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If you’ve ever wanted great change or more success in your life, then do we have the Willpower Doesn’t Work show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Benjamin Hardy, PhD, since 2015, the #1 writer on Medium.com and soon to be the New York Times best-selling author of a must-read book that has absolutely blown me away, Willpower Doesn’t Work.

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, about the Hidden Keys to success and how to change your environment to change your life!

Willpower Doesn’t Work Self-Improvement & Self-Help Topics Include:

  1. What happened to Benjamin Hardy growing up?
  2. What did World of Warcraft Little Caesars and Mountain Dew have to do with anything???
  3. How’d a switch flip in his life?
  4. How’d he end up in a PhD program without even applying?
  5. What did Nate Lambert have to do with his success?
  6. What’s the importance of a mentor?
  7. How did foster kids help his career take off?
  8. What’s the importance of your “why”?
  9. What’s the importance of learning from the best?
  10. Why doesn’t will-power work?
  11. What did he learn from adopting 3 foster kids?
  12. What’s the importance of sleep?
  13. And the importance of a night-time routine?
  14. And the importance of a morning routine?
  15. And the importance of journaling or automatic writing???
  16. What is our environment?
  17. What’s the importance of the people in our lives?
  18. What’s the importance of making ourselves uncomfortable?
  19. What’s the power of presence and why is it so important?
  20. What can we learn from Ellen Langer about mindfulness?
  21. What is a true commitment and hwy’s it so important?
  22. How can we design an environment to propel us toward our dreams?
  23. What can we learn from the purchase of a tesla?
  24. To find out more and find out how to win a tesla visit WillpowerDoesntWork.com

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