39. Kitchen Herbalism: The Body Remembers - Kami McBride


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Herbalist Kami McBride is back to dive even deeper into the uses of plant medicine for long term vitality and well being. This time we focus on home & kitchen herbalism, which is both super easy/accessible to everyone and the most important way to utilize herbs for daily health. Win win!


  • Home herbalism is the best kind of herbalism
  • Put this spice (already in your kitchen!) on a cut to stop bleeding quick
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  • How simple kitchen herbalism bypasses the overwhelm many new herbalists feel (IT'S SO EASY Y'ALL)
  • Culture begins in the kitchen
  • Empowering yourself to take care of everyday illnesses and ailments at home
  • The magic that happens when women gather to make food and medicine together (with our uniques lineage of women standing behind us)
  • How Kami has her kitchen set up so that incorporating healing herbs into every meal takes no thought
  • Herbal sprinkles alone can change the whole food culture in a home
  • No one eats perfectly healthy at every meal, but adding herbal salts, vinegars, oils, honeys, etc. to each dish automatically and dramatically boosts the nutritional- and flavor!- content
  • Kitchen herbalism returns a vast diversity of missing micronutrients to the Standard American Diet
  • Digestion is literally the foundation of health, and an herbally oriented kitchen supports the flow of blood, energy, and oxygen to your digestive track at every meal
  • Evolving our medical care to the next level begins at home
  • Pesto is as sacred as the elements and is incredible for fighting colds & flu (and has endless possibilities beyond basil!)
  • Reawakening our senses & activating ancestral taste and scent perception
  • Why you need the bitter flavor in your life
  • Alchemy Oil, Chai Honey, and mind blowing Herbal Cordials
  • The best herbal food gifts to give for every occasion
  • Mega next level meal planning- taking 15 minutes to ask yourself what's going on with your/your living mates lives and health this week, and then planning meals and herbal condiments around that


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