Episode 32: Cooking for One Interview with Jackie


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Show Notes:

Rebecca interviews Jackie on the I Eat Alone Series. Jackie is a 26 year old software/web developer based out of the San Francisco Bay area. She works about 40 hours/week and loves traveling, playing the piano, going to the beach, exploring big cities, & cycling when she’s got time off.

Jackie’s Tips for Cooking for One:

  • Prep ahead of time: stick to a veggie & protein for the week. especially veggies.
  • Prep veggies all at once, do protein then too.
  • Air fryer! great to not overcook and also if you don’t like handling raw meat
  • If you’re really busy, prep on a weekend or a time you can
  • Plan days you can cook things & do it!
  • Add extra spicy mustard + apple cider vinegar to brussels sprouts.

Jackie’s Favorite Recipe Resources:

America's Test Kitchen, Pinterest, Minimalist Baker Blog

Take home Points:

  • There’s a lot of freedom in cooking for one, it’s nice to not have to worry about others’ needs or allergies!
  • It’s great to be able to eat when you want/when you can.
  • Don’t feel like you have to eat foods you don’t like
  • have sliced veggies for snacks (the sweeter ones are great like red and orange peppers, english cucumbers

On the next episode, Rebecca talks to Emily of Sinful Nutrition about cooking in a crappy kitchen.


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