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Fat Man on Batman
Kevin Smith passionately discusses the Dark Knight with other Caped Crusader creators and fans.
Welcome to an interview variety show for your ears hosted by Justin Michael. Each episode brings together a fan of Batman: The Animated Series or a special guest who worked on the TV show to discuss their favorite episodes from the legendary 90’s cartoon. Why? Because I love this show. You probably do, too.
Batman News
Batman News is the premier source for all things Batman and DC Comics
Mutual Radio broadcasts of "The Adventures of Superman", starting in 1945 that Superman and Batman, years before their comic book collaborations, really became a functioning team. Join us as we listen to Batman on the radio and View Batman Serials.
I'm Batman
Captain Marvelous reviews all episodes of the classic 1992 Batman the animated series.
Your source for all things related to the Dark Knight
Discussion of Batman -- on film, on television, in comics, in animation, in games, in literature, and in pop culture -- by the founder of BOF, Bill "Jett" Ramey, co-host Rick Shew, and the "BOF Roundtablers" Justin Kowalkski and Ryan Hoss.
Your source for all things related to the Dark Knight
Holy BatCast - The All Batman Podcast is a podcast and web-series by Bat-fans, for Bat-fans. Holy BatCast celebrates and dissects all aspects of the Batman legend and mythology and other DC Comics property from movies, TV, comic books, games, toys, and more. Put on your cape and cowl and join us in the Batcave.
Your source for all things related to the Dark Knight
Your source for all things related to the Dark Knight
Shanlian On Batman
Shanlian on Batman is comprised of a group of guys from Michigan. These members include Justin Shanlian, Tom Harper, and Kyle Davis. This is the Batman podcast for you! We touch on everything that Batman has been apart of. Comics, Films, Games and all the Animated Series and Features you can think of.We have had many notable guests on the show from the creator of Harley Quinn and writer of Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker Paul Dini. Other amazing guests incl ...
After The Dark Knight broke box office records in 2008 audiences have hotly awaited the next, and final, installment in Christopher Nolan's Batman saga. Now to prepare for that film, Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob are looking back at all the Batman films, from 1966 through a weekend-of-release review of The Dark Knight Rises. Join us each week at to hear our reviews of a new Batfilm!
An ongoing group research project into Batman '66! Two brothers, Tim and Paul, who grew up having their lives changed forever by Batman reruns in the '70s, discuss the series story-by-story, with other episodes set aside for research into how the show was made (including examining draft scripts) and other Bat-material somehow related to the show. There's not a moment to lose! To the Batpoles!
Holy Brocast Batman!
Two REAL BROTHERS provide hilarious audio commentary for the Batman '66 TV show. Listen to Kevin and Brian discuss your favorite characters: Batman, Robin, The Joker, The Riddler, The Penguin, Catwoman, and more!
Join Calvinist Batman as he brings on a guest each episode and talks about a different cultural and/or theological issue. The guests cover a wide range. Some are popular conference speakers and well-known pastors and others are unknowns or anonymous Christians accounts on Twitter. Each guest has deep integrity and brings something unique and valuable to the discussion. Listen as people call in and ask Calvinist Batman and his guests questions by calling 727-228-2278. Calvinist Batman's prote ...
Fat Man on Batman
Kevin Smith passionately discusses the Dark Knight with other Caped Crusader creators and fans.
A weekly show covering all things related to Batman and James Bond movies including news, trailers, scores, reviews, matchups and more. #batman #jamesbond
Everything Batman... from the beginning!
History of the Batman relives the defining moments of one of the most iconic figures in comic art and literature, DC Comics Batman. Your Dark Knight Archivist Londyn disxuss Batman's history and how the character, the associated villains, and popular iconography were established and have changed over the last 75+ years up to now.
Audio Theater Podcast
Superman & Batman
A podcast celebrating more than 70 years of the World's Finest team. Each episode, we look at a randomly selected Superman and Batman stories from throughout their seven decades of teamups.
Batman: The Long Halloween is a 13-issue comic book limited series written by Jeph Loeb with art by Tim Sale. This is a fan made audio adaptation of that series.CASTBatman/Bruce Wayne: Omri RoseHarvey Dent/Two Face: Ray BullockCptn. James Gordon: Rex Anderson Carmine 'The Roman' Falcone: Andrew Kallen Salvatore Maroni: Jason Rivers Gilda Dent/ Poison Ivy: Jeannie Mcguiness Selina Kyle/Catwoman : Natalie WinterThe Joker: John Curcio The Riddler: Chris Groundsell The Mad Hatter/Alfred/Solomon ...
