You can't teach a new dog old tricks


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In this episode, Cartoonists Dave and Brad are talking shop. They share which pieces of original art they would most like to have. Then, it's on to tips and tricks for selling prints. Next, Brad revisits the "social media/ fool's gold" discussion. Then, as Brad approached fifty, the lads talk about preparing for old age. That takes a wild turn as Brad shares an AMAZING fact he learned about teaching business to art-school students. And finally, despite Brad's gain being turned up waaaaaay too high in this recording, a listener asks how they keep their show sounding so good. Most of the time.
BUT FIRST... Brad has a dirty throttle body. Just like Dave always suspected.


  • 0:00 — Dirty throttle body
  • 05:45 — Whose original art would you like you own?
  • 27:22 — Selling prints
  • 35:59 — Stretch Break!
  • 36:47 — Social media fool's gold, part two
  • 52:02 — Preparing for old age
  • 01:03:56 — Teaching business in art schools
  • 01:11:14 — Podcast equipment

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