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A weekly comic book podcast by fans for fans. Reviews, discussions, news, contests and more.
We Talk Comics
We Talk Comics Podcasts
Join us every week as we discuss all things DC Comics including comics, movies, TV shows and merchandise. Call in to join in on the fun as we discuss weekly DC Comics.
A father and his grade school son get together once a week and talk about comic books. While enhancing his son’s critical reading and thinking skills, Dad hopes to learn more about what inspires and excites the imagination of a grade-schooler. Visit for past episodes!
A weekly comic book podcast by fans for fans. Reviews, discussions, news, contests and more.
Talking Comics
This is the weekly show of Excalibur Comics, Cards, and Games, where we talk about the weekly comics that hit the shelf, informing you of what to get, what to look out for, and what we're most looking forward to getting!
We're a group of dudes talking all things comics. This weekly podcast dives into comic reviews, reactions and debates.
Comics Talk Comics
Daniel Brown, Norm de Plume, and Special Guest Matt Moseley meet weekly to discuss comic books/movies that have been considered poor. Daniel Brown is the comics book expert, Norm de Plume is the veteran, and Special Guest Matt Moseley is padawan. If you like laughing, America, comic books, professional wrestling, Lorenzo Lamas, Christina Hendricks*, or freedom then we are the podcast for you. *We at ComicsTalkComics recognize everyone likes Christina Hendricks so, therefore, you must listen ...
Talking Comics
Not your everyday nerdy podcast
Zeroes Talking Heroes is a podcast about superhero and comic book movies, and sometimes a bunch of other nonsense. Check us out at
The only veterinarian/comedy podcast!!! Tune in every week to as Dr. Lisa (seen on Dr. Oz) and comedian Richie Redding (from Katt Williams’ tour) talk to hilarious comics about the pets they love! Comics with pets talking to vets!!!
Comic Talk Today
Join Martin three times a week as he dives deep into what's going on in the comic book industry from comic to movies and tv to deep dive discussions on topics that matter.
Shop Talk Comics
Your weekly home for all things comics! With Shaun Curran, Shane Bailey, Aron White, Ross Dillon, and hosted by AJ Speck, Shop Talk Comics brings you all of the news, reviews, and good times to get through your busy week.
Dave Talks Comics
A podcast on the subjects of comic books, cartoons, and comic book conventions
Talk Nerdy to Me is your weekly discussion on comic books (Marvel, DC, Image, etc), TV shows, Movies, and all Pop Culture type news. We also interview pop culture icon like Kevin Eastman, Brett Booth, Kai Greene, Cas Anvar, Stan Sakai, Vanilla Ice, and more.
The weekly podcast for the online store Comics Elite where we discuss all things comic book related!
Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast hosted by Bobby Shortle, Jacqui Turner, Brian Verderosa and Bob Reyer from Talking Comics. Go on thrilling and ridiculous adventures with first time D & D players.
Comic Talk
Review and discussion about actual comic books and the comic book industry.
COMICS TALK FOOTBALL PODCAST: Comedians chat about the beautiful game. By match-going fans, for fans.Follow us on Twitter @StandUpFootball
Comics Talk Comedy
Welcome to Canadians Talk Comics aka CTC! On this channel we will be talking about all things comics but with some obvious Canadian flare of course! We will be posting our bi-weekly podcast on this channel. If you have a comic book topic you would like us to talk about, please leave it in the comments below!We hope you all enjoy!
The Cripple and Aladrius dive into the multiverse to take an analytical point of view of Volumes, Issues and more
Each week hosts, Jesse and Jeff, welcome a different stand up comedian to discuss their week in comedy, how they got into comedy, and where they plan to go.
Comics Talk Comedy
All podcasts have been moved to New ones will also be released there. Thanks for the support.
Ross and Nash Bennett, talk Comedy, Mental Health, Movies, Video games life and a bunch of other stuff as only a father and son can.
This is a podcast where we get drunk and talk about comic books, it's all in the name, I literally just spelled it out for you
Listen to what fans have to say about the new BATMAN V SUPERMAN movie. Call in to the hotline so we can share your thoughts on iTunes! Leave your review Batman V Superman on hotline so we can play it on next podcast 206-203-0308 #batman #superman
Fanboy Radio
Recordings from the comic book talk radio show
A podcast about comics and all related geek stuff.
