Nutrition NUTZ, with Jim Wilk C.N.C.


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Nutrition NUTZ is a podcast that explores new health trends, tried & true dietary supplements and cutting edge research. The guests include; national educators, health brand representatives, naturopaths, herbalists and industry leaders. They will discuss many categories including; CBD, Collagen, Keto, Paleo, Organic, Non GMO, and Vegan (to name a few) plus health concerns like joint pain, exercise support, aging and seasonal remedies. All of the guests are "NUTZ" about healthy living and some of them are a little "NUTZ" in the traditional sense. The show is hosted by Jim Wilk C.N.C. who started his journey in the health industry in 1972 as a stock boy at The Last Carrot health food store in Coconut Grove near Miami, FL. Over the years he incorporated various modalities of health into his private and professional career including; manufacturing tofu, as a certified yoga instructor, and a licensed massage therapist. He spent most of his career in Health Food stores as a nutritional counselor, formally earning his C.N.C. credential in 1995. He currently assists the public at Holly Hill Health Foods in North Wales, PA near Philadelphia. As the host of the "Holly Hill Health Hour" radio show, which aired from 2005 until 2020, he interviewed a plethora of guests related to health, dietary supplements, herbs, vitamins and natural foods. Some archived radio shows will be posted to this feed in the future.Jim's passion for learning about health is illustrated by his lifestyle. He walks the talk by example. His hobbies of bicycling, yoga and gym workouts are only rivaled by his desire to learn more through webinars, podcasts, industry publications, research articles and trade shows. His current lifestyle is guided by the keto and paleo diet (although he does "Veg Out" at times). He believes that humor is healthy and that laughter is the best medicine. Take a listen to a show or two and you will learn, laugh and love what you hear.

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