Batman Knightcast
Ryan Daly and Chris Franklin chronicle the Caped Crusader's adventures in Batman and Detective Comics in the post-Crisis era.
Join Master Bruce as he creates systematic theology audiobooks, 20-30 mins at a time. Starting with Geerhardus Vos' "Reformed Dogmatics" and moving on to others after that, listen as Calvinist Batman reads the wealth of knowledge that the master theologians of the past have left us. If you like this, also listen to the original podcast "Calvinist Batman & Friends".
The ONLY Podcast Devoted Entirely to Batman Beyond! Above and Batman Beyond is yet another Batman podcast brought to you by the super nerdy CBI Podcast Network ( Hear interviews with people who have worked on Batman Beyond, discussions, reviews and reactions to all aspects of the Batman Beyond universe: from the animated series, to movies, to the comics, there’s plenty to dig into in Neo Gotham! Above and Batman Beyond is an unofficial podcast of Batman Beyond.
A podcast where we discuss the comic world of Batman past ,present and future.
Your source for all things related to the Dark Knight
Welcome to the official BATMAN Fan Podcast. Podcasting since 2014 about BATMAN / DARK KNIGHT / Comic Book / Movies / TV every weeknight! Join us on the talk!
Mutual Radio broadcasts of "The Adventures of Superman", starting in 1945 that Superman and Batman, years before their comic book collaborations, really became a functioning team. Join us as we listen to Batman on the radio and View Batman Serials.
Project Batman
Project Batman is a weekly podcast by Kenn Edwards, Vincent Ottobre, Sean Dillon, and others detailing the development of the upcoming feature-length fan-film "Batman: Immortal", set in the same continuity as Batman: The Animated Series.The film will deal with Bruce Wayne's aging that leads to the development of the new Batsuit (as seen in Batman Beyond), as well as his final fight against the genocidal Ra's al Ghul in the Near-Apocalypse of '09. Meticulous research is being done to ensure t ...
A podcast dedicated to the boy wonder, Dick Grayson where we talk about his history, and go through every comic he appears in
Your source for all things related to the Dark Knight
Batman v Batuman
Comics news and uninformed Marvel reviews
Just another Batman podcast focusing on regular joes discussing the various aspects of Batman.
Two huge DC Comics fans discuss, analyze and criticize Batman v Superman scene by scene on a weekly podcast. We also feature guests with varying viewpoints - good and bad. Mostly, we just geek out on DC lore.The People v Batman v Superman is hosted by Chris Ayers and Dennis Cooper.
Steve and Andy host a weekly podcast reviewing episodes of the Adam West Batman TV show! Go to for more!
Jett and the "BOF ROUNDTABLERS" discuss Batman on film and all things Batman.
Author Scott Snyder and illustrator Greg Capullo discuss Batman Vol. 7: Endgame. The latest graphic novel from the best-selling creative team gives fans the ultimate face-off between Batmanand the Joker. Snyder, whose work includes American Vampire and Superman Unchained, and Capullo, who illustrated Spawn and X-Force, will also discuss their collaborations.
a slightly above average podcast for dudes
Lee loves Batman. Sam is indifferent. Lee plans to change that by forcing all things Batman down Sam’s throat… but not like that.
A podcast about Batman hosted by Michael Bailey. The show will cover a month in the life of Batman starting with the March 1983 cover date and moving forward.
BIF! BAM! POW! It’s Batman ’66! Every week Adam and Logan are breaking down episodes of the classic TV adventures of the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder. They talk about its comic origins, cultural relevance and all the minutiae in between!
Stand Up Comedian Mike Belgrave talks to funny people about all things comic book related. Comedians, actors, writers, promoters, reviewers, fans, just about anyone he knows on the comedy circuit talking about superheroes, films, merchandise, TV, underground, manga, funny pages, you name it he'll talk about it.
For the first time in DC Comics history, see Batman the world's most popular DC Super Hero as you've never seen him before, in an all-new, live-action arena adventure, set to take the world by storm. Premiering in the UK in Summer 2011, Batman Live - World Arena Tour is a multi-million pound stage production of unprecedented scale and a must-see for families and Batman fans everywhere.Based on an original story being created exclusively for the show, BATMAN LIVE is a theatrical extravaganza ...