Big Bang Talks toys, comics, games, movies, TV, and more in the world of Geek life, Nerd-dom, and the entire spectrum of the Fanboy and Fangirl culture.
The Long Take
Hosts Brian Verderosa, Nick Scalia and Chris Oliphant try to see more and learn more about film in this in-depth movie discussion podcast, a continuation of their long-running show, Talking Movies.
Whether it's tech, science fiction, movies, pop culture or anything nerd related, we discuss it here! This show gives the the hosts of Total Nerd Takeover a place to talk and debate about the most recent trending topics and other random stuff. So many times we have said, "We should be recording this!" Well... now we are, and we wanted to share it with our Nerd army! Join the nerd army at! Follow us on Facebook at and Twitter at htt ...
Bendis Assembled
Join Matt Wood and Brian Keohan every weekday as they explore Brian Michael Bendis' nine year run on the Avengers!
TC Presents
Want more from Talking Comics? Here is where you find our morning show Comics and Coffee, Back Up Stories, Book Clubs, Interviews and more!
Comic Book Club
A Live Comic Book Talk Show!
a show about stuff guys love, brought to you by the ultimate guy's girl. join aisha tyler (archer, the talk, whose line is it anyway) and her iconoclastic guests for another season of uncensored, unapologetic rants on art, drinking, music, video games, sports, sex, self-destruction, mayhem, and getting sh*t done. plus the weekly installments of “self-inflicted wounds" and "the apologia." girl on guy is stuff. guys. love.
Recapping every episode of Marvel & Hulu's RUNAWAYS, Jason, Cass, and Scott will unofficially dive to the depths of teen angst, relationship drama, superpowers, and more! New episodes every Wednesday.
VinceB, David Price, and Jason Wood talk comics and stuff.
Comics On Comics
Comics on Comics -- the smash hit talk show where the greatest comic minds meet the greatest minds in comics!
Talking Games
Video game podcast found on Talking Comics. Learn about the new games of the day, the biggest news and the weird personal lives of the hosts. Each show brings you a unique perspective on the world of video games.
A comedy podcast chat-tacular between your fabulous host Sharon Spell and a veritable slew of special guests! Produced by GrumpyFILMS, inc.
convention cultured
Comic Geek Speak is the best podcast about comic books for fans and new readers alike. Put together by a group of life-long comic geeks, it's 4-5 hours a week of comic book history, current comic news, and a general look at the industry. In addition to all the latest in comics talk, the show also features creator interviews, listener responses, contests, and trivia, lots of trivia. So listen in and experience all the joys of a Wednesday afternoon at the comic shop, from the comfort of your o ...
Daily pop culture nostalgia retro talk show podcast with trivia and interviews. We talk about movies, films, radio, OTR, old time radio, Golden Age, TV, Hollywood, comics, comic books, comicbooks, nerd, geek, conventions, toys, collecting, comic con,
GManFromHeck is back talking comic books, TV, movies, and everything else.
Sharp Tongue
Stand up comic and from MTV's Girl Code, Jessimae Peluso, talks road stories, horror movies, relationship shi*t, and her eternal search for John Stamos. (With weekly guests!)
This is the weekly show where we discuss the DC Extended Universe and all of the other upcoming DC Movies! We also talk about the DC TV and Animated Universes and some DC Comics and Video Game news as well! DCEU, DCCU, DCTV, DCAU, DCU, Video Games, and Comics! We are a proud member of the Batman Podcast Network!
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In our final pop-up podcast recording from Silicon Valley Comic Con, we welcome Evan Narcisse, senior writer at io9 and writer of the current Marvel mini-series Rise of the Black Panther! Evan talks about how he went from being a fan to writing comics, his take on the origin story of Black Panther, and collaborating with artists to tell this ne ...…
The Con Guy Comic-Con Prep Show brings you all the news and information you need to know before you attend a con. Whether it’s San Diego Comic Con, Wondercon, Amazing Con, or any others, The Con Guy has you covered. This week Avengers: Infinity War kicks off the Summer movie season and so do we. This is the Con Guy’s summer 2018 preview show – ...…
We’re back with Black Panther review! And Comics talk! Ian, Brent, Brandon, and Donovan return! Listen to how Brent and Brandon take on Donovan in an epic clash over how T’challa has nothing to do! Did T’challa lose both waterfall fights? Find out, on Comic Timing! You can e-mail the show at and be sure to Like us on Faceb ...…
This episode of Cutting My Stack I turn my focus towards Marvel titles and give my critical opinions of them all. Enjoy!
