Connection between Leaky Gut and Mood Disorders with Dr. Susan Trachman


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In this episode, we unpack the gut-brain connection and the link between leaky gut and mood disorders.
Key topics addressed:
  • What is the gut-brain connection (we get scientific, but hang with us!)
  • Affect of gluten for those that are gluten-sensitive/allergy vs Celiac Disease
  • Gut and mood disorders
  • How stress damages our gut flora
  • Depression and the impact of medications on the gut
  • IBS linked to anxiety
  • Exercise to improve mood
  • Understanding body homeostasis
  • Stress relieving techniques
  • importance of sleep on gut health and mood disorders
  • how to create a sleep routine
  • and MORE!
Contact Information:
Guest Speaker: Dr. Susan Trachman
IG: @susanbtrachmanmd
Host: Lauren McCarthy, MS, RD, LD
IG: @laurenelizabeth.rd | @thegutvibes.podcast

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