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Ananda Africa's Podcast
Black Conscious Rising The Podcast meant to uplift and build on a foundation of Blackness, because Blackness is synonymous with Greatness.
Ananda Marga Dharmacast
Podcasts on spirituality, meditation, Ananda Marga yoga philosophy
Ananda Liina Radio
Weekly discussion of spirituality and yoga philosophy at the Ananda Liina Ashram in Urbana, IL.
New Posts - Kara Maria Ananda
KARA inspires you to create your visionary business & lifestyle. Created by Kara Maria Ananda, the Social Media Midwife, Women's Healing Arts Educator & Holistic Business Coach to inspire, entertain, and inform through conscious online media. Empowering women to create healthy lives, relationships, abundance, and transformation. Sign up for Kara's Newsletter FREE at:
Anything On? With Mike and Ananda
Mike and Ananda love TV and movies and love talking about them. That's why they created this podcast. They both want to share their point of view and not just review movies and TV, but tell you why they are the worst or the best. Join them for an entertaining view on anything entertainment on the Almost Anything Podcast Network.
Conversations with Yogananda
Join the in-depth exploration of this book of short stories, answered questions, and brief talks with Paramhansa Yogananda.
Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi in India, Spring 2016
Videos of talks by Nayaswami Jyotish, successor of Swami Kriyananda, and his wife Nayaswami Devi, given in India in early 2016.
Secrets of Inner Peace
Swami Kriyananda shares secrets of how to bring peace and balance to your life.
André Dublo Mixes
Welcome to my latest mixes. Something fun, something fresh, something dirty. Always playing a track with a groove to make you move.My styles a blend of techno, house and deeper tracks. Creative transistions and live edits to boot. Feel free to take a look at my stuff, comment and download.If you like Sven Vath, Sebastian Leger, Josh Wink, Nic Fancuilli, Matthew Dear, Dubfire, Marco Carola, James Zabiela, Joel Mull, Shlomi Aber, Slam, Gabriel Ananda, Eats Everything etc check it out.Thanks
Spiritual Renewal Week, 2015
In these talks and special events, you’ll find wisdom, humor, down-to-earth practicality, and clear solutions for your own life.
Spiritual Renewal Week, 2014
A week of inspiration, spiritual talks, music, and fun, at Ananda Village. Talks this year focused on happiness in honor of Finding Happiness, the new docu-drama about Ananda.
Spiritual Renewal Week, 2016
Spiritual Renewal Week is much more than classes: it is seven days of spiritual transformation. With each passing year of spiritual seekers dedicating this week to God, the presence seems to deepen.
Inner Renewal Week, 2016
Spiritual talks on the subject, “The Search for God Cannot Wait,” given during a week of retreat at Ananda Village.
Nick Koplan
Nick Koplan - известный в России и далеко за её пределами, активно гастролирующий электронный музыкант, продюсер и DJ. Владелец международного букинг агентства «Union Booking», участник различных фестивалей и рейвов как в России так и за рубежом. За его плечами релизы на мировых лейблах и поддержка от мэтров электронной сцены, таких как: Pete Tong (BBC), Tocadisco, Soul Button, Robert Babicz, Gabriel Ananda, John 00 Fleming,...
Bhagavad Gita Discourses
The Song Celestial unfolds a dialogue of the advice given by an avatar or God incarnate. The recipient of the message is Arjuna, the prototype of the struggling human soul who is ready to receive the great knowledge by his close companionship and increasing nearness to the divine Self within himself. This symbolic companionship of Krishna and Arjuna, the divine and the human soul is further dramatized by the fact that their dialogue takes place amidst the din and clamor of a battlefield. The ...
OLD - Pureibiza Podcast-Produced by Taku Nakahara-
Renewal Pureibiza! !Mix up the future here!Please press the Subscribe button! ! or [Homepage] [TWC Radio France] [facebook]                  
Taittriyaka Upanishad by UNKNOWN
The word Upanishad (upa-ni-shad) consists of, "Upa" means "near;" "ni" means "down;" "shad" means "to sit." Thus, Upanishad is to sit down near the teacher to discuss, learn, practice, and experience. There are some 200 or more Upanishads. Some are lost and are only known about because of being referenced in other Upanishads. Most of the Upanishads were kept secret for centuries, only passed on to others orally in the form of Shloka (a category of verse line developed from the Vedic Anustubh ...