In a bio not at all stolen from his website, Gareth A Hopkins is an artist and illustrator from South-East England. He specialises in abstract comics, notably The Intercorstal: 683 and Found Forest Floor. And joins Rees to talk about his work, and how abstract art works in a comics medium. Check out Gareth's work here: ...…
Booking Pop Culture - Episode 35 - Avenging SoloPool Too!! Good Lawd, It's going to be a huge spring and summer for super awesome movies!! We wanted to run through what we're looking forward to, as well as review a couple of things we've watched lately. Of course there are the completely normal and sane segways into comic books and Rocky movies ...…
Mark Bailey and Tim Lennane, a screenwriter with credits on HBO, comic for Nagoyacomedy, and jack of all trades, talk about how getting out of the house to do a comedy show is harder than performing comedy, why Nagoyacomedy comics are not doing a hobby, how and why we have to write comedy faster here in Japan than in the US, and Mark's take on ...…
Mike: twitter @fortressricker instagram @ricker621 Chris: twitter @fortresschris instagram @fortressnewschris Get your comics or check out any comics we talk about in this episode at Are you a budding YouTube creator? Check out TubeBuddy using my li ...…
We are truly living in the Marvel Age of Movies!With "Avengers: Infinity War" arriving in theaters this week (!), we decided to do a special blow-out episode going through the Marvel Cinematic Universe, picking out the silliest parts and our favorite parts from every Marvel Studios movie and comparing them to the 1960s comics we talk about on o ...…
It’s a jam packed episode of No Coast Cinema as we welcome back two of our favorite guests as well as the mysterious star of a new documentary. First, writer/director Nick Alonzo returns to talk about his new feature, “The Art of Sitting Quietly and Doing Nothing”. The film follows a man in solitude as he tries to piece himself back together fo ...…
Infinity War is around the corner, so Blerd Vision takes a dive into the comics of yesteryear and discuss the INFINITY GAUNTLET comic, as well all your favorite DCTV shows of the week (except Krypton lol). This week Ralph Dibny meets his ultimate fate, we review the season finale of Black Lightning, we talk trailers, the return of Supergirl and ...…
Richie "Kevin Murphy" Sheehy calls into the LiverpoolRoom to talk Salah, Mané Mané & Bobby Firmino... and the whole awesome team etc. Si and Glyn talk with Richie on his comic career & our run into the Roma game! @RichySheehy is a quality stand-up comedian & like his character "Kevin Murphy" is from Cork, Ireland. He does shows all over Europe ...…
Show Notes: Time for episode 219! It's another week with very little news. This may be a pattern. But said news does have some con guests, comic synopses, and an update on season 8 airing schedules. Plus a bit more. Alca7raz and Nemesis then have the new season 8 episode to talk about, "Surf and/or Turf!" The ...…
In Case You Missed It for Sunday April 22, 2018 The New York Times selected ‘They Say Blue’ by Jillian Tamaki in this week’s Editors’ Choice with a very favourable review. The London Free Press interviewed Michael Cho about his comic book art and how he ‘refuses to be pigeonholed’ ...…
Fresh Communication is a podcast hosted by Intext (M. Dafoe) and Crosshatch (Lucio Barbarino) discussing comics, toys, games, movies and music. Each week they talk about an album and provide short audio samples to give the listeners a feel for the music. Why listen to a stale podcast when you can GET FRESH?! Episode 67: Craig sits in for Lucio ...…
Hey hey awesome people! We have a VERY SPECIAL Guest in this VERY SPECIAL Episode 64 of The Just Talk Podcast. Ladies and gentlemen, we have the one and the only, Chuey Martinez in the house! In this Chueymazing episode, we talk about basically everything! From nerding out over comic book movies, superheroes, movies in general, food, life, trav ...…
This week the boys talk about books such as, oh, i don't know...ACTION COMICS ISSUE 1,000! As well as Batman, Amazing Spider-man, Mister Miracle, Infinity Countdown, Kick-Ass, and more!
