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Ultra marathon running physiology brought to you by the world’s leading scientists, coaches, and athletes. Science Of Ultra host, Dr. Shawn Bearden, brings you interviews and more to deliver everything you want to know about all facets of training, nutrition, hydration, environment, psychology, gear, and much more. Become your ultra best!
Dedicated to sharing news about trail,fell,ultra and adventure running throughout the UK
100 miles 100 times..
Trail and Ultra Running Made Easy
Trail Running Podcasts, Resources & Discussion
Interviewing some of the fastest, smartest and most inspiring people active in the endurance world today.
A podcast about everything running. From 5k's to a Marathon. We talk about gear, nutrition, training and race reports. Follow along with our training and share your own.
Join me, Jarod Contreras an 18-year-old vegan ultrarunner, as we work to strive for our betters. From mountain tops to canyon floors these are conversations on adventure, on life, and on change. Change that is positive, lasting, and true. To make change listen in as everything from ultrarunning and adventure to vegan living, yoga, and meditation are covered in these episodes through all forms of conversation and discussion. Following and living your truest trail must be your number one prior ...
Trail Running Podcasts, Resources & Discussion
Steep Life Media
Exploring the world of trail running, ultra running and the outdoors through inspiring audio content. Produced by Jamil Coury & his team at Steep Life Media.
A podcast of running long… Be it 1 mile or 100 miles, any distance can be long. We are a duo of trail and ultramarathon runners who train in the UK and USA and compete in races of any distance from 1 mile ….no limits. The podcast is hosted by Israel and Emily. We are a unique set of runners who are just ordinary people with normal jobs, families, life, that try to fit in crazy long runs sometimes 1-5 miles, other times 30 or 100+ mile races. We talk experiences training, what we learn in nut ...
Heartland Running
Covering the running community in the Heartland and Beyond. The Midwest of the United States offers some of the best trail and road running on the planet. Join Crystal, Andy and Chandler as they geek out about all things running related.
Highlighting the most amazing race directors, athletes, and influencers in the trail and ultra running, mountain biking, and endurance sports community. Orange Mud's endurance crew is on a quest to learn as much as possible about the people in front and behind the scenes of today's endurance sports.
Ultra Stories is brought to you by The Human Potential Running Series, Colorado's largest series of ultra marathons. Ultra Stories strives to tell the stories that we get to share on the trails while running together, but don't get to hear in our everyday lives. These are the stories that magazines, or online running media channels, never tell. We find every runner's story fascinating; regardless of where you finish the race; we want to hear the stories that dare you to dream it, move you to ...
Trail and ultra running show based in Kentucky and covering the Southeast US with PJ, Shannon, Alex and Clinton.
La radio del trail running.Trail, trail running, ultratrail, ultrarunning, running.
Trail Running Podcasts, Resources & Discussion
Trail running podcast.
Run Momma Run
Celebrate and support women who run! Listen to runner mommas, coaches, fitness experts, nutritionists and authors.....all talk about your favorite topic - running!
Do you love running, especially on Trails. Then this is the podcast for you. We chat about all forms of running from 5KM to Ultra Marathons.
Presented by 361 One degree beyond
Mathias Eichler and Douglas Scott talk about trail running.
Single Track
Douglas Scott and Mathias Eichler talk about trail running adventures
Runners On Trail
Runners On Trail: The trail running podcast by mid-pack runners, for mid-pack runners
OxenTales Podcast
Helping others through running
Running With Cameras YouTuber Greg Shea goes for a run with a guest then sits down for a conversation about running over a craft beer.
TA 1
TA1 will be the home of Adventure racing. There will be weekly conversations with racers,directors,volunteers, sponsors, anybody of interest in the world of AR. I will spend an hour talking with them about racing, training, music, gear. Anywhere the conversation leads. Sometimes we will be topical and talk about upcoming races. Sometimes it will learning about the person wearing the bib.90% of the time it will be adventure racing, but there will be occasional shows on other ultra sports like ...
