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Diversity and inclusive schools, companies and communities are key as 1/3 of our youth identify as not-heterosexual. Divine Diversity joins us to discuss privilege, pronouns, gender, sexuality, and the current human rights revolution. Baby Boomers and Gen Z and beyond need to bridge the communication gap about gender and queerness so we can move forward together.
Michele Fogal
Michele is a diversity educator, communications consultant and business coach on the North Shore. She has a BFA in Creative Writing, is a traditionally published author of 3 books, and speaks internationally about diversity at writing conferences. She was Small Business BC’s social media expert for 4 years and now works for the West Vancouver School Board. She has begun a master’s program in Interdisciplinary Studies, with a focus on equity and education. Michele is a queer woman, a parent and a lover of story. Her pronouns are she/her.

Caroline Wedderspoon
Caroline is a diversity educator and a registered clinical counsellor. She works on the North Shore, in several different environments. She is in private practice at Alyson Jones and Associates, and works as a therapist at WorkBC and at CMHA (The Canadian Mental Health Association). Until recently, she worked at Qmunity, Vancouver’s LGBTQ+ Resource Centre. One of her areas of specialization is working with the LGBTQ+ community. Caroline is a queer, cisgender woman and a parent of four. Her pronouns are she/her.

About Divine Diversity
Michele and Caroline first created the Divine Diversity team to support their own community on the North Shore. They provide diversity presentations, workshops, consultation and strategy. Their clients include non-profit societies, community organisations, governmental departments and schools. Their goal is to facilitate an evolution beyond tolerance, through acceptance, and into celebration of the divine wealth diversity brings.
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