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Podcast by Defense Health Agency
Interviews with authors of articles from JAMA Psychiatry. JAMA Psychiatry is an international peer-reviewed journal for clinicians, scholars, and research scientists in psychiatry, mental health, behavioral science, and allied fields. JAMA Psychiatry strives to publish original, state-of-the-art studies and commentaries of general interest to clinicians, scholars, and research scientists in the field. The journal seeks to inform and to educate its readers as well as to stimulate debate and f ...
Mad Hat Economics
A podcast discussing different behavioral anomalies related to economics, marketing, psychology, public policy, consumer preference and food science. Hosted by Cornell University graduate students.
Mad Hat Economics
A podcast discussing different behavioral anomalies related to economics, marketing, psychology, public policy, consumer preference and food science. Hosted by Cornell University graduate students.
Dr. Rob Douk, a licensed educational psychologist and board certified behavior analyst is the founder of Behavioral Health Works (BHW). BHW is a premier provider of Autism services (ABA,speech, & occupational therapy and evaluations).
Co-hosted by two shrinks, Shrinking It Down: Mental Health Made Simple plays up the fact that mental health is anything but simple, while helping parents and other caregivers to navigate some tough questions. Join Dr. Gene Beresin and Dr. Steve Schlozman as they banter, reflect and provide practical guidance on a range topics related to the emotional and behavioral well-being of children, teens and young adults. From depression and learning issues, to the political climate and digital media, ...
Nationally syndicated advice columnist Amy Alkon's podcast with the luminaries of behavioral science and psychotherapy.
I'm creating podcast episodes offering practical wisdom for everyday life -- solutions to modern human concerns -- informed by the ancient philosophical school of Stoicism popularized by thinkers including Seneca, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius. Improve your quality of life by implementing a strong mental framework informed by Stoic Philosophy!I explore topics such as gratitude; acceptance; overcoming adversity; finding meaning in life; moderation; dealing with change; friendship; loneliness ...
Growth Mindset University is where leaders go to learn the lessons they should have learned in school but didn't so that they can take control of their lives while fulfilling their visions of success. Join 21-year-old author and serial entrepreneur Jordan Paris as he shares inspiring stories and valuable lessons in behavioral science, marketing, health, psychology, and more by talking with the brightest business minds, world-class athletes, and other influential thought leaders.
In Your Right Mind
Weekly roundtable discussions regarding today’s behavioral health headlines so you can be In Your Right Mind.
IGC Sunday School
Indelible Grace Church (IGC) is a gospel-driven church in Castro Valley, California. This is the weekly Sunday School Podcast. The gospel is the story that we were wretched and lost but that Christ rescues us, reconciles us to the Father, and through us renews a broken world. As we more deeply understand and believe the gospel, we are transformed - not merely outward behavioral change, but true heart transformation. The gospel is the sustaining power of Christian life and nurture. It is cent ...
Official Podcast of Celebrated Neuroscientist, Globally Acclaimed Author and Renowned Speaker Abhijit Naskar, where he answers perplexing questions about the human mind with the tools of Modern Neuroscience, in a pursuit to resolve the conflicts in human perception. Naskar is a world famous advocate of mental wellness and global harmony. In all his scientific works, he takes us on a fascinating investigative journey of understanding the human mind and its vivid cognitive and behavioral featu ...
Cornerstones Cares
Cornerstones of Care is dedicated to partnering for safe and healthy communities. We provide a variety of quality prevention treatment and support services to children and families in Missouri and Kansas. Our key service areas include:- Education- Mental & Behavioral Health- Foster Care & Adoption- Youth Support- Family Support- Community Training
A Call about the 21st Century Version of McCarthy Era Blacklisting, and COINTELPRO Tactics in a SLOW COOK, SLOW KILL PROCESS. By, State and Corp Sponsored Tactics in Organized Stalking, Community Based Harassment, and Remote Electronic Torture and Harassment. FOR MORE INFORMATION and DOCUMENTATION ABOUT MY TARGETING : :
The Outperform Show focuses on the proven strategies, tactics and insights of the world's elite performers and experts that will enable you to perform at your best. Martin Soorjoo, mental performance coach, interviews some of the best minds and practitioners on the planet from the fields of human performance, stress management, productivity, leadership, motivation, resilience and neuroscience, providing listeners with valuable insights and practical tools.
