Episode 40: Grass-Fed Beef w/ Verde


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For those of you who put beef number one when you #RankYourMeats, this episode is for you! We talk to a leading supplier of grass-fed beef in America, and we chat with EPIC’s very own meat sourcerer!

First up is Dana Ehrlich. Dana is the founder of Verde, one of the leading suppliers of grass fed beef in America. During our conversation, Dana and I dive into...

  • How a vacation inspired his career change from computers in the shadow of Silicon Valley to cows among the grasslands of South America.
  • The sensitive topic of supporting domestic American grass-fed beef vs. imported grass-fed beef, the environmental impact of importing beef, and why Dana believes we should support grass-fed globally.
  • Should we be buying grass-fed beef? Organic grass-fed beef? What should you and I be looking for when we shop?

Whether you’re passionate about the environment and the sustainability of grass-fed beef, or your fascinated by entrepreneurship, and what causes someone to take such a leap and ultimately see success, I think you’ll enjoy our conversation!

For this week’s INSIDE EPIC, I’m excited to sit back down with our meat sourcerer, Kirk Blanchard. Kirk has the coolest job at EPIC and I’ve always got a list of ten or more question for him that I think our audience would find fascinating. For this episode, I ask Kirk about…

  • How much progress we’ve made on growing our supply of 100% grass-fed bison and why it takes so damn long.
  • Why pastured pork is so much more challenging to find than pastured beef
  • Why he’s always bugging our sales and marketing teams to create and sell more beef products!

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