Dr. Becky Martinez discussing White Privilege Part 1


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In this episode we interview Dr. Becky Martinez who is a consultant and trainer with an emphasis on social justice, leadership and organizational change. We had the honor of speaking with Dr. Martinez in this 2 part episode where we learned a lot about our own whiteness. Erin and Deanna asked questions to Dr. Martinez that we believe a lot of people would like to ask about white privilege but may be too afraid to ask. Whatever assumptions or initial feelings that pop up for you when you hear the words "white privilege," we encourage you to put them aside, open your mind and listen to our white asses stumble through this very important episode. *Dr. Becky Martinez's work focuses on engaging individuals and groups to recognize systemic dynamics of privilege and oppression to create more inclusive and equitable policies, practices and structures. To follow Dr. Martinez on Instagram @DrBeckyMartinez or on Twitter @DrBeckyMartinez To hear bonus weekly episodes sign up here: www.patreon.com/hilarioushumanitarianspod

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