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A weekly show of encouragement and teaching from a Christian wife, mother, homemaker, and entrepreneur building her house one lesson at a time.
Join host Ryan Ouellette as he discusses the professional body piercing industry with friends and colleagues. Ryan Ouellette is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers with 20 years of experience in the field. He is an international safety and technique instructor and is always up for a good industry talk.
Real Talk is a podcast from the minds of piercing industry professionals on piercing and piercing culture. Each episode is centered on a common theme with a guest.We will discuss things such as piercing methods,industry topics, jewelry, and culture. Real Talk is hosted by professional body piercer Will VonDoome. Support us at
Listen to this success podcast each week to discover gems of inspiration to help you grow your motivation and mental toughness, expand your will to win and multiply your results. It’s never been easier to learn what to and how to do it for self improvement and personal development. This is truly a self help experience you won’t find anywhere else!
Greetings World!Join Us as we discuss & disclose powerful concepts, techniques, and methods for self-mastery. Our goal is to spread important knowledge and information that is being withheld from the general population on earth.With a primary focus on Negotiations, Contracting & Tactical Wordsmithing, our show delves into many rare, and esoteric topics such as Past lives, Psychic Development, Near Death Encounters, crystal programming, inter-dimensionality, exo-politics, universal laws, shad ...
We're a community of Christ followers on a journey of discovering what it means to be a family. We are disciples who make disciples and a set apart people who are committed to carrying out Gods mission in our City!
Lynnelle Pierce
Podcast by Lynnelle Pierce
Success coach Stacia Pierce shares her insight, wisdom and experience to empower you to succeed.
Life and success coach Stacia Pierce teaches you how to succeed in your business, your career and your personal life.
Pierce's Corner
A division of the Open Fly Network
Hosts Mike, Jennyfly and Cindy discuss the latest entertainment news, gossip gossip, relationship advice, weird news and more. If it’s on the internet – they talk it! Welcome to the PLAYGROUND!
Piercing Questions
Robbie Pierce sits down with a panel of diverse guests to discuss all of his piercing questions. Music by
Warren Pierce was born and raised in Detroit and has spent most of his life on radio and television. He has developed a reputation for being first, fast, and fair with the most interesting people and stories in the world.
A collection of all my mixes.
We are PiercingsWorks, the elite piercing/tattoo store in Amsterdam. On this podcast you will find interesting stories about piercings/tattoo's, together with the latest news and frequently asked questions. Do you want to hear something about piercings/tatoo's on this podcast? Email us with subject: 'Podcast idea' and who knows we will announce you in our next podcast!
A conversation with Philip Pullman, Christopher Paolini, and Tamora Pierce as they discuss writing, their influences, and more in these podcasts.
The PetardCast with Leonard Pierce is a weekly eruption of humor, odd conversations, curious obsessions and cultural detritus.
Getting a grip on the Bible... one book at a time.
Pierced Youth Camp
Located in Fort Pierce, Florida, Indian River Presbyterian Church is a biblically-based, multi-generational church with a mission to: Love God, Love Others and Make Disciples.
A podcast featuring the teaching and preaching ministry of Pastor Anthony Aiken from the Bible Baptist Church of Fort Pierce, Florida located in the heart of Florida's Treasure Coast.
No matter the provocation, you'll look forward to hearing Kevin Reed more than Candice Cameron on The View. With Jamie Pierce keeping him real.
Pierce Anthony and Juan Mora have decided to create a place to speak freely, and have fun while you guys listen. ENJOY!!!! We talk about relationships with Family, friends, and a significant other, and a vague amount of conspiracy theories.
Pierce Marrs and co-host Steven Hayes discuss the presentation of the entrepreneurs, viability of their product and the shark's reaction as they present their ideas and try to get the sharks to invest in their business.
Welcome to the Audio Podcast of pastors Aldrich and Tamella Pierce. Aldrich and Tamella Pierce are pastors of The Center of Hope Community Worship Center in Surprise Arizona.
Listen to How Benson & Bingham Helped Victim Ty Pierce during His Horrific Van Accident. Benson & Bingham - Real Attorneys. Real Results.