School of Batman
School of Batman is a podcast where we ask academics to fight crime using their research. From neuroscience to linguistics, academia is helping Batman save Gotham!
The "Batman Jr" Podcast is what happens when you cross "Batman: The Animated Series" (true classic) with "James Bond Jr" (derivative garbage) and have a couple yahoo's write it. Batman Jr was created in the spirit and style of classic radio dramas like “War of the Worlds” and original podcasts like “Mike Detective”, but with the juvenile humor and biting satire of “South Park” and "Archer". Make sure to subscribe on iTunes and Soundcloud because “Batman Jr.” will be regularly releasing new e ...
Conversations about pop culture, beer and theology
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Review of a dope animated movie
NEWS Debrief Comic Con Revolution! Some fanboy poison, The HBO Watchmen show, SHAZAM movie promo art, Deadpool 2, Justice League: No Justice 3 and WE SMELL THE FLOPPIES! COMIC REVIEWS JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE 3THE TERRIFICS 4 ROBIN: EVERYONE LOVES THE DRAKE PODCAST! Justin and Matt are voices on the next 4 shows of ROBIN:ELTD Podcast! They ar ...…
On today's filthy show Mark and Lynda both learn the word "polyamorous" from Nina Hartley's married sex life, what are women attracted to, what occupation has the most sex, Italy's Orgy Island, and what is a MILF according to Wikipedia. Comments with Skeeter, an Iddy Biddy Theater, Memorial Day fun and more!…
Ralf and Dave are joined this episode by Donald Levandowski and Jessica Sutter to discuss 1985’s classics movie The Last Dragon and the new Ninja Batman movie. After that, Jessica talks and answers questions about gender fluidity and life as a gender fluid person. Follow Jessica on Twitter. We round out the episode with Donny talking about seei ...…
Ted, Mike, and Alex examine this one-shot of the evil Batman-Cyborg hybrid from the Dark Multiverse! Batman: The Murder Machine #1 was by Frank Tieri & James Tynion IV (writers), Riccardo Federici (pencil and ink artist), and Rain Beredo (colorist). Can Victor Stone stand up to a Bruce Wayne armed with his own abilities? Did I get my $3.99 worth?…
In this week's episode of BATMAN & BEYOND, we talk about the 17th episode of Batman: The Animated Series - "See No Evil".Cool Boys Boys Email:batmanandbeyondcoolboys@gmail.comANDthecoolboyspodcast@gmail.comCool Boys Boys ...…
Follow us on Twitter The Podcast: @APpodC The Richard: @RDdotC The Grief: @GDdotT email us at we are also now on Spotify: i understand that no one wants to do anything for nothing... hmmmm?so if you want something cheap and want to help out the podcast check out G's ...…
[May 25, 2018] Return with the NJNM crew as they chat about 1983’s RETURN OF THE JEDI, directed by Richard Marquand. “The Galactic Empire, under the direction of the ruthless Emperor, is constructing a second Death Star in order to crush the Rebel Alliance once and for all. Since the Emperor plans to personally oversee the final stages of its c ...…
A new MP3 sermon from First Evangelical Free Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Holy Spirit, Batman! Speaker: Terry Preheim Broadcaster: First Evangelical Free Church Event: Sunday - PM Date: 5/20/2018 Bible: Acts 2:1-21 Length: 48 min.
