CGP Ep308 Follow Your Gut...Biome!


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Follow your gut! It never lies…..or does it? We are going on a DEEP dive into your colon and unraveling the secrets of your health. Don’t be a dingle berry, listen to how you can change your gut function today! The techniques we use will probe your current beliefs and may be a little uncomfortable at first but once you relax you will see that its for your own good! Sure we have some fun poking around the topic but its not all shits and giggles. Ohh no…we are dropping science like Gaileo dropped the orange! We discuss the brain gut connection and help you understand how your stinking thinking has people around you thinking you are a shit for brains! Whoah whoah whoah Coach…enough with the potty mouth. Well as a matter of fact our journey starts there..the mouth and ends at the balloon knot. What happens in between is something for you to digest. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed…. ohh ohhh hold up…sorry..I got to go…just listen and learn! I want to give a special thanks to all the sponsors for their continued support of the show. K-Motion @kmotion3d , Perform Better @performbetter use code “GLASS19” at checkout. MyTPI and Travis Mathew Without them I wouldn’t be able to afford the time and produce the podcast to the level we do each and every week.

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