The sports Northwest Tennessee is talking about
Veteran podcasters Jason Swank, Jimmy Mac (The ForceCast, RebelForce Radio) and Jonathan Wilkins (Star Wars Insider) present BondCast: a monthly discussion about James Bond and the 007 film franchise. Each month your hosts discuss the latest 007 news and review a featured film from the vast James Bond catalog. From Dr No to Skyfall and each film in between, the BondCast offers 007 discussion "Shaken not Slurred."
The Disney History Institute Podcast--exploring the history of animation and of early cinematic amusement parks.
In celebration of James Bond's 50th Anniversary in film and the release of the upcoming Bond thriller Skyfall, Now Playing will be reviewing every James Bond film! Join us at to hear all the reviews!
Top Shelf
Welcome to Top Shelf, a weekly show from The Verge that takes a deeper dive into the products and experiences of the technology that shapes our lives. Join host David Pierce and a veritable gaggle of (mostly organic) friends as they showcase the best, brightest, craziest, and pixel-dense-iest from the consumer electronics industry.
On election night, two-term president Oliver Pierce watches in disbelief from the White House as Charles Dunwalke wins a controversial electoral college victory. With only 73 days before Dunwalke’s inauguration, president Pierce makes a secret decision to act, with historic and possibly catastrophic consequences.
Hardcore/hard hitting podcasts. 24-hour streaming! law podcasts. Topics of discussion are Nationalism, racism, interracial hate crimes, Jews, lone wolves, leaderless resistance, environmental issues, religion, feminism, history, economics, politics, healthy living, Natural Hygiene, prepping, survival training, conspiracies, logical fallacies & Independent rational thought. Interesting individuals are interviewed. Important book ...
Xamarin Podcast
Keep up with the latest in mobile development with the official Xamarin podcast. Join your hosts Pierce Boggan and James Montemagno as they discuss the latest and greatest in native cross-platform mobile development in C# with Xamarin.
Enter the conversation where you'll get on your true path of creating a business that flows out of your life purpose and fulfills you and at the same time allows you to create a life that excites your heart and brings peace to your soul. Every Wednesday when you join us you'll find strategies and techniques you can apply immediately in your life and your business with a positive result.We'll be supplying you with plenty of resources for you to continue on your personal growth and spiritual j ...
RE/Search Conversations features interviews with artists, musicians, writers and countercultural figures. Hosted by V. Vale of RE/Search Publications.
South Sound perspectives on the global sport.
Following a string of mysterious deaths in Burns, Alaska, Special Agents Sally Pierce and Tad Marshall arrive to investigate. They soon find there’s more going on than meets the eye. The first scripted podcast from Marvel, starring Celia Keenan-Bolger and Ato Essandoh as Agents Pierce and Marshall, with Richard Armitage as Wolverine. Also featuring Scott Adsit, Bob Balaban, Zoe Chao, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, and Brian Stokes Mitchell. Learn more at
Sermons preached in one of the morning services at Woodland Heights Baptist Church, Bedford, TX
Listen every Monday to the encouraging conversation of Pastor Mark Pierce. Each week he talks about a different theme supporting the weekend sermon at Church Requel. He also talks about family, investments, tech gadgets and exercise. At the end of each podcast you'll also hear the uplifting talk from the day before at Church Requel.
Pijnloos Tattoo
Mijn naam is Ira Lutvica, samen met mijn partner Mensur Lutvica ben ik eigenaresse van Piercings Works. In dit bedrijf werken twaalf mensen en het bedrijf zelf is 18 jaar oud. Wij hebben een super mooi en creatief team. Ik ben ook gediplomeerde hypnotherapeut en heb mijn opleiding gedaan bij Edwin Selij. Het heeft me veel tijd, geld en moeite gekost maar daar door kan men zich nu bij ons laten tatoeëren zonder pijn.
New to stand up comedy? Don't know where to start? Looking for advice? Then this is the podcast for you. Join me as I record my progress as a comic and interview other comics on their beginnings and what advice they have to say about starting.
These are the weekly videos of Church Requel sermons from Mark Pierce in Mansfield, Ohio.
