Episode 26: The Kahikinui Project


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This week we head to the islands of Hawaii to chat with professional hunter Jake Muse. While Jake does make his living hunting animals, its not for sport. Jake and his teams are hired to help manage wild animal populations throughout Hawaii and during our conversation we discuss…

  • How parts of Hawaii have become overrun by wild animal populations
  • Hunting for sport vs. hunting to survive
  • The innovative techniques he and his team use to humanely hunt and harvest animals in the wild
  • The Kahukinui Project, and how hunting thousands of animals will save a community and restore their watersheds and forests.

If you’re a fan of hunting, I think this episode will give you an incredible appreciation for what Jake and his team do and even if you’re not a fan of hunting, I think our conversation will give you a fascinating glimpse into communities that are still doing it today out of necessity and survival.

For this week’s INSIDE EPIC we talk to Roam Ranch Manager, Zach Peoples. For those not familiar, Roam Ranch is a 450 acre property in Fredericksburg, TX that the EPIC founders purchased in 2017, with the dream of making it a regenerative farm where the mission and values of EPIC can come to life. Zach is responsible for shepherding that dream and has his own interesting story, of how a 26 year old who had never seen a Bison in his life, is now managing a regenerative farm with 70 bison!

Finally, we want to get to know more about your Meatcasting habits, and we’ll reward you for telling us!

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