EP071: Bananas, Baseball, and Yellow Tuxedos!


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Learn about an entertainment spectacle with some baseball in the middle, building a culture of experience, and how to be successful by standing out.

Bite-Sized Delight From the Episode: • Find Ways to Make the Required Elements of Your Business Remarkable - at every turn, look for ways to inject excitement into the mundane and create lasting memories for your customers. • Make Your Core Values Front and Center - find ways to put your core values in front of your employees so they have a clear understanding of how to live the values, not just recite them. • Don’t Make Excuses - creating remarkable customer experiences can be challenging, but it's worth it. Commit to pushing the boundaries and exceeding your customers' expectations. • Figure It Out as You Go Along - sometimes the best way to enhance your customers' experience is to try things that might fail. And then keep working to refine these interactions until they work. Start the Conversation: Are we proactively making the experiences we deliver to our customers better?

Are You Looking for Things We Referenced? "How The Savannah Bananas Turned Conventional Wisdom On Its Head" - by Jim Halley, featured in Baseball America

The Savannah Bananas Baseball Team

Find Your Yellow Tux - by Jesse Cole

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