Towering Oaks
Towering Oaks | Greeneville, TNDr. Tommy Pierce
Weekly podcasts featuring Chad Johnson, Luke Greenwood, Ben Pierce and David Pierce as well as other members of the C&L! Community designed to inspire and equip Christian artists to revolutionize the world for Jesus
Fun Sexy Bible Time
Matthew Pierce and a rotating cast of contributors take an irreverent joyride through Christian culture.
Co-hosts Carlin Trammel, Aaron Nix and Alabama Dog watch a 007 James Bond Movie and then discuss it. Or, maybe they mostly discuss other things (like Pepi Foods, dodgeball and Alabama Dog U).
Greendale 101
Greendale 101 is your premier source for campus news and happenings. Join Ben and Brian as they discuss Dan Harmon's under-appreciated comedy series Community. Greendale 101, we're streets ahead!
Revelation, Prophecy, and Insight is a weekly podcast from Glory of Zion International that gives you the latest material from Chuck Pierce and other ministers associated with Glory of Zion. The weekly podcast may include messages from Chuck Pierce, Pam Pierce, Robert Heidler, Barbara Wentroble, Allen Faubion and more!
Sermons and messages from Pastor Mark Spansel and others at Leroy Community Chapel, in Leroy, Ohio.
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AFTERBUZZ TV — Black Lightning edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CW’s Black Lightning. In this episode, hosts Chae Jones, Joelle Monique, Drew Jones, & Porchia Carter discuss episode 13. ABOUT BLACK LIGHTNING: CW and Greg Berlanti expand the footprint of their DC Comics universe with this exploration of the intersection between fami ...…
The ring once reserved for bulls’ nostrils has made its way onto celebrities Rhianna and Lady Gaga. Septum piercings, the hoop that goes in between a person’s nostrils, have become a trend. Like all trends, though, be wary before you take the plunge. Piercing this area takes skill. The best way to minimize pain and support healing is to pierce ...…
EVENING 3.25.18 - Looking Upon Him Who Was Pierced - John McCombs (John 19:31-42) by City Reformed Presbyterian Church
Guests Conorayne I'm a ''Really gay'' Songwriter, performer and ''an absolute dorkus'' from Dublin, Ireland.~~I'd trade my left leg for a good Zoids video game.~~They/Them Conorayne (@conorayne) | Twitter Liz 🍑(formerly @LizMacaroon) Real life mother of 2, internet mother to many, Writer of words, active member of Nerdfighteria & lover of knowl ...…
Wes and Zach return after a longer-than-usual hiatus to discuss the latest films and shows they’ve been watching – followed by rant reviews of Ready Player One, Isle of Dogs, and A Quiet Place.This episode is sponsored by Audible. Visit for a free audiobook with a free 30-day trial.Original music by Johnny Gagen and ...…
Saturday April 14 Part 1 12pm EDT/ 5pm BST Download Sven Longshanks - The Daily Nationalist: No Homosexuals – DN 040918 - 30 minutes Download William Luther Pierce – The Turner Diaries Part 2 – 2 hours 30 minutes Part 2 3pm EDT/8pm BST Download Max Musson – South West Forum: Max Musson on the Board of British Governors – SW 040218 MM - 1 hour D ...…
Charlie Eisenhood and Jamie Thomas discuss the DGPT's Jonesboro Open on this week's show and interview Ricky Wysocki about his first win on tour in 2018. Plus, when will Paige Pierce break 1000? How is Garrett Gurthie getting it done? Is the Discmania team the hottest on tour? And how was the new livestream commentary setup?…
Brought to you today by HAHHBS. out Bear's projects as well: this episode of BBP, Pierce is joined by Bear Rowell. Bear is a musician, fronting Graveyard Gospel with a solo project in LB0PIT. He is a vegan who has lost over 100lb ...…
Looking at Shane Torres’ large frame, long hair and hearing his Texas accent you’d bet he was a ruff and tumble youngster growing up outside of Fort Worth. Well you’d be wrong! Sure he egged old ladies as a kid, not their houses, THEM! Of course he got caught. And sure he went to Cowboys football camp as a kid, but the buffet excited him more t ...…
Looking at Shane Torres' large frame, long hair and hearing his Texas accent you'd bet he was a ruff and tumble youngster growing up outside of Fort Worth. Well you'd be wrong! Sure he egged old ladies as a kid, not their houses, THEM! Of course he got caught. And sure he went to Cowboys football camp as a kid, but the buffet excited him more t ...…
God is not doing anything in Heaven other being who He is Yahweh "Each of these living beings had six wings, and their wings were covered all over with eyes, inside and out. Day after day and night after night they keep on saying, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God, the Almighty— the one who always was, who is, and who is still to come.""Revelat ...…
Benjamin J. Pierce (Benny) stops by to talk about making music, and what inspires his aesthetic.
