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Dr. Anna Baranowsky is the host of the Bear Psychology show focusing on Bearing Witness to Evolving Mood, Mind, Health. The show revolves around recovery, relationships, work and life adventures. Dr. Baranowsky says "I have found that the most profound changes occur when a person truly feels heard and understood - I like to think of it as deeply BEARING WITNESS to life evolving. We can feel incredibly stuck when we live with our fears, stressors and troubles in isolation. When we share, dialogue and feel supported, it provides a powerful foundation for forward movement in understanding and care. Isn't it time for your evolution?" Dr. Baranowsky is a Canadian Clinical Psychologist, CEO of the Traumatology Institute and President of Trauma Practice. She is the author of two books on trauma, numerous courses to help train professionals in trauma mental health and the developer of the Trauma Recovery Program for self-guided trauma care. She works with trauma survivors and those with Post-Traumatic Stress disorder (PTSD) on post-traumatic growth and recovery. Dr. Baranowsky also assists organizations and professionals who help trauma survivors. Dr. Baranowsky founded the Traumatology Institute (TI) in 1998. TI offers comprehensive trauma training and mental health care services with a specialization in Post-Traumatic Stress. TI provides both online and in-class training opportunities under the direction of Dr. Baranowsky and her associates. She serves on the board of directors of the Academy of Traumatology and is a Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress through the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and is recognized by The National Center for Crisis Management. She has published in the area of Post-Traumatic Stress, Compassion Fatigue, and therapeutic relationships (the Silencing Response).

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