Denise Linn - Exuberant Self-Esteem Meditation


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Go on a delightful and exhilarating journey with Denise Linn in a free guided meditation that brings strength and self-confidence. Let the wonderful warm waves of relaxation wash over you as you breathe deeply and visualize yourself doing something that stirs passions from deep within. The sense of power surging through you will remind you of how much good is within you and the difference you make in the world. Feel the boost of self-confidence in Denise’s words as you repeat them to yourself as if they were spiritual seeds planted in the fertile soil of your soul. By using this guided meditation regularly, each and every day, you’ll become more self-confident, empowered and aligned with your spiritual essence. You are a wondrous and remarkable being and just by being alive, you contribute to the goodness of the world!

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