Episode 27: MindBodyGreen


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This week we talk to Jason Wachob, CEO and founder of MindBodyGreen, a wellness company with 10 million monthly visitors to its website. We hear the term “wellness” often today, frequently in the context of physical health, but MindBodyGreen was an early pioneer in shaping wellness through the lens of physical, mental, and environmental health. More importantly, they’ve had incredible success taking these ideas into the mainstream and “building a bigger church” vs. “preaching to the choir”. Walking that fine line is where EPIC sits now, so I was excited to talk to Jason and see what we could learn from MindBodyGreen’s journey. During our conversation, Jason and I touch on...

  • How a college basketball player goes from selling organic cookies to launching one of the most popular websites on the internet
  • The challenge of hosting diverse content for a variety of audiences (vegans, paleo, keto, intermittent fasting, etc)
  • Why Jason decided to launch an invite-only conference where entertainers, educators, athletes, and authors have an opportunity to interact
  • What are the wellness practices for the founder of a wellness company?

For this week’s INSIDE EPIC we talk to Steve Rosenzweig, a soil scientist recently hired by General Mills. Wait, what? Why is a soil scientist working at General Mills? I had the same question! Steve and I recorded this interview when he came out to Roam Ranch in February as one of its first visitors. We spent the day sharing the perch seat on a mule together, ducking tree branches and holding on for our lives. Tune in and hear what the heck a soil scientist is doing at General Mills.

As always, we finish by sharing how you can win some meatcast swag and give you a fresh update on the battle between the Meatcast and my neighborhood pool.

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