Do you believe it's episode 30?! Do you believe we are not talking about a Marvel character?! Do you believe in life after love?! Well, suck on this all you Fannies out there in podcast land! Today the Family is talking about Spider Jerusalem. He's a comic book character.
We're joined by special guest Sandra Espinoza and Jason Marnocha, both incredibly talented voice actors, as we talked about all the different projects we got going on, from the Transformers Prime Wars Trilogy, to our very own Frontier-0, upcoming video games like Unavowed, and web-comics like Bomango! As well as the craft of voice acting, and s ...…
In this Mini Episode, Steve & Izzy talk about their three-day weekend in San Jose at Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018!!! Who did they meet? Who did they touch? Who's going to be on a future podcast? What were the nachos like? Find out all this & more!!!
This episode is actually one of the first topics I ever thought to talk about when I created the show. And I weirdly kept putting it off. Whenever I tell someone what my podcast is about, I say something along the lines of it being a short history podcast about everyday things. And this particular topic has been the first thing that has popped ...…
For Episode 16, my guest is the wonderfully nerdy Hector Navarro (Hyper RPG! 500 Greatest Films Podcast! @Hectorisfunny on Twitter!) While I'm the DC kid of the gang, Hector is very much the Marvel kid. But when we get together, it's nothing but the best, and the conversation is always satisfying. And our discussion of Homecoming is no differen ...…
Justin stops in and talks about getting into stand up over the last few months and we tell stories about other comics who have been on the pod including convincing a whole party of people they played in a band and talk a bunch of random stuff. Enjoy!
Camella and Josh sit down and talk about things they like, and how they spend the limited free time they share. This week, Josh and Camella talk about Terrace House Boys and Girls in the City (First 8 Episodes) and their experiences at comic and entertainment conventions. For more content like this, check out Support this pro ...…
In this week's international episode, we learn about the magic of how to break into comics all the way from South America. German Peralta talks about how he got hired by Marvel and how he developed his unique style. German also talks about dealing with criticism in a positive way.
This episode I do a creator spotlight on one of my favorite all time writers in comics Kieron Gillen. I will talk about his history in comics, and projects he has worked on. Enjoy!
Steve discusses how Tom King ruins a perfect Superman story in one panel. Read the story here:
This week Phil and Bill chat about the man who created our child hoods, Stan Lee. We chat about the news that it may be time for Stan to stop doing conventions for his health. We also talk about Bill Messner and the struggles he has faced in the last little bit. What an episode to lead us into our comic creator debut convention this weekend Mar ...…
Pablo Gunner & JD deliver the April 11th comic book reviews. First they talk nerdy about Dragon Ball Super, Legion, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Panther Black Jeopardy, the Avengers Infinity War presales, gaming, y mas. JD
Boston Comic John Paul Rivera @johnpalrivera joins to talk model building and to disrespect organized crime.
Keeping with last weeks theme and the run up to Infinity War we're taking a close look at Thanos and the first few of his comic book quests as a cosmic supervillain. From the 70's, including his possession of the cosmic cube, versus Captain Marvel and the Avengers leading to his first death, into the 90's and his reappearance with the Silver Su ...…
The title of this week’s podcast pretty much sums it all up – we spend the majority of the time talking about a variety of things from our younger days, ranging from comic book storylines and collectible issues to old video game systems and the lengths we would go to in order to play copied games (Kids, don’t pirate – just buy the games). https ...…
This podcast contains the flu, and spoilers for both the show and the comic. I had at the flu during this review. Hey, that rhymes! I felt like the walking dead so it’s only appropriate that I review The Walking Dead, Season 8, Episode 14 “Still Gotta Mean Something”. For the past few seasons, The Walking Dead has had some good episodes in a mo ...…
Links from this week — BBB - - - - Halls -—Omni Talk is a production of and, hosted by leading omnichannel retail expert, Chris Walton. Chris is the founder of the retail start-up ...…
Fast Five: Amazon says, “I am your father.”Links from this week — BBB - - - - Halls -—Omni Talk is a production of and, hosted by leading omnichannel retail expert, Chris Walton. ...…
A little news, a little talk about stuff going on in comics and lots of talk about recent comics.By (Colin McMahon).
