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Killer Tofu
The quintessential podcast for all things Goodburger, Surge, Lunchables, and the like. We drink beer and speak on the nostalgic topics that laid the foundation for the greatest decade in the history of decades, the 1990's.
Killer Tofu Podcast
Storytime with Tofu
Hear me ramble on about television, film, and video games. I have the sensibilities of a 13 year old boy, 16 year old girl, and a lazy film student.
Graduates of Whitman College, hear Nate and myself (Tofu) talk about whats hot on TV, in theaters, and online.
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Graham and a co-working trio are back in the studio for today's breakdown of the American cinematic classic, Space Jam. We drink beer and analyze everything from R. Kelly to spit shines.
Ditched the studio and ventured to a classic northern NJ 90's basement to dissect the inner workings of PS 118. We drink beer and are interrupted by loving parents.
I brought in some coworkers to hold some light Power Rangers banter. Little did I know these three are legit Power Rangers experts. We drink beer and talk about a Saturday morning staple.
FREE FOR ALL. Lone friend in the world, Sam Cole, rejoins Killer Tofu to break down one of the undisputed greatest N64 games of all-time.
Long-time DC friend and ex-roommate/lover Logan Ruppel joins the pod to recall what it was like when Beanie Babies took over the world. We drink beers in the new Killer Tofu studio and get sidetracked on other mildly 90's topics.
Sam is a nerd and wants to talk about Batman Beyond. I mainly have no idea what he's talking about. We sit on my balcony, drink beer, and try to reenact the intro to a bonafide 90's TV show.
Our inaugural peek into the 90's takes us right into the belly of the beast. Our host, Graham Wheeler, sits down with alleged friend and Pokemon aficionado, Sam Cole. We drink beer and try to remember how energy cards work.
Hey guys, so it is official! This weekend we begin recording for the new podcast channel called Luckswing! Just some thoughts on The Revenant and Carol, the oscars, Superhero CW Premiers, and MY LOVE FOR THE 100.More info to come, go to
Hey guys, this week I share my feeling towards the Star Wars Prequels and chronology, the ideas behind the Shannara chronicles, and the honesty and humanity of Casual, Master of None, and You're the Worst. Just a note, in a few weeks Storytime with Tofu will be combining with a sports commenting podcast under a new channel name. Stay tuned for ...…
Hey guys. Apologies for the rough audio this week. My house on Oahu is not the most sound proof and there is construction next door...Wrapping up the talks about "Fargo", "The Leftovers", and "The Knick" and figuring out where the series are headed.Shout outs to my favorite comedies of the fall: "You're the Worst" on FXX, and Master of None of ...…
Storytime with Tofu, where you hear me hang out with my friends and talk about mildly interesting and relevant material. This episode we talk about Jessica Jones, Women in Comics, Powers, and more. Special notes: "Kill Six Billion Demons" is featured, and we recorded this very LATE, please bare with my babbling and slurring.…
Lotta feels and rambles this week. I apologize for the break and I hope you all had great Thanksgivings with friends, families, and lots of TV. A small preview of Jessica Jones, two weeks of lines being drawn, erased, and redrawn on The Leftovers, Side characters on the Knick, and WATCH FARGO.REMEMBER POTENTIAL SPOILERS…
Struggle bus today, sorry guys, definitely a lot of spacing out this week. Hear me recap and discuss the WILD turn of events on this week's The Leftovers, a few notes on The Knick, and a shout out to INTO THE BADLANDS!
Finally as promised. Here are a few thoughts on this most recent season of Fargo, and the that ratings struggles that plague "quality" tv.
Hear me use the word "LENS" way to many times, but I hope you all check out Good Girls Revolt on Amazon Prime.Thanks for listening
Here me go on long rants today about symbolism, miracles, and the flaws of progress. The Leftovers and The Knick are two of the most fascinating series on TV today.
Just a quick recap and a few thoughts on this week's Arrow and The Flash, honorable mention, yet again, to Supergirl.
My initial thoughts on the CBS Supergirl premier, continuing the uncertainty of existence with The Leftovers, "FUCK MODERNITY" says The Knick, and Fargo's dark and delightful whimsy.
Partial recaps and catching everyone up on Arrow and The Flash. Just touching the surface of The Knick. If you wanna skip THE CW commentary skip to 30min.
Just catching everyone up on what I'm watching this fall: Shonda Thursdays, CW Comic Universe, HBO's The Leftovers, AMC's Walking Dead, and more!
Our final thoughts on a sub-par and somewhat disappointing season of True Detective. Thanks for joining us.
Nate and I both saw Trainwreck, it gave us both a lot of feels we would like to share. We also both catch up on the past two weeks of True Detective. Bizarre scenes, interesting developments and a lot of frustration.
In our official episode 1 we dive right into True Detective S2E3, a little talk about Me and Earl and The Dying Girl, and a small window into Ballers.
Hear me rant about HBO's new series "Ballers"; my thoughts on "Brink", and my recommendation for "Me and Earl and The Dying Girl"Thanks for bearing with me...
A bit rough this week guys, but I try to talk about Peaky Blinders, Boardwalk Empire, and The Knick. The state of period television.
Still a work in progress. This is my first episode. Today we I go on for way to long about Daredevil and my view on the recent boom in comics in the live action medium. Sorry for the roughness and disorganization. Any feedback is much appreciated.
In which it is just David and Chris, androids and Skippy The Jedi Droid are discussed, and Chris unduly frets over lawsuits and podcast titles.
In which we're joined again by Martin, discuss Doctor Who and Heroes extensively, and spoilers abound. So, you know, be careful.
In which we're joined yet again by the delightful Olga, Matt joins us, and we discuss happiness and the like.
In which things are less chaotic than last week, movies are discussed, and we subtly vie for sponsorship.
In which there are many people, some Afternoon Delight, worst movies are somewhat discussed, and eventually we get round to a brief discussion of Lost In Translation.
In which David and Chris are joined by Erin and, via Skype, Ren. Chris is (rightfully) insulted, movies are discussed and fun is had.
In which David and Chris ramble on, every now and then discussing films along the way. And Chris continues to know shockingly little.
In which David and Chris are joined by Martin, McDonalds is confused for Burger King, and Chris gets what he truly deserves. Soundtracks, Psycho, and yet more movies Chris has never seen.
In which Karol is back, we're joined by the ever lovely Olga, and Chris says literally a lot. Birthday wishes are given, Muppet impressions abound, and Chris reveals a deep, dark shame.
In which we are Karol-less, Chris is a fangirl, David knows way too much about Joss Whedon, and we discover why Jaci is Cool.
Hello! Ladies and Gentlecats, I present to you the inaugural Killer Tofu Podcast!The audio may have some issues (it was recorded on my iPhone sitting on the desk between us, after all) but, you know, it's our first time out, so give us a break. I'd like to promise that it will get better, but I may just be setting you up for disappointment.The ...…
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