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Backseat Rider
Journalist Anthony Ponce goes from the bright lights of a major news network to behind the wheel of a ride-share car, bringing you the real life stories of his passengers. From businessmen and baristas to strippers and students... hear the unique worldviews of people from all walks of life, as Anthony and his riders navigate the streets of Chicago. (interviews are recorded with full knowledge and consent).
Adventure Rider Radio motorcycle podcast - The voice of moto travel, is motorcycle adventure travel around the world. Experienced moto travellers and industry motorbike pros with tech tips, instruction and stories of adventure motorcycling with host, Jim Martin on the most popular adv rider podcast in the world. Every Thursday a new episode brings motorbike travel stories and information for all motorbike enthusiasts. Inspirational, motivating and educational.
Yuri Rider
Организация выступлений +7 705 861 16 18 (Юрий)"Yuri Rider" настоящее имя Юрий. Родился 12 апреля в 1985 году.Музыкальные предпочтения (Стилистика): Progressive House, Breaks, Progressive Techno, Progressive Electro, House, Funky House, Disco House, G-House.
Rider Club Radio
A monthly podcast all about the tokusatsu series Kamen Rider - hosted by Jeff, Liam, Max, and Tomaz who are super not pathetic.
Rider Radio
Catch up on all things Riders. Press conferences, pre/post game and play-by-play action can be found here.
Rider Outsiders
Rider Outsiders is a sports podcast focused on the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Canadian Football League (CFL) news.
H Rider Haggard’s “She and Allan”, first published in 1921 is a gripping adventure about Allan Quatermain, who together with Hans, the Hottentot and, the Zulu-Chief Omslopogaas and at the bidding of the old Witch Doctor Zikali seeks out Ayesha, the daughter of Isis to find answers to their questions about life and death, and their many, sometimes strange, Adventures on their way. Written by Lars Rolander
Your guide to motorsports sponsorship
Delmarva Rider
IG-@houseofflyingwrenches#delmarvariderFB-Delmarva RiderWe ride Delmarva and offer insightful tech tips, destination suggestions, food reviews, and lifestyle pieces. If you like this, like it on Facebook, share with your friends, and follow the contributors on Instagram.Leave feedback for us so we can continue to improve our content. We would like to hear from you.
A timeless classic of fantasy literature, She is recognized as the groundwork for the lost world literary sub- genre. First published serially in The Graphic magazine from 1886 to 1887, the novel has reached critical acclaim with approximately 100 million copies sold and is regarded as one of the best-selling books of all time. Exploring themes of imperialism, lost civilization, female authority and psyche, the novel also serves as a mirror to reflect Victorian issues such as gender and race ...
Set in the heart of Central America, the adventure novel accounts an enthralling tale marked by zealous adventure, discovery of a lost civilization, and unconditional love. Published in 1895, Heart of the World presents a fusion of suspense, foreshadowing, legend, unforeseen twists, and endearing characters to create a piece highly valuable in the world of fiction. Narrated by an elderly Ignatio on his deathbed, the novel recounts his great escapade alongside Englishman James Strickland as t ...
King Solomon’s Mines is the story of the leader Allan Quatermain and his adventurous group of followers on their mission to find the lost brother of an aristocrat, Sir Henry Curtis. Considered similar to Robert Louise Stevenson’s novel Treasure Island, Haggard’s book proved to be another must-read adventure novel in the international literary world. The African desert hides underneath its sands myths and legends that lasted for centuries in the minds of the locals. Quatermain has a mysteriou ...
“An Adventurer – He that goes out to meet whatever may come!” This is the credo of Allan Quatermain, the quintessential, swashbuckling protagonist of Allan Quatermain by H. Rider Haggard. Quatermain first makes his appearance as a character in Haggard's most famous bestselling adventure tale, King Solomon's Mines. Published in 1885, this Victorian action novel depicts a group led by Allan Quatermain who travel to a remote region in Africa in search of the missing brother of one of them. It i ...
Literary Disco
Writers talk about reading. Hosted by Tod Goldberg, Julia Pistell, and Rider Strong.