David Sabat - Indian Summer (Oct 2010)
Indian Summer (October 2010) By David Sabat Playlist: 1. Love Will Know (Roots Mix) - Louie Vega ft Lisa Fischer 2. Summer Breeze (Raw Artistic Soul Remix) - N'Dinga Gaba feat. Sahffi 3. Happy Endings (DJ Man-X Sunset Nights Dub) - DJ Man-X & Vick Lavender feat. Shawnee Taylor 4. Relax (Soul Pass Vocal) - Mark Grant feat. Swaylo 5. Summer Love - Chieko Kinbara 6. I Need You (Timmy Regisford & Adam Rios Remix) - Peven Everett 7. Heat - Franck Roger 8. Perfectly (The Layabouts Vocal Mix) - The ...
Number One Beats by A.C.K.
NumberOneBeats Weekly Radio Show Hosted By A.C.K. ! The Show will be presented in many different FM Radios like Radio FG USA, Number1 FM Turkey, Heat Radio Greece, Germany, DJR’ADIO, Daltica Radio, Clublovers fm, VIP TV and many more stations in different Countries like Belgium, Canada, Malta, Ibiza, Spain, U.S.A, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia .... Near NumberOneBeats Records tracks supports the show also many talented new comers. Curtainly supporting and playing in the past and ...
Rameen Peyrow
Rameen Peyrow has been meditating for 32 years. He is a yogi, a teacher, and an entrepreneur whose life accomplishments reflect his calling to the path of self-inquiry. His mission is to aid in the liberation of body and mind for each individual. He is the founder of SATTVA Yoga, an authentic practice of yoga steeped in ancient lineage and wisdom, and owner of the SATTVA School of Yoga and SATTVA Online, a center and online platform dedicated to developing yoga practitioners and teachers. He ...
Toti Coco
Salvatore Coco, better known as TOTI COCO, was born on the 20th of February 1979 in Catania. He bought his first turntables when he was 15, driven by his strong passion for music, which began with commercial music, continued to progressive and techno and then finally arrived at his real musical love: tech-house - techno music! He started playing in 1999 at some private parties in his city and in 2001 he already played in several disco-pubs of Catania. The same year he became resident DJ at “ ...
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Yoga on Generosity If you haven´t done the first classes in this series, go back and start there. This series is cumulative and so you will need to do the classes in order. Episode 390 – Click Here Episode 391 – Click Here ¨Our being is a brilliant pattern of energies, a spectrum of possibilities. At every moment we have the capacity to experie ...…
Yoga on Generosity If you haven´t done the first classes in this series, go back and start there. This series is cumulative and so you will need to do the classes in order. Episode 390 – Click Here Episode 391 – Click Here ¨Our being is a brilliant pattern of energies, a spectrum of possibilities. At every moment we have the capacity to experie ...…
Yoga on Generosity If you haven´t done the first classes in this series, go back and start there. This series is cumulative and so you will need to do the classes in order. Episode 390 – Click Here Episode 391 – Click Here ¨Our being is a brilliant pattern of energies, a spectrum of possibilities. At every moment we have the capacity to experie ...…
The Bledsoe Show, the show formerly known as "Bledsopia"
Jöhg Ananda has been described as a "Cultural Revolutionary" by Dr. Chris Ryan. He is a serial entrepreneur (Healthy Surprise, The Dirt Paleo Personal Care, Jambo Superfoods) and founder of Union Yoga. Jöhg has invented over 50 consumer products, the subscription snack box category, several guided yoga kriyas and designed a factory. He has been ...…
Evolve Law Podcast – A Catalyst For Legal Innovation
Summary Host Jules Miller talks with Anand Upadhye, Vice President of Business Development from Casetext, about how to incorporate new legal technology into your practice- and why you should. For the latest topics, trends and tech in the legal industry, subscribe to Evolve Law Podcast: A Catalyst for Legal Innovation. Listen as legal experts an ...…
Tine Tvergaard og Jakob Jakobsen nviterede forfatter og aktivist Mads Ananda Lodahl i studiet for at diskutere hvad 'Seksuel viden og kamp' anno 2017. Det blev en vanskelig og god samtale om hvad 'naturlig' betyder når man taler om sex. Vi talte om den kamp som de seksuelle minoriteter fører, men også om den heteroseksuelle store grå masse [var ...…
Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi are dynamic emissaries of Paramhansa Yogananda, spiritual master whose best-selling book, Autobiography of a Yogi, sparked a revolution of yoga and meditation in the West. Living examples of spiritual values in action, Jyotish and Devi travel the world, sharing Yogananda’s teachings, and blessing people with the prac ...…
