#41 - Melissa "MelisFit" Metrano on Sharing Your Authentic Message, Evolving Your Brand, and Not Being Afraid to Show Up


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On today’s episode of The Yogi Show Podcast the boys have a valuable conversation with Melissa “MelisFit” Metrano. Melissa is an awesome influencer on the ‘Gram, a new mom, and a passionate advocate for all things health, fitness, and positivity. Today’s conversation is all about sharing your authentic message, evolving your brand, and not being afraid to show up. Melissa also has some advice for brushing off the haters. Follow Melissa on all her adventures on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/melisfit_/, TikTok at @melissametrano, and YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP1N9j-Jl890PHJjD3VnhLg.

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Episode Summary Timestamps:

4:48 - Melissa has an inspirational journey - but it didn’t always start this way. She started off in the corporate world, which wasn’t serving her, as a CPA. She loved the consistency and knowing that hard work ensured she had a place in the workworld. But something was missing: a connection.

13:55 - Starting a personal brand on social media. When Melissa first joined the TikTok world she felt embarrassed - listen in to find out how she overcame that feeling. Melissa also shares her practical tips for social media and how to get out of a creative rut. Where does her inspiration often come from? Taking some time OFF of social media.

22:32 - Branding and rebranding. Melissa’s page started as a personal page so she had to rebrand her page when her brand began taking off. She wanted people there who wanted the entire experience of her brand - not just one certain thing - so she continued being her authentic self and presenting her authentic content.

37:43 - Using social media for good. Melissa talks about using social media in a different way, and evolving with platforms; your content can evolve with platform evolution. She also shares what her favorite way is to share content on social right now. Here’s a hint: she likes to keep it in the moment. Plus: discover how to repurpose your content to use across platforms.

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