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Ms. Nena B. Show
IInspiring you to Greatness by sharing Words of wisdom. Insights and Practical life tips. Check out my blog at Also my facebook page.
Nena's boys! Podcast
I'm Nik. My best friend Josh and I started a podcast where we talk about anything and everything. Racism, sexism, taking a joke, beer, religion, politics, you name it. This podcast is going to suck so be prepared for that. He's also drunk most of the time and my voice is shrill.
Ahobrɛase mfasowo ne na Akatua
• Kasamu : Ahobrɛase mfasowo ne na Akatua.
Kɔmhyɛni Mohammad asomdwee nkanu nena ahumbɔbɔr ema adehyeman
• Kasamu/ Kɔmhyɛni Mohammad asomdwee nkanu nena ahumbɔbɔr ema adehyeman
E911 Talk PodCast
Avaya Product Line Manager for Public Safety Solutions, Mark J. Fletcher, ENP discusses emergency services for the Enterprise and PSAPs in this weekly PodCast.
NG911 TiPS - Today in Public Safety
Brought to you by the NG9-1-1 Institute in Washington, DC, TiPS will provide valuable insight to the Men and Women behind the numbers 9-1-1.
Ballethnic Dance Company
Ballethnic Dance Company's goal is to inform, educate and entertain through dance! Ballethnic combines classical ballet with African dance & other forms from around the world. Step into our world of dance as we bring the latest dance news!
Roli i gruas në ndërtimin e të ardhmës
Në këtë ligjërate hoxha i nderuar Enis Rama na sjell shembuj te historisë Islame se si edukimi i mire i fëmijës nga nena sjell te mira për te gjithë shoqërinë dhe njerëzimin.
Skinny Dipping w/ Sara & Charlotte
Skinny Dipping is a podcast about Sara and CHarlotte living at sea on La Nena, a 30 foot sailing boat with El Capitan Jose Gritti. The navigation days began early December in Spain and here we are, all the 3 of us, sailing in the caribbean's ! If you are curious about the Atlantic crossing, our adventures, discoveries, boat problems & solutions, food on bord and provisioning, sailing tips, life at sea, etc, well, HELLO !
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Face 2 Face with David Peck
Nathan Fitch Nathan Fitch and Face2Face host David Peck talk about his new film Island Soldier, Trailer IMDB More about the film here on the website. Synopsis: ISLAND SOLDIER follows members of the Nena family from one of the most remote islands in the world to the training grounds of Texas and the battlefields in Afghanistan. The death of Sapu ...…
Don't let doubt be a dream killer. If it takes root it will only birth regret.
Within the Trenches
Episode 150 features Don, a Dispatch Manager at Sonoma County SO and Lee Ann, Dispatch Manager with Marin County SO out of California. In this episode we follow the 9-1-1 stories of Don and Lee Ann from the beginning to present day. We talk about the calls that stick with a person and those that can make or break ones career. This episode was r ...…
Who writes a whole book in 10 weeks? Felicia Lucas does. Listen to how she did it and how she can help you get your book completed. Felicia is an international best-selling author and publisher. She has authored 3 books. Her signature "Make It Happen with a Book. Now" program is the perfect coaching and support system for new authors. Listen to ...…
Taqueria Ferrus in West Tupelo is unlike other food trucks. Not only does it remain in one location – near West Main Street and Milford – it also is open for both lunch and dinner. On today’s weekend edition, food editor Ginna Parsons (6:43) joins Derek and Brad to talk about the food truck that serves authentic Mexican dishes. Juan Carlos Acos ...…
Writing a book is a very common dream but very few people step out on faith to do it. Christine Wilson decided to answer the call and write her story. Her new book "Authentically You - Following Your Own Path" is a powerful mix of realness and encouragement. In this interview Christine share what was the trigger to get her to start writing agai ...…
Trey Forgety is the Director of Government Affairs and Information Security Issues at the National Emergency Number Association. He worked with the White House to develop policy for a nationwide LTE network for public safety known as FirstNet. Trey joins us to discuss emergency response systems and the future of crisis communications in this in ...…
Trey Forgety of NENA joins us, Carrie Roberts of Black Hills Information Security shows us how to prevent blacklisting while password spraying with Burp and ProxyCannon, and we discuss the latest security news! Full Show Notes: Visit for all the latest episodes!…
Trey Forgety of NENA joins us, Carrie Roberts of Black Hills Information Security shows us how to prevent blacklisting while password spraying with Burp and ProxyCannon, and we discuss the latest security news! Full Show Notes: Visit for all the latest episodes!…
Paul's Security Weekly (Podcast-Only)
Trey Forgety of NENA joins us, Carrie Roberts of Black Hills Information Security shows us how to prevent blacklisting while password spraying with Burp and ProxyCannon, and we discuss the latest security news! Full Show Notes: Visit for all the latest episodes!…
Within the Trenches
Episode 148 features Adam Timm of The Healthy Dispatcher. This episode was recorded at the 2017 Michigan NENA conference in Lansing. In this episode Adam reflects on his dispatch career that spanned over 10 1/2 years in Los Angeles, California. He focuses on how stress from the job turned him into what his co-workers called him, “Angry Adam” an ...…
The "Storyteller meets Standup" Episode," with VERY funny lady/author/speaker/media co-host Leighann Lord, along with a tribute to Maya Angelou. Plus, an all-new (well, kinda) story about how you probably can never ruin a friendship (or a fierce, fly, foxy suede coat) the way you can when you are 17...and stoopid—"Dirt!" Featuring tunes from: # ...…
Royski's Club Compassion Podcast & Royski's Ride The 80's Wave
Royski's Ride The 80's Wave #33 - Royski1. Culture Club - I'll Tumble 4 Ya2. The Fixx - One Thing Leads to Another (Extended Version)3. The English Beat - I Confess4. Nena - 99 Luftballons5. Polecats - Make A Circuit With Me6. Duran Duran - Is There Something I Should Know7. Heaven 17 - Let Me Go (Original 12 Inch)8. Tears For Fears - Mad World ...…
This podcast gives you a little background on Ms. Nena B., My WHY and What is my dream.