Icicle was founded in 2000, and quickly became a leading provider of inspirational guided mountain adventures to Climb, Trek, Ski and Run. Welcome to our podcasts RSS feed, and you will find here a variety of podcast topics from training and preparation, to equipment and top tips. This list is new, but we are aiming to add fresh content every week, to make it a great resource.
Getting dirty while exploring the trail running and ultramarathon scene in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.
Runners On Trail
Runners On Trail: The trail running podcast by mid-pack runners, for mid-pack runners
Two guys talking about two of their favorite topics, running and beer and also anything else that pops into their heads. Think of this podcast as you joining Flores and Johnny on a trail run and listening in on what's going down.
Trail running, Ultra running, friends and fun
We are a trail running store on Lantau
This show is on trail running in Malaysia. We will talk about latest news, running do's and don'ts, latest gears and all other things related to trail running. The show will be broadcast weekly, hosted by avid trail runner.
Trail Talk SA
Trial Talk SA is a weekly Trial Running hosted by Brad Brown aimed at the South African trail running community. We chat to the who's who of the South African Trail scene, preview races, catch up with experts and give advice from running your first small race up to the biggest trail runs in South Africa and globally.
Green River Games
The latest mountain biking, kayaking, SUP, trail running, and kayak fishing news. Gear reports, hot seats, athlete & designer interviews, events reports, and so much more.
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“We can never have enough of Nature.” ~ Henry David Thoreau Welcome to Day 21! If you've been following along, congratulations, you did it! For the past 3 weeks we have been on a journey of discovery; one of mindfulness, inner peace, personal growth, and health and well-being through time spent in and with Nature. This is only the beginning. Th ...…
Partnering with Cuore I am very excited to have Yann Kai Oh with me today from Cuore. She has been helping me immensely the last few months as we have worked on strategy and design for the BOOST Health Performance Apparel line that is now live at the website shop. She is also one heck of an athlete, well known around Hong Kong as one of the bes ...…
Jamil Coury is an absolute beast on two legs! Ultrarunner and entrepreneur. Jamil breaks down balancing his running career and business, which is an trail running event management firm. We talk about the Barkley Marathons, running a business, trail running, developing content and the next steps for him (both as a runner and business owner).I ho ...…
If you’ve ever pondered the idea of buying a new bike with your tax return or perhaps you've felt strapped for cash thanks to endurance pursuits, this episode is for you.Today I interview LAUREN LAW (LAWSIE) co-founder of Money Barre, Lauren is a Financial Advisor and Accountant.Loving structure and discipline as she does, Lawsie enjoys applyin ...…
The year 2017 was an amazing year for Julian Spence breaking a 21 year old Bogong to Hotham 64km Trail Running Record as well as winning his third Great Ocean Road Marathon in a row and finally breaking his 2h20min Marathon barrier in Belgium .
Don't forget to head to AmerSport Factory Outlet in Ogden, Utah on Friday March 16th from 4-7pm to register for the either the Gib Wallace 4/10 mile trail race or the Rickey Gates Transamericana segment. We wil be there and if you register, you get more off on shoes! Also, St. Patricks Day is upon us- Make sure to be safe and have fun but most ...…
VALL DE RIBES ESPAI TRAIL. MÁS QUE CORRER EN LA MONTAÑALas Vall de Ribes Xtrem Series, las Trail Zone y las Open Trail Races son las tres propuestas que nos llegan desde el Valle de Ribes Espai Trail. Una carrera por montaña, unas zonas específicas con todos los servicios para practicar nuestro deporte y una APP para competir dónde y cuándo que ...…
Alex Hutchinson is a prolific science-based writer who covers all facets of running. In this interview, we dig into the insights he's developed over the years and talk about his new book: Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance.