A podcast for serious individuals dedicated to their study of self defense, concealed carry, tactics, gear and the use of force
“Why live an ordinary life, when you can live an extraordinary one?” Tony Robbins, the #1 Life and Business Strategist, has helped over 50 million people from 100 countries create real and lasting change in their lives. In this podcast, he shares proven strategies and tactics so you, too, can achieve massive results in your business, relationships, health and finances. In addition to excerpts from his signature events and other exclusive, never-before-released audio content, Tony and his tea ...
Marc Mawhinney is all about helping you grow a successful coaching business! Listen in as he interviews guests like John Lee Dumas, Rich Litvin and Steve Chandler (from "The Prosperous Coach"), Jill Stanton, Larry Winget and more who spill the beans on how to be the best coach you can be!
OFM is a raw look at mental illness from people who suffer and how it impacts the lives of people who seem just like you. As we work to change society's understanding of these illnesses, we hope to show that we are defined by more than the illnesses we have to live with. Then, together, we can #EndTheStigma and help others find the comfort, and the help, they need.
Interviews with the most admired app developers, designers and marketers including the minds behind Crossy Road, Facebook Messenger, Shazam, Tweetbot, Clear, and more.
Fire Engineering Magazine's been devoted to the training interests of firefighters since 1877. Now we're on the airwaves.
Roger Dooley is the author of Brainfluence: 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing, and has been studying the effects of psychology, behavior research, and neuroscience on persuasion and marketing in business, leadership and everyday life. In every episode, Roger shares brain-oriented tactics, along with the expertise of his guests, to increase persuasion with concrete, research-based neuromarketing advice. Guests include best-selling authors and thought leaders like ...
Mom Enough
the moms our children need, the women we want to be
New and exciting data presented each day during the conference and address the potential impact on current clinical practice.
Glass Half Full
A Podcast for Occupational Therapy Talk
Money On Tap
3 guys that happen to be independent financial planners and a microphone. It's really not as interesting as that all sounds... but the drama that comes next.....
MoneySense Podcast
For 25 years, listeners have counted on Karen Ellenbecker and our team of advisors for reliable, relevant information designed to help with life's challenges. Each show includes our wealth advisors giving their own financial perspective and interviews with local and global economists, attorneys, tax and real estate specialists, authors and other special guests.
Dedicated To The Art and Science of Counseling and Psychotherapy
Informed Consent
New episodes every Monday morning! Join Heather and Gabriel as they discuss all things "Community Mental Health" for the new professionals as well as the seasoned clinician.
We invite the brightest minds in geriatrics, hospice, and palliative care to talk about the topics that you care most about, ranging from recently published research in the field to controversies that keep us up at night. You'll laugh, learn and maybe sing along. Hosted by Eric Widera and Alex Smith.
About The Thoughtful Counselor is a podcast that is dedicated to producing great conversations around current topics in counseling and psychotherapy. We view counseling and psychotherapy as a deeply beautiful and complex process, and strive to incorporate both the art and science of the field in each episode.
The Healthcare Policy Podcast website features audio interviews with experts on current or important health care topics. While there are any number of healthcare-related podcasts and other online programming these offerings typically present a vested interest viewpoint. My podcasts are produced independently, i.e., without any conflicts of interest and moreover are intended to help you better understand the inter-section between research and policy analysis and political realities. Among oth ...
Hi, How Are You?
A Self-Help Podcast for the Uninitiated/Lazy/Perpetually Stoned.
Health and fitness pros are among the most passionate change-makers. The only problem? They often struggle with turning their passion into a legitimate career. In this show we talk about what it means to become more than a personal trainer, strength coach, or nutritionist. We share strategies for becoming an elite, complete professional.
When OCD's anxiety does not show itself outward in a physical sense it becomes a hidden secret to only those that have it and the ones that support them. The world outside has no clue of the anxiety's present and thus it becomes the invisible wheelchair of the person who is dealing with the anxiety. It is time for the world to see and understand what that anxiety is doing to people.
