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The D-I-E-T podcast explores an important question for those who are pursuing a whole, healthy and happy life. And that question is "Did I enrich today?" with your hosts Allison, Dr. Bert, and Dr. Judi. ==== In 2005, Bert Herring, MD showed the world a way to maintain practical, sustainable intermittent fasting with his first book, The Fast-5 Diet and the Fast-5 Lifestyle. In his latest book, AC: The Power of Appetite Correction, he’s added over a dozen tools—all sustainable lifestyle options—to help you achieve appetite correction and fat loss without calorie counting or food restrictions. With a diverse range of experience, from the no-nonsense world of the US Marine infantry to cutting-edge cancer research at the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Bert maintains a strong sense of practicality and respect for real life. “Life is for the living,” he says. “The way you eat has to be compatible with a life of spontaneity, fun and variety. Losing fat is almost impossible if you’re working against your body, rather than with it.” ==== ✣ BLOG: ✣ JOIN THE COMMUNITY!: ✣ GET THE BOOK: ✣ ONE-ON-ONE COACHING: ✣ PODCAST: ✣ INSTAGRAM:

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