So pumped for my phone interview with the beautiful Ananda Leeke 💕 • A conversation on mindfulness with author, creator, yoga teacher, Ananda Leeke • From a lawyer with panic attacks... • a zen master (or something like that 😂) • It all starts the minute you wake up ☀️ • How to stay mindful this Summer! 🌻 • Don't forget to dress for YOU 🔥 ...…
"Certain meditation techniques can promote creative thinking, even if you have never meditated before.” - accorinding to a Leiden University Study, conducted in 2012 Our guest today, Dada Nabhaniilananda, (Nah-bah-neel-un-un-da) also known as The Monk Dude, is an Award-Winning Songwriter, an Author, a World Traveler, a Youth Mentor & a Meditati ...…
Patrick Ananda from Centered Man Project explains how seduction helps with business...Join Patrick's group on facebook:“Want to connect on facebook? Add me on Facebook: me on Instagram: @aleksvitkin”Patrick is an entrepreneur travelling the world a ...…
Satchidananda Swarupoham - darum geht es in dieser Meditation: Meine wahre Natur ist Sein-Wissen-Glückseligkeit. Sat heißt unendliches Sein, ewig und unbegrenzt. Chid heißt Bewusstsein, reines Bewusstsein, Wissen. Ananda bedeutet Freude, Wonne, Glückseligkeit. Swarupa bedeutet wahre Natur. Sukadev wiederholt das Om mehrmals, dann das Mantra Sat ...…
The Conscious Love, Sex & Relationships Podcast brought to you by Raw Attraction Magazine
In this podcast we speak to Nicole Ananda about her journey to become a surrogate partner therapist. We talk about how important surrogate partner therapy is and how so many people need this as an option in their lives (and how she has clients flying in from all over the USA to see her in Philadelphia). We also talk about porn, strange male mas ...…
So many managers are promoted into the management role without the support, development and skilling up to tackle all aspects of the manager’s role. This includes handling basic financial matters – team / department budgets, project budgets, costing and procurement. This issue is amplified even more for business owners. In this episode of Peopl ...…
DANIEL ABRANDIS! dance music through the years
Lamar Ensemble -Stay Sharp-DJ Pipi -save the magic feeling-Kevin Yost -listnen-Black Coffee -reflections-Kenny Bobien -i will-Crew Deep -burst-Balcazar -sumtin Vi-Jason Sight -love is what i need-Ananda Project -cascades of colour-Staffen Thorsell -look who's here-Mood II Swing -drivin me crazy-dj Roderique -taste-Tiger Stripes -khula-Joe Negro ...…
How spiritual food can love, heal, and free us. Food comes in all shapes and sizes, and has all kinds of effects on our body and mind. Beyond that food can also touch the soul. What makes food spiritual and how does that have the potential to change everything?
There are many different types of yoga. You have just made a good decision if you decided to start practicing yoga. But it might be challenging to pick a type of yoga that suits you best. There are so many different options. Let me clarify what are some of the best yoga for beginners. I [...] The post Different Types of Yoga For Beginners And F ...…
In this episode, I have a chat with Sumit Anand, a friend who is in the comedy scene in India. We talked about how to start talking to a crowd, get a tangible skill for a job and comedy rooms. We too talked a little bit about political correctness and truth bombs Sumit's facebook page: Not A ...…
1. Kiss Kiss Kiss - Sir Piers Curious Mix - Ananda Project Ft Heather Johnson & Terrance2. Find The Way - Main Vocal Mix - Ethan White & Lisa Shaw3. Summershine - DJ Spen Presents Souldynamic & Leslie Carter4. Amazing Love - Roots Mix - Anane5. Change - Temple Movement Club Mix - Fuzion & Arnold Jarvis6. Life Ain’t What It Seems - Quentin Harri ...…
This week we are welcoming special guest Erin Tillman, a.k.a. The Dating Advice Girl. Erin has coached many singles through the process of creating a dating profile and going on dates without getting burnt out in the process. Even better, Erin is tuned in to the polyamorous and queer communities. She shares with us her pro tips on messaging, fi ...…
01. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Jupiter Sunrise [Diynamic] 02. Crudito Sava - Todo y Nada [Balance] 03. Ryan Davis & Microtrauma - Calendula (Ryan Davis Redesign) [Traum] 04. Rodriguez Jr. - Monticello [Mobilee] 05. Robert Koch & Delhia De France - Reach (Chi Thanh Remix) [Diynamic] 06. Rodriguez Jr. - Ellipsism [Mobilee] 07. Patrice Baumel - Glute ...…
Ubud Writers & Readers Festival
Widely recognised as the greatest writer in the Spanish language, Miguel de Cervantes’ influence is felt across many art forms to this day. Indonesian pianist Ananda Sukarlan and Mexican novelist Juan Pablo Villalobos consider Cervantes’ immense legacy. Featuring Juan Pablo Villalobos, Ananda Sukarlan, Jeni Caffen. The post Between the Covers / ...…