Subscribe to The sgENGAGE Podcast to hear experts from across the social good community share best practices, tips and must-know trends that will help organizations increase their impact. Formerly called the Raise & Engage Podcast.
Podcasts360, powered by Consultant360, features short interviews with medical professionals on current research, news, and general information for primary care providers.
“The Measure of Everyday Life” is a weekly public radio program featuring researchers, practitioners, and professionals discussing their work to improve the human condition. Independent Weekly has called the show ‘unexpected’ and ‘diverse’ and notes that the show ‘brings big questions to radio.' Episodes air Sunday nights at 6:30 PM EST in the Raleigh-Durham, NC, media market (and also are streamed internationally through WNCU) and are available online the Wednesday following the original ai ...
Faces of TBI
A podcast dedicated to traumatic brain injury (TBI) awareness. Created by survivors for survivors. Hear from survivors, caregivers, medical professionals, and others!
Getting On Top
Getting on Top means having more choices in life. The show’s purpose is to reach out to as many people as possible to help them to release the negative feelings and emotions that may be holding them back from enjoying a more fulfilling life. On the program, Paul and his guests will discuss the ways people can live better lives by overcoming their fears while embracing who they can become.To be a guest on my show please contact me and indicate what you would like to share with my listeners. P ...
Naptime Is Sacred
The purpose of Naptime is Sacred is to motivate and inspire women to take time outside of their responsibilities to do things that really allow them to have their own interest, passions and personal growth. while at the same time letting our voices and experience speak for us and not the stereotypes people are used to hearing.
Authentication, Biometrics, BlockChain and CyberSecurity News, Analysis and Interviews
“Dr. Bond’s Life Changing Wellness” is an exciting and informative radio program that takes listeners into the world of natural medicine, nutrition and reversing disease the natural way. Ward Bond, Ph.D. whose distinctive blend of teaching, fun facts, and interviewing the top experts in the field of natural health has made him one of the most sought after voices of natural health in America today.
BrainPod is the podcast from the journal Neuropsychopharmacology, produced in association with Nature Publishing Group. Join us as we delve into the latest basic and clinical research that advance our understanding of the brain and behavior, featuring highlighted content from a top journal in fields of neuroscience, psychiatry, and pharmacology. For complete access to the original papers and reviews featured in this podcast, subscribe to Neuropsychopharmacology.
Building a bridge for skeptics across Europe
Get research news and updates from the University of Missouri, as MU researchers explore all fields of science to advance our scope of knowledge and understanding.
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show series
Inside the Episode We talk with Sarah and Scott Pruett, owners of a universal design and home modifications non-profit company. We discuss issues in universal design and home and community accessibility. Scott also shares his personal experiences in problem-solving his role as a new parent with a disability. Give us feedback on this episode! Co ...…
Police shootings. Border protests. White nationalist rallies. There’s no denying that we live in a time of racial divide that only seems to be growing. And while it’s easy to direct our focus to these great chasms that separate us, this is actually when it becomes even more imperative to start focusing on what unites us. In this episode of the ...…
Welcome to The Senior Man podcast show on Fire Engineering Blog Talk Radio. The mission of this show is to increase firefighter knowledge for the purpose of life preservation. We will open up the instruction manual of the fire service by interviewing our Senior Men. The interviews will be led with our host reading fire service literature and us ...…
Listen Now This past summer the the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) began experiencing its 10th Ebola outbreak. (The...
Dr Laxmi Mehta, from Ohio State University, talks about the CVD prevention methods that are on the horizon for women.
Dr Laxmi Mehta, from Ohio State University, talks about coronary disease treatments for pregnant women, gives an example of a challenging patient case, and elaborates on the role of statins in the treatment plan for pregnant women.
Dr Laxmi Mehta, from Ohio State University, talks about how treatment options differ between men and women who present with myocardial infarction and how to prevent a subsequent infarction.
Dr Nathan Bryan, from Baylor College of Medicine, talks about the importance of nitric oxide in diagnosing and treating pulmonary conditions, including asthma.
In the final installment of this podcast series, Dr Robert S. Laitman from Bronx Westchester Medical Group and SARDAA discusses suicidality in patients with schizophrenia compared with the general population. He also outlines steps clinicians can take to help prevent suicides in their patients.