As we approach the Easter season we examine the poem of Isaiah 52-53 about God's suffering servant. Through this servant's suffering God's glory would come. He was pierced for our transgressions, crushed for our iniquities, and by his wounds we are healed.
We were privileged to have the chance to sit down with Pierce County Superior Court Judge Frank Cuthbertson recently to talk about his views on disproportionality in general and specific to Pierce County. Our Communications Intern, Mayowa Aina, asked Judge Cuthbertson some interesting questions and he has some great answers! Listen and let us k ...…
On this show we talking about the Resurrection Day and What was the Pope thinking when he claimed there was no Hell???
Mike & Molson, filling in for Brian Pierce, talk with Jim Johnson of The Rail Golf Course in today's episode of Springfield Business First, sponsored by Town & Country Bank.
Episode Notes Naseem Jamnia, freelance writer, tells us how the 2016 election changed their career path, finding the truth in your work, and the importance of giving marginalized voices the spotlight. Website: Twitter: @jamsternazzy Instagram: @jamsternazzy Facebook: Naseem Jamnia Resources Alanna: The First Advent ...…
This episode we talk about Sanaa Lathan's "Love Bite", piercings and tattoos, Rapper Fabolous abuse allegations, and much more! Want us to talk about something specific? Email us!BUY OUR MERCH us on us on Instagram@uncutpodcastemail us uncutpod@ ...…
By the tender age of five or six I had become utterly convinced of the doctrine of total depravity. I didn’t know the doctrine yet by that name. I had memorized bible verses about all sinning and falling short of the glory of God, none doing righteous, none seeking God. But even in those early years it wasn’t merely conceptual for me. I knew no ...…
so whats up its the double dozen episode. Reafer Sutherland. we discuss the grandma from the famous Pierce Brosnan movie Dante’s Peak. which chinese food you should order. HAGS and other high school quotes. Also an entirely too long discussion on yu-gi-oh. PAB’s and Wine Bois as well.…
For sixteen years has been breaking boundaries and setting standards for online communities, representation, and pop culture relevance. It’s also provided a safe space for beautiful women with tattoos and piercings to express themselves. The Suicide Girls Blackheart Burlesque touring show has become a phenomenon in its own righ ...…
Since most Windows laptops have a pricing sweet spot at about $1,000, the Wall Street Journal's David Pierce breaks down the best options from Microsoft, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Acer -- and zeroes in on his best overall pick. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Joel Radford – How are we like stray sheep? – Isaiah 53:1-12 1 Who has believed our message and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed? 2 He grew up before him like a tender shoot, and like a root out of dry ground. He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him. 3 He was despised an ...…
Brian Pierce talks with Daniel Noll of Noll Law Office in today's episode of Springfield Business First, sponsored by Town & Country Bank.
On the 13th episode of Sons of Liberty Stephen and AJ discuss Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, the March for Our Lives and much more!
When is it best to work quickly creatively and when is it best to work slowly? There are benefits and pitfalls to each. Also, Joshua and Adam talk to a literary journal editor looking for submissions! *Get the 2018 NOYN Creative Workbook at *Study with Joshua at Hollyhock this summer! -------- Show Notes *Submit to ...…
The definition of employee might not be as clear cut as you would think. In this episode of Workers Comp Matters, host Alan Pierce talks to Erica Groshen, head of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about the trends that characterize the future of the U.S. workforce and how robotics and artificial intelligence will also have an impact on emplo ...…
The definition of employee might not be as clear cut as you would think. In this episode of Workers Comp Matters, host Alan Pierce talks to Erica Groshen, head of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about the trends that characterize the future of the U.S. workforce and how robotics and artificial intelligence will also have an impact on emplo ...…
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