The father of the Via Algarviana João Ministro didn't start the Via Algarviana but he has worked on it from the beginning and knows it really well. Through his company Proactive Tur he has made a tremendous impact on sustainable tourism and ecotourism in the Algarve. Nick sat down with him in his Loulé office and discussed a huge range of issue ...…
The father of the Via Algarviana João Ministro didn't start the Via Algarviana but he has worked on it from the beginning and knows it really well. Through his company Proactive Tur he has made a tremendous impact on sustainable tourism and ecotourism in the Algarve. Nick sat down with him in his Loulé office and discussed a huge range of issue ...…
Jesse Elder was a martial arts practitioner and gym owner. When he was a part of underground no-rules “fight-clubs”… …he saw Mike Tyson’s quote come to life. “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Theory fell away and only the result-producing strategies survived. Anyone that started watching the Ultimate Fighting Champions ...…
This week I talk more on how to run longer and how to keep your energy level high throughout the race. Update on Jagoi Trail Run In Bau, kuching, Sarawak.
In this week episode, I talks about "ulat" in Cameron Ultra 2018, Update on Klau Jungle Trail Run, Kuching Marathon and TMBT 2018.I also talks about the preparation for race competition and where to practice your trail run in Kuala Lumpur.This show is open for anyone who want to advertise there events or products by way of sponsorship. All spon ...…
Let's, once again, explore the "whys" and the motivations behind pushing our limits as "normal" human beings. Texas native, Dayna Latham is, by all accounts, an average athlete...and, by average, I mean to say that she doesn't chase speed or podiums. She has done Ironmans and she has completed Ultra Trail Runs. She does it for the love and not ...…
In this show, I talk about the latest date for Fraser Hill Tristate Run, focus on Klau Trail Run 2018 and how to choose the right basic trail running gear.
In this introduction show, I talk about the latest news on trail running in Malaysia as well as the snapshots of all trail running events in Malaysia for 2018. This is Malaysia, so this show will be in hybrid Manglish language :) I'll be broadcasting this show every weekend whereby I will cover all topics on trail running from running tips, lat ...…
This episode we have a blue collar elk hunter from Washington state who gets it done year after year in the public land backcountry. This guy puts down big herd bulls year after year and he's got a ton of great knowledge on elk hunting. Joe Rotter is a fly fishing outfitter at Red's Fly Shop specializing in fly fishing instruction, rod sales, a ...…
E35: PANCAKES FTW Comment below your favourite pancake ingredients or toppings!.**LISTEN TO OUR LATEST PODCAST BY CLICKING THE LINK IN OUR ACCOUNT BIO**.PANCAKES FOR THE WIN..I love starting my day with a good breakfast. It’s important for me to start my day right, and today I am starting it with pancakes and following it up with a trail run ra ...…
Interlocutor. Maverick. Man of nature. Dynamic Human. Emcee. Humanitarian. Ultra Trail Runner. Brother. Umbe is of a fine breed. Today he tells us his powerful story Growing up as a black man in South Africa with an ‘adopted’ white family and having a mom who goes to work as a nurse in Saudi Arabia, are not normal occurrences but then this is n ...…
Guillaume Millet, Ph.D. is the world's leading expert on neuromuscular fatigue in ultramarathons. We explore the many facets of fatigue and bring his years of field research to you in practical and applied terms that you can use to help become your ultra best.
Welcome to the inaugural MUT Synchrocast! Six MUT-related podcasts have teamed up to tackle one issue, offering multiple opinions and perspectives on a topic that affects runners of all abilities and experience levels: How to Make Your Race Day Perfect. In this episode, Sarah and I break down the definition of a “perfect ultramarathon” and all ...…
Welcome to the inaugural MUT Synchrocast! Six MUT-related podcasts have teamed up to tackle one issue, offering multiple opinions and perspectives on a topic that affects runners of all abilities and experience levels: How to Make Your Race Day Perfect. In this episode, Sarah and I break down the definition of a “perfect ultramarathon” and all ...…
Join us LIVE In the Spotlight on Crowdcast, Thursdays at 2pm EST : This week's guest is Jen Brown. Jen is a Trail Running and Triathlon Coach as well as the founder of Sparta Chicks, a community and coaching business that supports women who participate in endurance sports and outdoor adventures to chase the ...…
#4mk #whitsundayregionalcouncil #whitsundayrunningclub #greatwhitsundaytrail #running #tourismwhitsunday
Tell me a little about yourself and what did you do in the military? What was your trade? How long have you served? I spent my childhood and teens playing in the great outdoors with maps, compasses, traps, dens, and fires. I always had a burning desire to play soldier, like my grandfather who was a Commando during WWII. He led a troop of Comman ...…
11 miles • Lasagna/gumbo/cupcakes • Trail running is FUN! • Thoughts on the run, spiderwebs and movie snacks
In the twelfth episode of the All Day Ruckoff Podcast I am very excited to interview fellow GRT Eric Kling about his GORUCK Selection event. We talk about how he found GORUCK, why he signed up for GORUCK Selection, and he gives some amazing advice to those currently registered for GORUCK Selection. During the interview we talk about the moment ...…
Interview of Marianne Hogan, originally published as a trail run video interview on YouTube. We got to talk about how Marianne started running, her dream races along with a bunch of great running tips as we ran on the trail. To see the video version of this interview, see link below. Checkout Marianne ...…
In this episode I talk about my running, my current training plan, the races I am training for, and why I love trail running so much, a common theme in my podcasts!