Whether you are just starting out, or an experienced rider, Semi-Pro Cycling helps get faster, stronger and healthier.
Set in England at the turn of the 20th century, Wallace’s crime novel The Daffodil Mystery follows the mysterious circumstances under which shop owner Lyne has been murdered. Accordingly, it is up to detective Jack Tarling and his trusted Chinese assistant to solve the case and reach an appropriate and just resolution. Moreover, the happenings within the novel are intensified by the colorful set of characters, which are marked by their plausible façade and contribute to the novel’s appeal. T ...
Rider Break! is the official podcast of Your host Paul "Igadevil" Sullivan shares his thoughts on all things Kamen Rider, the long-running live-action Japanese super hero series.
Yee-Haaww! The Pony Rider Boys are on the move again. The boys are back home, but as they are chopping wood, it is decided that they need a new adventure out west. Mr. Perkin's, Walter's dad, has suggested the Grand Canyon. So, meeting Professor Zepplin on the way, they set out on the train for Arizona. (Summary by Ann Boulais)Previous book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys in New MexicoNext book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys with the Texas Rangers
The Pony Rider Boys in the Rockies is the first book in the 12 part series by Frank Gee Patchin. (Summary by ashleighjane)Next book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys Texas
Yee-Haw!! The Pony Rider Boys are on the move again. This time the boys at Delaware Creek, dead in their saddles. They had been riding long and hard into Texas, looking forward to their next adventure. But, trouble finds them once again, this time Stacy Brown may have been shot! What will happen next is anyone's guess. (Summary by Ann Boulais) Previous book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys in Grand CanyonNext book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys on the Blue Ridge
Taking place in the heart of Africa, “The Tale of Three Lions” is one more thrilling adventure from the eventful life of old hunter Quatermain, the famous hero of “King Solomons Mines”. This time, though there are no bloodthirsty people for the old hunter to deal with, the dangers are no less. He has to face the mighty and fierce King of Animals – the Lion. (Summary by Kristine Bekere)
Texas Biker Radio
Sons if Liberty Rider Texas
Rider Club Radio
Two losers discuss men in bug-shaped spandex.
Yee-Haw! The Pony Rider Boys are on the trail again! This time the boys are doing something a little different. Instead of heading west to the wide open spaces, they are riding east to the Wilderness of Maine. But, as always, trouble finds the boys, in both the four-legged and two-legged form! Will they make it back out of the wilderness? - Summary by Ann BoulaisPrevious book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys on the Blue RidgeNext book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys in Louisiana
Off Script
How does Christianity intersect culture? Resist the conforming pressure of this age by learning how the biblical worldview answers our greatest longings better than naturalism or postmodernism. Off Script is a round table discussion with Sean Finnegan, Daniel Fitzsimmons, and Rose Rider. In addition to Christian apologetics and cultural analysis, topics include discussions about tattoos, refugees, power, money, TV, consumerism, work ethic, and much more. Off Script is part of Restitutio.
Yee-hawww! The Pony Rider Boys are on the trail again! In the second book of this series, Professor Zepplin has taken the young men to San Diego, Texas, to experience the life of a cowboy. The cattle drive will take them across the great state of Texas, where they will meet many dangers and adventures. (Summary by Ann Boulais) Previous book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys in the RockiesNext book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys in Montana
A couple of horse trainers and their buddies shoot the breeze
A Podcast from Joe "Kray Z" Rider and Cory!! Strode
Ever since his arrival from Russia into the United States EDM entertainment scene, DJ Rider has taken it by storm with catchy, quality house music of all kinds that makes people dance. DJ Rider was a resident DJ for many Los Angeles clubs such as Key Club, Ivar, Cinespace, Cabana, and Sugar. Moreover, he made a frequent appearances at Playhouse, Medusa, Seven-Forty, The Arena,...
