Episode 14 | Olbas Oil with Susan Smith Jones


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Episode 14! We've got Susan Smith Jones on with us today to share with us her experience using and advocating the use of Olbas oils and remedies.
For a woman with three of America's most ordinary names, Susan Smith Jones, PhD, has certainly made extraordinary contributions to the field of holistic health. With 30 years at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) teaching students, staff and faculty how to be healthy and fit, Susan has established herself as one of the world's foremost experts on diet and nutrition, high-level wellness, natural remedies, balanced living, and human potential. Selected as one of 10 Healthy American Fitness Leaders by the President's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports, Susan teaches that the body is designed to be self-repairing, self-renewing, and self-sustaining and that the power to live a radiantly healthy life is within everyone's grasp. She is the author of over 2500 healthy living magazine articles and 33 books.

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