015 | Brad Bixler, Farrier & Journeyman Pipefitter Keeps Stress Low


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Spend time on Dawn of Promise Farm with Vickie Maris and her podcast guest, Brad Bixler, farrier, journeyman pipefitter and adventurer who travels the world.

Life of a Journeyman Pipefitter

During the episode, Brad trims the hooves of Kerrymor Madison, Vickie's Connemara horse. The conversation covers the life of a working man who travels around the United States to the location of the work. He is a journeyman pipefitter.

Travel to See the World When Unemployed

Brad shares of his travel adventures that fill his downtime and keys to his ability to live life relatively stress free. He talks about setting goals and then visualizing yourself as having reached the goal and living in your changed life.

During the conversation, Madison, the impatient horse, continues to interrupt and demand attention.

Lucille Maris Talks About Life on the Homefront During World War II

At the end of the episode, Vickie interviews her mom, Lucille, about her time in 1943 during World War II, as her husband, Jim Maris, was in flight training at George Army Air Field in Lawrenceville, Illinois, and Lucille lived with several other military wives in a small apartment in Vincennes, Indiana. You can learn more in the show notes at http://heartsongfit.com/15 and you can also visit www.statesidebride.com

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