This Episode we talk to Matt Dunford the Chairman of SD Comic Fest and its happening on April 20-22 at the Town & Country Resort & Convention Center. This year they are celebrating the 200th Anniversary of Frankenstein! They are celebrating it in a big way, listen to find out how and what they have in store for this year. We talk comics some ho ...…
in this episode we talk about our thoughts on what went wrong with Red 2 and why it failed to stand up against all the other comic book movies, we also break down some of the latest news in the movie world
The tea is kind of light in Aunt Mae’s Tea this week. Today, we talk about the elder abuse allegations about Stan Lee, the shenanigans that are hot shaming, and a recap of drag race. Later in King Size Issue, we discuss story ideas for the next phase of Comic Book films in both the MCU and DECU! Get into this episode and leave a comment and rat ...…
Hosts: Nard and Ray Nard and Ray went to the Apple store for an iPhone battery change. We talked about Bill O’Reilly saying LGBTs want to sweep white people out of power, a transgender student’s photo on a yearbook, MIT headset that can read words you say in your head, a luxury space hotel for $792,000 a night, a woman whose DNA test revealed h ...…
This week’s episode is just Chris and Wes. Don’t worry it’s not all politics. Listen in as they talk about their recent experience at Awesome Con in Washington DC and make some plans for Tidewater Comic Con 12-13 May. Pay attention to the dangers of sex and hams. So crawl into those safe spaces and prepared to be entertained. As an added bonus ...…
Episode #217! DLNelson, Scott Sackett and Barry Burris welcome Ellis Goodson back to the podcast. Listen as he starts us off with Steve Martin's book "Born Standing Up". Next up Scott has "Back To The Future - The Ultimate Visual History". After that DL has the comic book "Swamp Thing 80 page Winter Special". To wrap up this week's episode Barr ...…
Chris and Mike take a trip to Albany to bring you some great interview from the floor of Empire State Comic-Con. Not just that, the guy talk about all the news in comics, tv, and pop culture. Get your comics or check out any comics we talk about in this episode at Are you a budding YouTube creator? Check ...…
We're Back with Episode 2 of Sports, Movies and Stuff! Subscribe on ITunes, Google Play Music and Podbean! Follow Us on Twitter: @ChrisLaf_SMS @uconnells @Kerrysharknado Time Codes for the Stories We Talk About: 00:00 Intros and Thanks for the Support SPORTS! 3:35 Brandin Cooks Trade 11:55 Shohei Otani's Historic Start MOVIES! 14:38 A Quiet Pla ...…
Seahawks fans, is your head spinning after the Free Agency Frenzy of 2108? So is ours!!! Why not waste time waiting for the Seahawks to return to the field with a Very Special Free Agency Frenzy Edition of the 12 Man Fan Jam Show, a show made up of Seahawk fans just like you from around the world talking Seahawk football? In this episode we are ...…
Here is the C2E2 panel with Mark Millar recorded on April 6th 2018. This is Mark Millar's first convention appearance in 9 years and the first panel on the Main Stage for C2E2 this year and I had a front row seat. Mark shared some really cool details about his Netflix deal as well as sharing some awesome stories about life and being a creator. ...…
The Slobs talk C2E2! It’s the night before the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. What do the Slobs plan on doing? Who’s going to be there? What’s getting signed? The unorganized geeks talk about their plans for C2E2 2018! Contact us! email us at Tweet us @Comic_Slobs Check out for Comic ...…
PJ relays his struggles with the retail industry, laments the alt-right enjoying his work and we chat about some recent revenge movies. Stuff we talked about: iPad Pro 12.7” The Million Pound Note Diversity & Comics review of Bond: M One Shot that upset PJ Bond: M One Shot by Declan Shalvey and PJ Holden at Comixology The Foreigner (Trailer) Ba ...…
In the first episode of my new podcast I give a brief description about what to expect from Infinite Fandom as well as talk about several aspects of DC comics.
On this episode we celebrate Larry's return. we review Archie comics' latest release Vamperonica #1. the anime horror series kowabon. Moses gets angry at the trailer for "How to talk to girls at Parties." and as always the discuss the week's current events within the fandom intro theme: joe satrianin surfing with the alien…
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