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Best Andrew Nuckols podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Andrew Nuckols podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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A Podcast about everything competitive X-Wing related. Meta talk, List and Rules discussion, and anything in between.
Dr. Layne Norton, a renowned prep/physique coach and pro natural bodybuilder/powerlifter with a PhD in Nutritional Sciences teams up with fitness writer and pro trainer Sohee Lee to bring you Physique Science Radio. Bringing you evidence based fitness advice.
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Join us this week for some delayed waves, Mandalorian, and System Open Prizes
Luke Thomas recently had me as a guest on his show to discuss the film "The Game Changers" on Sirius XM radio. We get into a lot of the claims and breakdown what my major problems with the film.By Physique Science Radio
We touch on Mobile Fortressing, The Nantex, Engagements, and a Mandalorian TV show review!
Disclaimer: Our blooper this week has multiple instances of uncensored curse words, If you have young ears listening please be aware. Join us this week as we talk rules, the Nantex, and Worlds!
The Nantex is out, is it all that it's been cracked up to be?
Euros, Nantex, Australia, and Nationals are all on the table for discussion this week. Join us!
We have a guest host this week in the absence from Joels vacation. Join us as we discuss Wave 6, Gencon and the meta moving forward!
Join us this week as we talk the Wildwest Meta, Epic, and Pace of Play!
Join us this week for a wave 4 and Game Tell discussion!Stick around for the second half for a completely unrelated conversation about story telling. A quick disclaimer, our extended blooper goes into detail on story aspects of Spiderverse that may be considered spoilers.
A guest joins us this week as we chat about the Atlanta System open, and some new Worlds 2019 info!
Articles, Passive Sensors, and The Atlanta System Open are all on the table this week!
Join us this week as we chat about Hatchetman, The Denver System Open and Wave 4!
This week we recount the Battle of Atlanta and the strategies behind each match.
We go over the multitude of meta changing inclusions for hyperspace and of course Wave 3!
Join us this week as we go over some supplementary rules, Buzz Droids, Krayt Cup, and Parties.
Probe Droids, Dials, and Acrylic are all on the menu for this week!
Andrew plays with Lamdba shuttles, We talk about Jedi's and get excited about Naboo once again.
Join us this week as we go over Phoenix, Wave 3, and of course the massive point balance for all factions.
We are back and talking about the First Order and Resistance! We also speculate on some point changes.
Join us this week as we talk Kylo, Swarms, and things to come!
Join us this week as we talk about Hyperspace and Pax Unplugged!
Be aware these clips do not have profanity edited out, NSFW Enjoy the musings of Joel and Steven while they attempt (badly) at accents.
Join us this week as we talk all about Wave 3, our thoughts, and hype!
Join us this week as we chat about the Mynock open, and System open info!
Join us this week for a great interview with an app developer for some upcoming tournament software, and our take on the meta.
Join us this week as we talk about the System, Activation, and Engagement phases. There is also a discussion on "can there be too many tournaments?"
Join us this week as we talk about the First Order, Tournament OP Rulings, and Coruscant!
Disclaimer: This clip is unedited and contains considerable adult language. Listen to us talk about PC gamers.
Join us this week as we chat about leveraging actions.
Join us this week as we talk about some crossover lists, and have a great chat about Guri with Matt Cary the winner of the Gold Squadron Classic.
Join us this week as we talk about second edition launch woes, swarms, and rules.
We are back this week with everything Second Edition, including a guest host this week!
Join us this week as we list build for Scum with your suggestions, and we have a battle report for what will be the last Store Championship of First Edition for most of the Birmingham Barons.
Join us this week as we talk the new Worlds OP structure, A battle report from The Deep, and listen to Steven get sad about Rebels. bhambaronsxwpodcast@gmail.com
We discuss all of the announced waves from Gencon, along with a couple battle reports from this past weekend.
Join us this week as we talk all about point values and go over some interesting lists that we have come up with!
This week we talk prize structure and store champs.
This week we talk about the Excelsior Store Championship and some meta talk for the final month and a half of First Edition.
Today we hype up our local Store Championship and discuss the Scum/Empire conversion kits.
This week we talk about Wave 14, Store Champs, and the Atlanta HWK Team Classic!
This week we talk Solo, spoiled Rebel conversions, and point values.
This week we go over the conversion kit for Scum, Andrew's experience at Kubla-Con and some spoiled Core Set cards.
In this episode we talk to Greg Nuckels. Greg is doing his Masters at UNC. Despite only being in the industry a short time, Greg has garnered a lot of acclaim as one of the brightest young minds in strength research. In this episode we talk to Greg about strength training, muscle growth, and fat loss as well as why people tend to want to buy in ...…
Professor Dominic D'Agostino of the University of South Florida joins Layne and Sohee to discuss the research on ketogenic diets. How do they relate to things like cancer, epilepsy, Alzheimers, and more. And are they really superior for weight loss? http://www.biolayne.comhttp;//www.laynemass.comhttp://www.soheefit.comhttp://www.apexdriveappare ...…
Andrew Pardue conducted one of the first case studies examining metabolic adaptation in a competitive bodybuilder (himself) which has recently been published. He discusses the study and what he thinks are the best approaches to nutrition and minimizing metabolic adaptation. http://www.biolayne.comhttp://www.soheefit.comhttp://www.apexdriveappar ...…
In this episode Layne and Sohee talk with Bret Contreras, Courtney King, and Steve Cook and CRUSH a lot of fitness myths. There are too many myths busted to type out, so you should just listen and enjoy.By Physique Science Radio
Layne visits the Mind Pump guys to go 12 rounds with them on topics of nutrition, alcohol, and debauchery.By Physique Science Radio
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