Yee-Haww! The Pony Rider Boys are on the move again! This time the boys are in the desert of Nevada, discovering the beauty and perils in 100 degree heat. It should be another thrilling ride that Professor Zepplin has taken them on! (Summary by Ann Boulais ) Previous book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys in the OzarksNext book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys in New Mexico
King Solomon’s Mines, first published in 1885, was a best-selling novel by the Victorian adventure writer H. Rider Haggard. It relates a journey into the heart of Africa by a group of adventurers led by Allan Quatermain in search of the legendary wealth said to be concealed in the mines of the novel’s title. It is significant as the first fictional adventure novel set in Africa, and is considered the genesis of the Lost World literary genre. - Haggard wrote over 50 books, among which were 14 ...
Hauke Haien, a young man of 24 years, has just beome dikemaster in Northern Frisia. Against the resistance of many of the townfolk, he has a new dike built, not according to the old customs, but to his own specifications. For years, everything goes well, but when the big storm hits the land, a small oversight will cost him dearly. Storm tells the life of Hauke Haien from his beginnings as the clever son of a small landowner to his rise as dikemaster, where Hauke has to weather many storms - ...
BLACKTOP RIDER 4K29 is an editorial video feed of short cinematic stories that cover all aspects of the automotive realm. Stories about cars, trucks, and gives a short glimpse at all the machines that transverse the countless roads and tracks. MOBILE640
Fast, helpful information & support for 'Brides in a Hurry' - Take control of YOUR wedding by making good decisions - fast!
Fortune's Wheelhouse is a podcast about esoterics and the tarot. The show is hosted by Susie Chang and Mel Meleen. Card by card, we look closely at imagery, symbols, and esoteric correspondences in the major and minor arcana of the Rider Waite Smith and Thoth tarot decks. Show notes and lots of additional material can be found at Fortune's Wheelhouse theme music: "Hidden Wonders," by Kevin MacLeod.
The WDW Ride Guide Podcast is an unofficial Disney podcast dedicated to exploring Walt Disney World one ride at a time. The sheer number of Disney rides make it nearly impossible to cover them all in an average family vacation. Add to that the incredible variety of storytelling throughout each park and it quickly becomes clear that every Disney rider will have a different favorite. The goal of our weekly podcast is to make it easier for you to plan ahead for the rides you don’t want to miss!
King of the Ride
Former professional bike racer, current professional bike rider.
Jay French, photographer for Freeride New Zealand, is joined by retired WC rider, and self-proclaimed MTB journalist, Kieran Bennett for an inside look into the UCI DH World Cup, inside the industry, and the world of MTB as a whole. This is a podcast featuring opinions, inaccurate facts, interviews and everything you'd expect from a couple of dudes talking about bikes.
Welcome to the MTB TRIBE Podcast, aimed at you- the mountain biker. If you are a beginner or advanced rider, male or female, racer, cruiser or just like the lifestyle, then the MTB TRIBE Podcast is for you. Our aim is to talk to the best people in the industry and to delve into their minds in order to provide you with a unique take on the world of mountain biking. We’ll be bringing you fresh insights into the industry by examining the sport literally from the ground up- from the trails and t ...
Locked on Angels
Welcome to Locked On Angels, your daily Angels Baseball podcast, hosted by Patrick Zajac, minor league baseball lifer and front seat rider on the emotional sports rollercoaster. On this show, we worship Mike Trout and still enjoy the subtleties of a well executed bunt as we long to Light Up the Halo on the last day of the season.
Dequin Jeffries
I'M a R&B artist from Danville VA I'm a ghost Rider and I love music
What is your WHY?
Welcome to the What is your WHY? podcast
Restitutio is a Christian theology podcast designed to get you thinking about biblical theology, church history, and apologetics in an effort to recover the original Christian faith of Jesus and the apostles apart from all of the later traditions that settled on it like so much sediment, obscuring and mutating primitive Christianity into dogma and ritual. Pastor Sean Finnegan, the host of Restitutio, holds to a Berean approach to truth: that everyone should have an open mind, but check every ...
A podcast for motorcycle adventure riders. Product reviews, Gear discussions, Rider Profiles, Interviews and more!