We're going to analyze a live wallpaper app that is generating $1 million a month.Watch Video on YouTube and Subscribe to our Channel: (Steve Young).
Chris Naum discusses Building Construction on Today's Fireground, Building Anatomy, Operations, Lessons from the Fireground, gaining the Tactical Edge and much more. "Building Construction: As Fundamental to Structural Firefighting as Water is to Fire Suppression" On this episode we'll be discusssing; Lessons from the Fireground with an unplugg ...…
Topic: Why I’m Leaving the NRA – Maj Toure Today Riley and Matthew interview the founder of Black Guns Matter, Maj Toure. He’s the man that’s on a mission to educate people about guns, violence and gun safety. His messaging and training is focused on the urban population hubs where crime is often its highest, communities that often have a deart ...…
Dr Vikas Majithia discusses the new psoriatic arthritis guidelines, how physicians can apply them to practice, managing patient manifestations, and more.
This week, hosts Mark Masselli and Margaret Flinter speak with Pediatrician and public health activist, Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, who exposed the Flint Water Crisis brought on by state and city officials who switched Flint’s water supply. She discusses her book on the crisis, “What the Eyes Don’t See: A Story of Crisis, Resistance and Hope in an ...…
Today’s young people know that they can have a hand in shaping a better future and solving the world’s challenges, and they’re embracing their role by engaging in causes and supporting organizations and companies that align with their values. This episode’s guest is Meredith Ferguson, the Managing Director of DoSomething Strategic. Listen to to ...…
Can you imagine putting in the work to graduate from Harvard University AND Yale University business schools? Well, my friend Tiffany Pham did exactly that, then went on to teach herself how to code, eventually creating Mogul, the largest online platform for women to connect with over 18 million users per week worldwide. She's only 31. While re ...…
Amy Radin has been at the forefront of rewiring brands and has built a track record of success moving ideas to performance. A Fortune 100 Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer, advisor and investor, board member, and thought leader, Amy has worked with giant brands like American Express, Citi, E*TRADE, and AXA. She recently added "author" to h ...…
Topic: Another Active Shooter STOPPED and the Realities of UBC’s Today Riley and Jacob cover the latest stories from around the USA in the firearms and concealed carry communities. With legislative updates, general interest stories and analysis of JUSTIFIED SAVE events, situations where regular citizens were forced to stop violent attacks, robb ...…
Members of the International Association of Women in Fire & Emergency Services (iWomen) talk about fire camps, recruitment, and various other issues affecting female firefighters.
American identification with religion has changed over time. On this episode, we talk with sociologist Tricia Bruce of the University of Notre Dame about what we know and don’t know about how young Americans are engaged with religion and houses of worship.
Dr Arnold Wald discusses current treatments for IBS and IBS-D, the importance of a strong patient-provider relationship to properly manage the condition, and more.
About this Episode: A conversation with Jesse Fox and Paul Deal on the history of religion and spirituality in the US, using thick approaches to engage our clients religious and/or spiritual lives, and the possibility of true pluralism and hospitality in counseling relationships and the helping professions. About Jesse: Jesse Fox, Ph.D., earned ...…
A conversation with Jesse Fox and Paul Deal on the history of religion and spirituality in the US, using thick approaches to engage our clients religious and/or spiritual lives, and the possibility of true pluralism and hospitality in counseling relationships and the helping professions. For more on Jesse and Paul, links from the conversation, ...…
I'm going to share my favorite App Store Optimization Tool for tracking keywordsWatch Video on YouTube and Subscribe to our Channel: (Steve Young).
Richard and Sheri Bright share their marriage advice and how you can bring happiness back into your relationship.Weddings are a blessed event, but the marriage that follows isn't always rainbows and unicorns. From small gripes like whose responsibility it is to unload the dishwasher to devastating problems like infidelity, marriage is something ...…
The four owners of Traditions Training--Ricky Riley, Dan Shaw, Doug Mitchell, and Nick Martin--provide advice and direction on how to keep combat ready. More:
Dr James Matera, of CentraState Medical Center, explains the interaction between diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and kidney disease, and how the presence of one or more of these conditions can complicate treatment outcomes.
