Are You Prepared For Childbirth


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Since turning 30, I've so many talks with friends about when's the right time to start trying for a baby, all of us spooked by the ‘fertility time-bomb’ headlines that accuse professional young women like us of putting our careers before motherhood! The stats suggest the average age of women giving birth now is a year older than it was 10 years ago - that's 29.5. And, of course, it’s not always a simple weighing up of whether your job, relationship and experiences are where you’d like them, there’s the very real possibility that pregnancy won’t come when you want it. On average, 84% of women will fall pregnant within the first year of trying and 1 in 7 couples have fertility struggles, adding yet another dimension to the “when is the right time” question. This week's Food For Thought sees Prof. Lucilla Poston (Head of Women & Children’s Health at Kings College London) and I uncover everything there is to know about getting ready for a family and what exactly is the best approach to help ensure a happy, healthy pregnancy with low-risk childbirth. Also, we explore just how much do our actions during those special nine months have on the baby. For more information, visit and

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