In this short episode I chat about my running, how I train, what running events I've got lined up, and why I love trail running!
Allison Macsas and Gabe Steger didn't set out to start a vacation company. This couple fell in love while traveling in Southeastsia. There they discovered that they both shared a wanderlust spirit and love of adventure. After returning to Austin, TX and their full-time jobs, Allison as a running coach and Gabe in corporate America, they decided ...…
In this podcast I wax lyrical about my brilliant Summer trail running shoes, plus a little bit of general advice on picking the right trail shoe.
Overview of the Camelbak Pursuit Series at Snowbasin Resort, where KSL morning anchor, Lori Prichard, gets a lesson on mountain trail running from pro athletes. Plus, Adam Eakle checks out SUP fishing.
EPISODE 11: A rebuttal to Joe Rogan's anti-chiropractic medicine show. Guest David Lee sits in to discuss some of the major misconceptions in chiropractic medicine. David Lee is a Canadian transplant who previously resided in Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA and now works in both Redondo Beach, CA & Glendale, CA. David brings to the table a wealth ...…
The Stevens Pass to Snoqualmie Pass Adventure – Two people, one crazy stupid idea! Each year we try to plan an adventure that will get us WAY out of our comfort zones. Something that we know will really hurt, that there’s a chance we won’t complete, and that will make us stronger (mentally & physically) when we finish. This was the year of Stev ...…
The Cotswold Way National Trail runs between Chipping Campden and Bath, the 102 mile route explores the Cotswolds AONB. Rose undertook this walk in July 2017 with her Springer Spaniel ‘Pip’ over a period of three weekends in a variety of weathers. Weekend 1 - Chipping Campden to Birdlip, weekend 2 - Birdlip to Wootton Under Edge and weekend 3 - ...…
Today on the Doc On The Run podcast we’re talking with Lindsay about Lyme disease. I was recently out for a run on the Dipsea Trail which goes from Stinson Beach to Mill Valley California. It is really beautiful and strenuous, but like most trail runs, it goes through the woods and there are a lot of critters living in the wood including ticks. ...…
XTERRA Triathlon - S1:E12 Get lost in the endurance sport of XTERRA Triathlon by explaining how it works, what gear you need, and where you can go to get lost racing it. What the heck is XTERRA Triathlon? The XTERRA Triathlon is a brand named version of a Cross or Off-Road triathlon series raced around the world. The XTERRA is officially the cr ...…
Greetings MTN RDY Crew! On this Podcast, we chat about the "Why" behind MTN RDY with the MTN RDY Coaching team assembled of some of the best coaches in the Country, plain and simple. Our team consists of nationally renowned coaches in the fields of Strength Training, Skiing, Cycling/MTN Biking, road running/trail running and physical therapy. W ...…
With Jillian traveling back from the Gold Cup, D.J. and Kate discusss naming rights for stadiums and focus on how our readers and the team don't particularly care for the name Guaranteed Rate Field. Kate's brother, Tony joins the show to talk about what Guaranteed Rate Field means to him as a White Sox fan and also talks about his trail running ...…
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