Shower Toga, Shark Tank and the Value of OCR with Kressa Peterson


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Kressa Peterson joined me for a bonus episode this week to talk all about her product Shower Toga, appearing on Shark Tank, and how the values of OCR got her to where she is today.

We begin with Kressa introducing herself and telling me about when and how the idea for the Shower Toga was born. She then tells me about the process of getting on Shark Tank, and we compare it to an endurance OCR. That leads us to a discussion about the lessons and confidence OCR has given us, and how it affects every aspect of our lives.

Kressa tells me more about future plans for the Shower Toga, including working with disaster relief and finding ways to make it more biodegradable.

She then talks about what it was like being on the show and being her authentic self on the show, which leads us to another discussion about discovering who we are and the strength we have. We also talk about the teamwork and camaraderie of OCR, and how it instills empathy.

Lastly, we circle back to Shark Tank and talk more about the her investors.

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