Today's guest is the Business Development Manager at Google Play, a digital distribution service that serves as the official app store for the Android operating system. You will hear the top things you need to increase app subscriptions, pricing plans and the common pitfalls that he sees with the app developers.Jeni Miles is the Business Develo ...…
Join International FOOLS Educational/Training Chair Robbie Fisher as he has a discussion with Batt. Chief Curt Isakson about a recent article that has caused quite a stir on social media. The two will talk about Curt’s movement, “It’s Worth the Risk.” The Fraternal Order of Leatherheads Society (F.O.O.L.S.) is an organization dedicated to the c ...…
Dr. Uzma Samadani founded Oculogica in 2013, and her laboratory has developed the eye-tracking methodology and published six papers on its utility. She is currently the Rockswold Kaplan Endowed Chair for Traumatic Brain Injury at Hennepin County Medical Center and Associate Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Minnesota. She serves on ...…
Dr Kim Carmichael, professor of medicine at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and series editor of Consultant360’s Diabetes Q&As, discusses his latest column, “What Do You Need to Know About Diabetic Gastroparesis?”
Dawn Watson was born into a religious cult in Brazil that believed in order to spread the love of god, you need to express your devotion through sexual acts. From the age of six, Dawn experienced sexual and emotional abuse. Dawn questioned these beliefs from an early age and when she turned 13, she decided to run away and begin her journey in s ...…
Jason Kanigan is the founder of Cold Star Technologies and the host of The Cold Star Project, a podcast for tech founders who want help scaling their business fast. The purpose of the podcast is to educate founders about the challenges of scaling, and to prepare them for business growth.
Gabriel has taken the LPC exam and shares his experience in this episode. Join Heather and Gabriel as they explore test day prep, logistics, and insights gleaned. Questions? Comments? Email us at
Coming up I've got my friend Mariah Lichtenstern who runs her own venture capital firm to tell you what you should do before you reach out to a VC and when is it the right time to actually do so.Watch Video on YouTube and Subscribe to our Channel:The Right Time to Reach Out to a Venture Capitalist (VC)…
Coming up I've got my friend Mariah Lichtenstern who runs her own venture capital firm to tell you what you should do before you reach out to a VC and when is it the right time to actually do so.Watch Video on YouTube and Subscribe to our Channel: (Steve Young).
Who do you picture when you think of someone with an eating disorder? If you are like many people, you envision a young, underweight, white female. But eating disorders affect people regardless of age, ethnicity, gender or body type. And, as parents, we are key to recognizing the signs of a possible problem in our... The post Preventing, Recogn ...…
Welcome to Amy Alkon's HumanLab: The Science Between Us, a weekly show with the luminaries of behavioral science and the therapy world. Competition can be seen as ugly and divisive but it’s actually an essential element in driving us to do and be our best. My guest tonight, New York Times best-selling science writer Ashley Merryman, will lay ou ...…
I offer a response to a recent article from the American Psychological Association which considers traditional masculinity -- marked by stoicism, competitiveness, dominance, and aggression -- to be, on the whole, harmful. Classical Stoicism, free from unhelpful feminist ideology, maintains that all are capable of virtue and provides a framework ...…
Topic: ULTIMATE Concealed Carry Beginner’s Guide Part 4 Today Riley and Matthew bring to you the fourth installment in the ULTIMATE Concealed Carry Beginner’s Guide on the podcast! We talk about Dryfire, Mindset, Finding Your “Why”, Printing, Support Hand Contact and Gripping More Firmly, Playing With Children While Carrying, Pepper Spray and O ...…
Have you lost situational awareness? Did you ever really have it? Dane Carley, and Jeff Wallin discuss an article by Persephone Whelan that challenges a common understanding of SA and ways we may be able to improve so we don't let our assumptions bias our perception of the scene. Check out the article at ...…
My guest today is Steve Glaveski who among other achievements is the author of Employee to Entrepreneur – How to Earn Your Freedom and Do Work that matters. Steve is the CEO and Co-Founder of Collective Campus, a corporate innovation and startup accelerator based in Melbourne, Australia with clients across the world, including many corporate gi ...…
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