Freedom, Healing, Consciousness with Dr. Catherine Craig


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Freedom Lifestyle Edition

We talk about:

  • Catherine's story and the pivot points in her life towards more freedom
  • Health challenges that paved her path + that lead her to where she is now
  • What shape freedom currently takes for her
  • How lockdown felt + how it affected her perception of freedom
  • How lockdown affected her business + who the first ones were that came in when she opened her practice back up
  • Her core belief in regards to finances
  • Her definition of freedom
  • The power of intuition
  • Her approach to healing and giving the power back to her patients + why she advices to get opinions of other doctors, too!
  • Health freedom: Why it’s so important to establish a (new) connection to our bodies
  • Corrupted food supply, corrupted medicine, system change
  • "We often reach for false senses of nourishment based on the messaging or programming that comes at us through television, the media, thorugh magazines…“ + What you can do to eat more empowered
  • Looking at the body in an energetic way + empowering our nervous system
  • Why we’re all capable of change
  • Compassion & conversation culture
  • How we perceive what’s currently going on + how this is connected to different levels of consciousness
  • A journey through the Chakras to freedom
  • Radical clarity around what we tolerate in life
  • Loosing the fear of death
  • What we can learn from sea horses
  • Catherine’s personal advice on what YOU can do to create a more empowered and freer life and world

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