Episode 11 | Stress Management with Dr. Phil Pappas


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Hey folks! I'm happy to announce that we've got a rare in-studio guest on this episode! I'm joined by Dr. Phil Pappas, a friend & colleague of mine. Dr. Phil Pappas is the former program director of the Abington Stress Management Center and the Abington A.D.D. Program. He also served as Chief Operating Officer of Abington Behavioral Medicine Associates, which is a mental health clinic at Abington Memorial Hospital in Pennsylvania. Pappas earned his Master's Degree and Doctorate in Nutrition, and has worked for multiple pharmaceutical companies including Mallinckrodt and Bristol Myers Squibb.
In this episode, our discussion is focused on the topic of stress and the many ways that it can affect our lives, both positively and negatively. Dr. Pappas provides some insight into some effective methods and techniques to help deal with stress in our everyday lives, as well as some stress alleviating products that you can find perusing the aisles at your local health food store, or at our sponsor site HollyHillVitamins.com.

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