Episode 42: Erin Kiley & Modern Huntsman


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Meat Erin Kiley, a regenerative land manager and grazer, a novice hunter, a young woman pioneering spaces and communities historically dominated by men. And as a special treat, she’s introduced by Brad and Tyler, co-founders of Modern Huntsman, who join me to discuss volume two of their publication. We discuss what they’ve learned since volume one, why they’ve decided to partner with brands like EPIC, Sitka, and Yeti, and how they inspired Erin to learn how to hunt and ultimately be a contributor for volume two.

Brad & Tyler kickoff the episode [1:54] and help introduce Erin [15:38]. Whether its entrepreneurship, regenerative agriculture, female leadership, hunting, or just an unconventional personal journey -- I think there’s plenty to be learn from these folks!

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