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Do you love to play outside? How much do you know about the skilled volunteers who jump into action to help when things go south for us in the wilderness? Part outdoor adventurers, part community-minded volunteers, Search and Rescue members offer an extra layer of safety for anyone exploring the outdoors in beautiful BC. Join us for a conversation with Sunshine Coast Search and Rescue Search Manager Dave Steers about how search and rescue groups are managed and funded, how teams are trained, how call-outs work and what life is like for a SAR volunteer. Listen in for the inside scoop!

About Dave Steers

Dave Steers has been an avid outdoor enthusiast for his entire life. While living in Pemberton BC, and working in the ski industry, Dave was a founding member of Pemberton Search and Rescue, and served there as Search Manager for more than 20 years. When he retired, Dave and his wife moved to Sechelt, BC where he now serves with Sunshine Coast Search and Rescue. (And yeah, in case you were wondering, Dave is Susannah's brother.)

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