#56: Serotonin and Servitude | Cortisol, Aldosterone, and Hair Loss | Silica, Endotoxin, and TLR4 with Georgi Dinkov


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00:00 - Catch-up with Georgi Dinkov, the unraveling COVID narrative
04:53 - Is being around vaccinated people harmful?
14:43 - Stress (cortisol) causes hair loss, hair loss as a marker of circulatory disease, aldosterone, PTH, estrogen, trilostane, progesterone
20:20 - Estrogens cause obesity / PCOS in women, DHT is protective
27:22 - Low DHT can cause hypogonadism symptoms even in eugonadal men
33:00 - Vitamin D (topical) safe and effective for removing scars
36:45 - Vitamin D deficiency impairs muscles by lowering energy production, nitric oxide theory of aging, CRH, prostaglandins
46:23 - Is Georgi doing anything at the moment to prepare for an uncertain future?
50:10 - Ruby Ridge, Waco, Timothy McVeigh
58:53 - Serotonin and oxytocin promote gullibility, trainability, and servility
01:06:51 - What's happening in India? Bogus PCR cycle threshold
01:10:47 - Endotoxin (LPS) may be the cause of fatal lung damage in COVID-19
01:14:37 - Pyrucet for cancer?
01:16:31 - Silica, present in most supplements/food, activates the endotoxin receptor (TLR4), EMF, Danny purchased a Mercola EMF tent

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