Episode 39: Soil Health w/ Gabe Brown


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Did you know the fruits and vegetables we eat today have far less nutrients than the fruits and vegetables our grandparents ate? Did you know the same challenges apply to our meat as well? If you’re interested in learning why and what you can do about it, I’d encourage you to listen to this week’s guest, Gabe Brown.

When you talk about farmers and ranchers who are leading the charge for better farming and ranching, there are three names you hear again and again: Joel Salatin, Will Harris, and Gabe Brown.

Gabe and I frame our conversation around his 5 pillars for soil health. Why should you care about soil health? It’s arguably the most important step in restoring the lost nutrients in our food and its also our biggest weapon to reverse climate change.

Like nobody else can, Gabe breaks down soil health in a simple way that empowers you to make a difference, whether its in food you choose to buy and eat or the way you tend to your garden.

For this week’s INSIDE EPIC, I take yall to one of the coolest events I’ve been to, a show called Outdoor Retailer. Imagine all the brands you’ve ever seen related to outdoor adventure, tent companies, clothing companies, gear companies. Companies like Patagonia, North Face, Black, Filson, Yeti, Danner. This is the event where they show the industry their newest products and initiatives for the upcoming year. EPIC was there, along with our friends from the Savory Institute. I caught up with Chris and Victoria from Savory, about what they were doing at Outdoor Retailer, and how Savory is hoping to partner with an outdoor brand the same way they’ve partnered with EPIC in the food industry.

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