Cat's Tales
Cat shares all those crazy thoughts in her head....with you! I am Latina. Sex Blogger/Sex Toy Reviewer. Influencer/Product Reviews. Advocate & Blogging for Mental Health. Harley Owner/Rider. Lover of High Heels. Host of Cat's Tales Podcast (2009-2012). Co-host of the Matt Beckoff Show. Novice Photographer. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Dubbed the “most popular Western of all times” Zane Grey's Riders of the Purple Sage was the benchmark by which every other novel in the “Western” genre came to be judged. It portrays the archetypal lone gun slinger, out to wreak revenge for past wrongs who falls foul of the rich and powerful and finally rides away into the sunset, having rid the town of poisonous villains! Riders of the Purple Sage is set in 1871, in a remote part of Utah. It opens with the young and lovely Jane Withersteen ...
Every Tuesday Brooke and Andrew open a bottle of wine, lounge in their living room and talk Disney. This 18+ Comedy Series covers everything from Disney Movies, News, Park Histories and anniversary discussions. So if you had a secret crush on Flynn Rider, cried while watching Coco or often get weird looks for being 30 but wearing a Pluto shirt to work each day, this is the podcast for you. Do you have a topic you want to hear us discuss? Email us at
HJU Radio
The Offical Podcast for HenshinJustice.Com. Kamen Rider, Ultraman, Super Sentai, Power Rangers, Tokusatsu and all things geek!
Who's really in control when you buy a property? The Elephant In The Room is where the things that no one wants to talk about, actually get talked about. Veronica Morgan, real estate agent, buyers agent and co-host of Foxtel’s Location Location Location Australia & Chris Bates, financial planner, mortgage broker and wealth coach have joined forces to find out what’s really going on in the world of real estate. Veronica and Chris talk to property owners and buyers every day in their respectiv ...
Black Heart and White Heart, is a story of the courtship, trials and final union of a pair of Zulu lovers in the time of King Cetywayo. (Introduction by H. Rider Haggard)
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Back on episode number 025 I had a chat with James Wilson, founder and owner of Pedalling Innovations and inventor of the Catalyst Pedal. This was one of the best episodes of 2018 and I know you guys really got involved and enjoyed the episode. Many of you have asked what the best episodes have been over the last 18 months, so here is one of th ...…
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In this final episode of our journey through the cards, we meet at last the original Sleeping Beauty: the Page of Pentacles or Princess of Disks. Rose of the Palace of Earth, she is the ultimate destination and the ultimate source, the highest of the high and the lowest of the low. Engrossed in her talisman and silent in her repose, she is preg ...…
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Are you curious how Dale Tuggy thinks he did on the Trinity debate with Michael Brown? In this post-debate interview I ask him about his strongest points as well as what he thought Brown’s strongest arguments were. I ask Tuggy about Brown’s Trinity theory and he explains the “one self” version of the Trinity as well as some of the major problem ...…
The debut novel from Tommy Orange has been on almost every Best Of 2018 list, but does the Literary Disco trio agree? In this week's episode, Julia, Rider, and Tod discuss the complex and multifaceted approach to identity—and how Orange avoids the usual MFA clichés—as “There, There” follows a collection of Native American characters in the buil ...…
Polaris RZR marketing rep Evan Schendel is back to dive deeper into his story, help us better understand marketing trends, and answer some critical audience questions. This show is powered by AMSOIL. This episode is brought to you by: SolderWeld Neverlift Racing Bold Racing Crash Addict Industries…
The government is still on Shutdown,Joe is still home recovering, Cory!! is still using his home as aplace to get changed and showered between jobs and it’s time for usto talk Previews! Previews is the monthly magazine that has ALL ofthe comics being solicited for March, and every month, Cory!! and Joetalk about the exciting things in the catal ...…
Producer Matt got a children's Disney Game for Christmas so the gang sat down and played a few rounds of it. Listen as we try to figure out which Disney Princess Dress Brooke would want to wear, who Andrew would want to go a Picnic with and which of the Seven Dwarfs Matt thinks would be the best to have as a friend on the DisNeato Podcast. Send ...…
Cameron Macqueen is a man that’s done many great things in the business world. After 5 years growing a big business in China he came back to Australia to run a Chinese property development company - PAI Group. PAI have been building 100’s of small developments, mainly in Melbourne’s middle ring suburbs. These developments are funded by Chinese ...…
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