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Have you wondered how some people have radiating confidence?

We talk about three ways that you can start to develop lasting self-confidence that will withstand any storm that is thrown at you. It’s time to shift your energy around confidence and be the radiant figure that is fully embodied of self. Having self-confidence means you have a deep connection with yourself and trust your abilities, qualities, and judgments. If we lack self-confidence, then we put too much trust in our fear and our doubt. Let’s flip the script! Here are the three tips for lasting self-confidence:

  1. Accept your strengths
  2. Begin to accept and know your weaknesses and imperfections
  3. Repetition and recognition

In this Episode:

  • [ 3:00 ] How do we know the ocean is friendly?
  • [ 4:40 ] What it means to have self-confidence
  • [ 6:05 ] Accept your strengths
  • [ 11:25 ] Accept and know your weaknesses and imperfections
  • [ 15:15 ] Repetition and recognition

Joy Filling Quotes:

  • “Trust that you have the answers.”
  • “Begin to build the trust bridge between yourself and your confidence.”
  • “Confident people aren’t afraid to ask for help.”
  • “You can weather any storm that is brewing out there in the ocean.”
  • “Celebrate and recognize the skills you had today.”




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