In this episode of the podcast hosts LC Comics, HERO and Mr Rand Comics discuss who would win in various comic versus match-ups leading up to the main event: Deathstroke vs Batman!This is a debate that LC Comics and HERO often have so in the spirit of the current story arc going on in Deathstroke currently, they pick sides to try to convince Mr ...…
IMLA's 5 things to know for May 24, 2018. Listen to this podcast to learn about the below!• Contender for Darwin Award• Batman and Superman Historic Figures?• Condemnation trial in Federal Court precludes a jury trial on related matter• No need to yield to emergency vehicle you don’t see or hear• Twitter a Public Forum?…
Another week, another podcast!This time the gang talk about quite possibly the best game in the history of the universe, get censored for sharing spoilers about the Batman and Harley Quinn movie (don’t worry, there are no spoilers now) have a chat about an arcade bar that serves Ghostbusters themed beer, and we finally get a glimpse of Josh, th ...…
The 1989 Batman movie was the result of a decade of pitching, rewriting, and personnel changes. It made a Batcave full of money, but is it a good Batman film? Tim and Paul revisit Tim Burton's first try at Batman, starring Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton, after not watching it since it was first run in theaters. Does it look any different now ...…
They may be lesser characters, but are no less essential to our favorite TV shows or movies. They’re called sidekicks, and our podcasters trade jabs at faves and the ones that they’d rather kill off in the first five minutes of the storyline. Then they put one of the quintessential sidekicks - Batman’s Robin - on the stand for another round of ...…
Deadpool 2!!!! We do a spoiler free review of the movie and tangent into some Batman Vs. Superman discussion, all while doing a mini-Brews With Dudes episode. Android Vs. iPhone gets brought up and leads to television talk. We review Five Finger Death Punch's new album and touch on a bit of government overregulation all in this weeks episode of ...…
This episode we start by praising the great Pauly Shore for some reason, and then we delve into a discussion about rapper Tom McDonald, and we give our opinions on his controversial song White Boy. Moving on to movies, we share our thoughts on the best Batman, and talk about a bunch of awesome time paradox movies. We also let you know our opini ...…
We saw 'Deadpool 2', and we give our spoiler-filled thoughts on it! Also this week, we dive deeper into some recent trailers for 'Ant-Man & The Wasp' and 'Venom', discuss Jake Gyllenhaal's interest in a Spidey villain, and say goodbye to Margot Kidder. All this and more, tune in! Time Code 0:01:05 - Headlines 0:01:08 - Rest in Peace, Margot Kid ...…
It's the Greatest Hero You've Never Heard Of, Booster Gold! Anthony & Dr. Issues tackle the underachieving egomaniac, how the RZA could help make him a better hero, and for the first time ever, a hero actually learns something on Doc's couch! SHOW NOTES: Introduction Background (3:03) Created by Dan Jurgens (Feb. 1986) - Time traveler named Mic ...…
Pablo Gunner renders his grade on the comic books of May 16TH. He gives his grade of each of the books and decides what the best book of the week and runner-up are at the end.Rate, review, subscribe, and listen to our
Episode Notes We discuss Horizon Zero Dawn, Batman Enemy Within, and Destiny 2. This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
Batman and Barbara Gordon try to take down HARDAC in this epic finale!
WATCH THIS EPISODE AT: 2 is the topic of choice this week and it's SPOILER HEAVY! How does it stack up to the first dip in the 'Pool? Tune in and find out. News includes Jake Gyllenhaal cast as Mysterio in the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel, the PS4 entering the end of its life cycle, Barack and Michelle Obam ...…
This week, the Keepers give you not one, but two, that's right two movie reviews for your listening pleasure! There is, of course, the normal movie review in which the Keepers watched a "classic" 80s film. In addition to that, the Keepers also give you a quick review of the movie Deadpool 2 in their recommendation section. It should go without ...…
Hey, look at that. Aaron and Tracy are back after a bit of a hiatus! They take a look at some of the highlights from the last three weeks, as well as the perfect Sunday morning movie: Deadpool 2! Comics Discussed: Batman #46 & 47 | Captain America #701 & 702 | Avengers #1 & 2 | Gideon Falls #3 | Curse Words #14 Date Night: Deadpool 2 Newlywed Q ...…
1.21 Jigowatts give their review and reaction to DC Comics animated film 'Batman Ninja.' It's directed by Junpei Mizusaki and stars Roger Craig Smith, Tara Strong & Tony Hale. patreon:
Did you want to know if next seasons shows look good? Well you’ve come to the right place. But that’s not all, the guys are also talking about all the news that happened over the last week. Casting confirmations for IT: Chapter 2 Clue might get an R rating Upfront Trailers and what we thought about them SHIELD pushed to next summer Whitney Cumm ...…
Hosts Mat Bradley-Tschirgi and William Thrasher discuss Joseph: King of Dreams. A direct-to-video prequel to The Prince of Egypt, Joseph: King of Dreams retells the story of Joseph from the book of Genesis. Led by his oldest brother Judah (Mark Hamill), Joseph (Ben Affleck) is sold into slavery as a prank. After cleaning floors, suffering in a ...…
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