and counties invest in affordable housing and renewable energy.By The Real News Network.
Hong Kong police have arrested and charged two protesters for defying the ban on wearing face masks during demonstrations.By The Real News Network.
14-year-old Kynan Degar explains how the palm oil industry harms indigenous Indonesian communities through deforestation—an interview at the United Nations Climate Action SummitBy The Real News Network.
The story of how a millionaire CEO's critique of Squeegee kids led to monetizing their suffering and points to a process that makes neoliberalism an engine for inequality.By The Real News Network.
In 2015, under great pressure from a broad media justice movement, the FCC passed Net Neutrality policies that guaranteed the universal right to go where users want to go on the Internet. In 2017, the Trump FCC under Verizon lawyer Ajit Pai moved quickly to repeal Net Neutrality. The movement responded with several tactics to win Net Neutrality ...…
More than 700 people have been arrested in civil disobedience actions as the group Extinction Rebellion kicked off two weeks of protests in 60 cities worldwide, demanding urgent government action on the climate crisis. Its members have superglued themselves to government buildings, occupied public landmarks, shut down roads and taken to the str ...…
As Donald Trump appears caught attempting a quid pro quo, Max Blumenthal argues that the Ukrainegate scandal also highlights a web of corruption and meddling inside Ukraine implicating other prominent US figures and institutions.[Part II of this interview will be published on Tuesday, October 8.]Guest: Max Blumenthal, Editor of The Grayzone and ...…
Twenty years after the Israeli High Court ruled against the use of torture, the law allows the secret police to continue to use it. Human rights groups warn that these circumstances are frequently evoked in cases like that of Samer Al-Arbid, who was almost tortured to death.By The Real News Network.
Author and combat veteran Maj. Danny Sjursen and Afghan women's rights activist Fahima Gaheez speak on the tragedy of the longest war, what the past has wrought, and what the future portends.By The Real News Network.
The Trump administration plans to remove the state's authority to set auto mileage standards stricter than those mandated by the federal government. TRNN's Steve Horn says this could be an opportunity to discuss how to move past inadequate liberal environmental policy.By The Real News Network.
The small U.S. territory island of Guam, which houses significant U.S. military bases, is also home to an independence movement that is growing gradually because of the lack of self-rule. We speak to one of the movement's leaders, Michael Lujan Bevacqua.By The Real News Network.
Eddie Conway speaks to Brittany Williams and Ngozi Alston from No New Jails NYC about the four new prisons panned for construction in New York in 2020, which have $11 billion earmarked for their construction and will be the tallest jails in the world. They say these will continue the legacy of mass incarceration.…
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