How to Raise Your Consciousness w/Jake Parsons


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As beings operating at a higher frequency, we have the capacity to achieve anything we put our minds to, and the potential to overcome any obstacles. How can we manifest the realities we want? What can we do to raise our consciousness now- and how should we react to those who haven’t awoken yet? On this episode, fireman and thought leader, Jake Parsons, shares how to raise our consciousness and operate at a higher frequency.

You've got to grow spiritually to a certain level to be able to see over obstacles. -Jake Parsons

Three Takeaways

  • To manifest the realities we want, we have to work on our spiritual growth. If we grow spiritually and raise our consciousness, we will be able to look past any obstacles that may stand in our way.
  • The best way to raise our consciousness is by addressing and integrating our past traumas; we have to explore the past to move forward.
  • We only have control over ourselves, not anyone else. It’s easy to feel frustrated when the people around us don’t share the same vibrations we do, but we’ve all been there. Be compassionate and understanding towards others.

On this episode, we discussed how to grow spiritually to meet our full potential. We also spoke about the importance of being neutral observers of our own lives, and mentioned why it’s important to stay empathetic towards those who aren’t.

We also discussed:

  • The universal truth: we exist to give and receive love
  • How to explore past traumas with another being
  • Why we should be cautious of plant medicine if we haven’t addressed trauma

Guest Bio-

Jake Parsons has been a fireman in Central Florida for over a decade. In addition to being a true servant who dedicates his time to saving people, Jake is a master thought leader in the realm of the esoteric.

Books mentioned on this episode:

The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

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