Networking can be pretty overwhelming if you don't do it daily. Sometimes you wonder where to even start. Here are 3 Easy Way to start. Easy as 1-2-3. Don't forget to share.
Your Dream isn't just about you. It's your legacy. Sometimes we don't think about the impact on others if we pursue our dreams. We owe it to ourselves to live our dreams, it's our legacy. Here how someone impacted my life because they lived their dream. A Tribute to Ms. Sabrina Brown. #YourDreamYourLegacy #MsNenaBShow #YouAreGreat…
NENA Government Affairs Director Trey Forgety talks to Fletch about ransomware attacks occurring exploiting a patchable vulnerability in some systems. PSAPs should take extra precaution on protecting their systems from attack.
Within the Trenches
Ep 147 was recorded in front of a live audience at the 2017 Indiana NENA/APCO conference. Dispatchers share their outrageous and funny calls. As always if you have any comments, questions or you would like to be a guest on the show send an email to Episode topics – Open mic – “That feels so good…” Open mic – “I’m willing t ...…
Diversifiedsound (DS) of DJ BE is NEW monthly Mix Series for 2017. DJ BE shares his love for HOUSE music playing everything from Lounge to Deep Tech and Beyond.. Hope you DIG Mix.. DJ BEasy Featured Artist: Smash Hunter + Nina Lares (D Harness Vocal Mix) + DJ Rico (Melchyor A Rmx) + Ross Couch + Groove Junkies + Jay Potter & DJ Queen B + Keith ...…
Within the Trenches
Episode 144 features show favorite Rob “Big Mac” McMullen and is the first Facebook Live episode. In this episode we play some funny 9-1-1 tapes, interact with our Facebook Live audience and share hilarious stories. You don’t want to miss this one! As always if you have any comments, questions or you would like to be a guest on the show, send a ...…
Don't sabotage your dreams. Listen and learn some ways to turn things around when you are the dreaded dream killer.
Within the Trenches
Ep 140 features Ty, Director of Education with NENA and Lisa, Education Instructor for NENA. In this episode we follow Lisa through every rank in dispatch she held up and to the point that she left to become an instructor. Both Lisa and Ty share 9-1-1 stories from their career and let us in on what’s new at NENA and their upcoming annual confer ...…
Hinky Dinky Time
If you’re looking for previous episodes, click here. Hinky Dinky Time on WFMU’s Give the Drummer Radio, episode 200: Friday, April 28, 2017 at 12:00 PM, Eastern Time. Episode 200! Celebrating chart singles from 1972 Click here for everything you need to know about accessing the audio. Access the accuplaylist and comments for this episode at htt ...…
Too often we can list the bad things. Take the "What makes me awesome" challenge.
Are you a late bloomer. Dreams don't have an expiration date. Listen to this interview to encourage the late bloomer
Musicfrenzy Radio Network
Tonight we did a flashback to the 80’s with the music of Howard Jones. In this episode we play part of our interview with Howard from 2015 and discuss some of the hits and their videos. Howard also gives us some great details on his experience at Live Aid! Playlist: Howard Jones – “New Song” Howard Jones – “Everlasting Love” Nena – “99 Luftball ...…
The Grand Shuckett Podcast
In this episode, Anthony and Leanne are joined by Nena, Sam, Paul, and Kendrick to discuss the latest news in Movies, TV Shows, and Pop Culture at large.Top 3 Round Table PicksAnthony’s Top 3 PicksVeep (TV Show)Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (Anime)Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV Show)Leanne’s Top 3 PicksDancing with the Stars (TV Show)Grace and Franki ...…
Moose from "I want to be" to "I am." Live Your Dream today.
NENA releases 2 important documents for Public Review and Comment on ESInet design and Call Blocking procedures to protect PSAPs from TDoS attacks from a known source. For more details see
Nena's boys! Podcast
Whoops. Looks like the last 15 minutes of this episode just isn't there. Don't know why. The Matrix probably glitched it. But, abortion is cool. Josh loves it. Especially if the baby is already born! Also, we talk about times that we hurt ourselves on accident. Bill O'Reilly comes on to talk about his "allegations" against him! What a guy!…
We all have those negative voices but we don't have to listen to them. Here's three ways to drown them out.
Gary and Fletch provide a look behind the scenes of the NENA NIB and the annual question review and selection session for the 2017 ENP exam. They also discuss the changing industry and how technology has driven evolution and standards.
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