Electronically Organized Noise Show
Riley Reinhold Lights In My Eyes (Patrice Baumel Mokum Remix)Namito & Brams Yto (Gabriel Ananda Remix)Dominik Eulberg Opel TantraPiemont Okinawa (Gabriel Ananda Remix)Minilogue Nothing is LostNick Curly LiberoNick Curly Keep OnLuca Ballerini L' Eternita Di Un AttimoSascha Dive Into the WoodsFrankyeffe HochTaster Peter & Van Bonn Erode (Roberto ...…
SoulShyne with Mick Fuller spinning a selection of classic, current & upfront grooves including tracks from Wipe The Needle, Tracy Braithwaite, Ananda Project, Dvine Brothers, Marco Valery & Opolopo... The show was originally broadcast on Radio Reverb on Sunday 11 June 2017... 97.2 FM | DAB | | Limited edition SoulShyne merc ...…
Wesley Reisz talks to Sid Anand, a data architect at cybersecurity company Agari, about building cloud-native data pipelines. The focus of their discussion is around a solution Agari uses that is built from Amazon Kinesis Streams, serverless functions, and auto scaling groups.Sid Anand is an architect at Agari, and a former technical architect ...…
Musical Decadence Radio
1.Sandrino, Frankey - Pollux (Original Mix)2.Matter, Universal Harmonics - Acacia (Federico Monachesi Remix)3.Deltawerk - Sample (Original Mix)4.Denis A - Moenjodaro (Original Mix)5.Tim Deluxe - Captain, Captain (Luke Solomon & Terry Grant Live Disco Revision)6.Denis A - Goa (original edition mix)7.Glenn Morrison, Elise - Mine And Yours (Redank ...…
My guest in this episode is Dr. Joe Loizzo, who was a recent guest speaker at our conference on Buddhism. The organization Joe founded, the Nalanda Institute of Contemplative Science, was also our sponsor for this conference. It was an honor to talk to Joe about his life story, the latest meditation research, how the academy and the hospital ar ...…
Looking for the Perfect Beat Radio Show
Irvin Cee is available for International bookings :■ Video:■ Beatport:■ Facebook fan page:■ Website: irvincee.comTracklist:Artist - TitleOlafur Arnalds - Oldurot (Tontario Remix)Viken Arman - On A Blue Road (Original Mix)Hraach, Armen Miran - Aldebaran (Origina ...…
Our guest today is Yogrishi Vishvketu Aka Vishva-ji for short. A learned teacher and yogi, Vishva-ji has studied and practiced Yoga and the Vedic healing arts in the Himalayas since childhood. He facilitates trainings and workshops internationally incorporating diverse aspects of Yoga practice into his classes:asana,pranayama, meditation, clean ...…
Join us for an evening with authors from Kaya Press, the group of dedicated writers, artists, readers, and lovers of books working together to publish the most challenging, thoughtful, and provocative literature being produced throughout the Asian and Pacific Island diasporas, with special guest Abeer Hoque. The Secret Room In Kazim Ali's wildl ...…
In this weeks episode, we learn a load of Tantric Tips to help us through peri-menopause and menopause. Dhumavati Ananda and Pauline have a good humoured but educational discussion on the merits of Tantric Yoga techniques that can help improve the size and suppleness of your breasts, how to keep energy in your body and not just piss it away and ...…
We're back! Guess who else is back, it's Nick Drake and he's brought some better produced gloominess. Other highlights this week: Ananda Shankar gets Ned trying to remember the 1986 Whoopi Goldberg movie Jumpin Jack Flash, we dob Ned's dad in for dabbling in pirated concerts, and we talk about how weird live albums sound without the crowd noise ...…
Yoga Chat with the Accidental Yogist
May 19, 2017This week's topic: Honoring the Earth, Wind, and SkyInterviews: None this weekFeatured Music: Back Into the Sky, Sheila NichollsRoots of the Earth, Liquid BloomRiver Song, Jaya Lakshmi and AnandaMadre Agua, Eostar and the Web of OneWind Runner, Markus SieberWind Across the Sea - Bhramari / Song of Aimhirghin - Gayatri Mantra / Om Ma ...…
SOLO SWEET IBIZA CHAPTER:011 Tune in Harmonic Mix, from Ibiza Sweet Music Play List or alphabetic order: -Ananda Project, Chris Brann - Rain Down (Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco Dub)-Andrea Erre, Criss Hawk - I'm Cold (Original Mix)-Jasper James - Dirty Wrong (Original Mix)-Johan S, Integrated Society, Nevada Soul - Rising (Johan S Remix)- ...…
Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian discuss the history and legacy of the Star City Games Power 9 Series. Contact us at @ManyInsanePlays on Twitter or e-mail us at 0:00:10: Announcements: Upcoming events, including NYSE 0:03:00: New MTGO Weekly Vintage Challenge 0:11:00: GP Vegas Eternal events 0:12:30: Swedish Ol ...…
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