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Steve is having issues with his upper rear molars. How to remineralize teeth? Teeth are controlled by the pancreas-spleen-stomach meridians. Cavities on the left are spleen-stomach; on the right are pancreas-stomach. Caused by doing something out of time during those organ times. Location of cavities isn’t random. Blotting brush is best for getting between the tooth and the gum. Flossing just gets between teeth. If a dentist recommends a root canal, find a different dentist. Matt wants to know how much salt and butter you can eat. All food kills us, unless you put mind over matter. If you eat butter, 3% of it is PUFA, and your body doesn’t want PUFAs. Julie asks about seeing a bright orange ball while having sex. Orange signifies a sexual trauma, but is nothing to worry about. Could be a sign of getting over it. It’s an opportunity to face that trauma. Some health advocates don’t recommend fermented foods. External vs. internal fermentation. Fermentation makes toxins. If no refrigeration, there are worse toxins that refrig protects you from. Coffee, cocoa are slightly fermented. Fermented must involve a protein, can’t have fermented oil. Fermented oil is just rotten. Weston A. Price recommended an industrially prepared cod liver oil. Said if it was brown it was bad for you. What can we do to achieve a state of mind of knowing. Start with little things, so your mind knows it can trust you. Start with one word, one thought, one action. Patrick doesn’t want to strengthen his mind. Once you know something, you just know it, and no one can take it away from you. Tell your body what you’re going to do. Fake it until you make it. Soul trumps mind. Soul doesn’t care about control. Time of sunrise and sunset – we didn’t invent those positions, but we did invent what we call them. Advice for an Aquarius gall bladder born on Tuesday? Will be a slow detoxer. Need to do a chart. Has Atom heard of family constellation therapy? Mormons and Chinese practice it. You are responsible for your generations. You are 3 generations before and 3 after. Soul is all one, and at soul level, there is no differentiation. Atom was told by Adano Ley that he was Gutenberg’s assistant Peter and also burnt down Constantine. Jules asks how to move your mindset from lack to abundance? Finding one place in childhood where you had abundance and repeating it. Positive affirmation is 4 times as weak as a negative one. Invent another childhood. What you think happened in childhood really didn’t happen anyway. Steve says rubbing the fingernails stimulates hair growth and color. Hold right hand steady and flick the left hand off . Create a clockwise flow. One time per second. Don’t rub back and forth. Look for a fingernail on Atom’s Facebook page. I will be that I will be. Not I am that I am. The future propels us into immortality. Madi wants her newly implanted medicated heart stents removed. Who to see? Contact Dr. Thomas Cowan. Story of someone having a good cry one time which their reduced artery blockage from 84% to 53%. The heart is a carburetor. Regarding the belief that we are God. If I am God, why can’t I wave my hand and make war disappear? Why can’t I make cancer disappear? Those are affirmations of doubt. You can’t believe something, you must know it. People have free will, you can’t change them. We are sick for a reason, and sometimes we’re sick for other people. See “Resurrection” – a movie available for free on the internet. Miracles go on every day, every moment.

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