40: How to Utilise Neuro-Associations to Instantly Upgrade Our Performance, Productivity & Happiness


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Understanding the concept of 'neuro-association' can be so powerful.

In a nutshell, it's the 'subconscious' association our brains form with the environment around us.

This can be an association that causes us to feel and react in a certain way.

For example, when the boxer hears the bell, they're ready to fight in every sense of the word. The bell can cause changes in his/her physiology that prepares them for the fight.

And it works in every other situation and environment too, whether you're aware of it or not.

So it can be how we react or feel in certain rooms, locations, settings or anything!

The good news is that we can become aware of and utilise this to our advantage.

And that's what I talk about in this episode.

I talk about...
  • The power of understanding neuro-associations.
  • How our environments can directly affect our productivity, performance and happiness.
  • Why creating separate areas for separate tasks or activities in our day can be a game changer.
  • How to create positive neuro-associations in our lives.
  • The key to getting rid of negative neuro-associations.
  • How to set up your environment so that it breeds productivity and happiness.
  • And much more!

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Love, Laughter & Light, Mike

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