Vintner’s Daughter’s April Gargiulo: Serum Creation to Crazy Success in 5 Years


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As a celebrity and as the head of Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow has access to a pretty much anything she wants when it comes to beauty products. So when the lifestyle guru recently posted a video of her short-list nighttime beauty regimen—which included slathering a $185 skin serum by Vintner’s Daughter on her face—women around the world took note.

One of them was April Gargiulo, founder of Vintner’s Daughter. April launched the company in 2014 — taking what she knew from growing-up in a fine-wine-making family— and applying it to creating a nourishing, natural face serum. “Both of them essentially come from the terroir,” she explains. April shares with Linda how she formulated her serum with 22 botanicals and essential oils and how she discovered an unexpected bonus: men love it, too (it was listed as one of GQ’s Best Grooming Products of 2017). April recounts how she decided to launch the company after her husband told her, “When you talk about this company idea your eyes light up,” and how she manages running her rapidly growing empire with mothering two daughters.

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